Rabii Harnoune and V.B Kuhl Share Traveller

In my effort to write about most things coming into my email today, I thought this Rabbi Harnoune and V.B Kuhl was one that normally wouldn’t pique my interest, yet today I’m rather enjoying it. Rabbi is a Gnawa-master from Morocco, which means he’s a specialist in Islamic religious songs; he’s fusing his work here with German producer V.B Kuhl. There are two parts that grab my attention. First, the innate musicality of Gnawa music shines through in Harnoune’s performance; it seems that it’s almost perfectly fit to any style. On the other hand, the work of Kuhl kind of transforms that into a dance-floor ready groove; I can see myself dancing to this back in my Jnco-wearing heyday. Seems working across communities is now more important than ever, so give this a listen.

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