DyspOra Drops AustraAlien Video

We tend to focus on what’s in front of us, and in the US, it’s very clear changes need to be made. But, this new track from DyspOra reminds me that the African community has long been the subject of discrimination world-wide…even now in Australia…a scene we cover a lot here.

Gabriel Akon had this to say about the inspiration for his tune:Theres a generation of, I call them, Australiens. They are the ones that want to be Australian, but they get treated like aliens, so theyre somehow on the fringes. They are the biggest potential this country could ever have because of what they could add to this country. All the nation has to do is invest in them. And the investment is so tiny. The investment is literally just accepting them.”

The tune is the title track from his latest album, out now via Music in Exile (a label you should really look into right now).

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