Jackie Mendoza Shares Tune for Exitos Varios Comp

There’s so much to love about this post and song, so bare with me. For starters, this track appears on the forthcoming Exitos Varios Compilation…a compilation organized by the Union of Musicians and Allied Workers; the proceeds go to United We Dream, an organization that aids undocumented immigrants; as a human, let alone a Texan, this is an issue of great importance. Second, a few years ago I managed to grab Jackie Mendoza at the last minute on a very last minute SXSW show at Barracuda (RIP); she was just starting to make a name for herself on her solo work, and this one here feels really special. On the tune Mendoza says this”is a song about refusing to cave into the pressures of changing the ways I express myself as a Mexican-American musician.” Why would you want to when it sounds this fucking good? It’s like old-school trip-hop with a vibrancy that can only be expressed by a person straddling two distinctive cultures. Buy the Exitos Varios Comp tomorrow HERE.

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