Galore Drop Cucaracha Video

As a kid, I remember being in love with the sound of punk and grunge upon my introduction to it all; it felt like something I could do, something that was attainable (the sound/not stardom). Somewhere, sitting in their bedroom right now is a similar kid, waiting for that same door to open, that same sound; please play them this song from Galore. The band’s guitar sound has this sharp angular stabs and guitar riffs, which can come across as frantic at times, matching up with the vocal howls. When the whole group joins in on the vocals, this is what rock n’ roll should feel like, to me anyways; it has this rapturous joy, even when the tone seems harsh. Everything about this song, from the music itself to the video makes you want to be part of the fun; makes you want to start a band, makes you want to be part of something bigger than yourself…that’s what rock n’ roll should be. If you dig it, look for their self titled album on June 1st via Rocks in Your Head Records.

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