Neutrals Cover The Exploited for Rent/Your House EP

Last year Neutrals burst onto the scene with Kebab Disco, but with all the hubbub of Bandcamp today…the band has two new offerings of important. First, they’ve tossed up a demo of a brand new track…you can hear that HERE. Second, they’ve just put up orders for their new Rent/Your House EP via Domestic Departure Records. In order to promote the new release, they’re currently sharing the below cover of the classic track from the Exploited, “Hitler’s in the Charts Again.” Now, I know we’re all focused on COVID-19, as we should be, but, this release is donating all proceeds to both RAICES and Border Angels…two important organizations helping immigrant families/causes; we should keep in mind that this pandemic is not the only problem facing the US today. Maybe you like the cause, maybe you like the song…either way, the money goes where its needed most.

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