Body Double Announce Milk Fed LP

As I listen to the debut single from Oakland’s Body Double I can’t help but feel this sense of anxiety; there’s something about Candace Lazarou’s steady vocal delivery that just makes me feel tense. It’s like there’s this power being harnessed, unsure if its meant to be released and shared by the whole world, but trust me, it is. Once you push through that tension, there’s this animalistic pulse pushing the song, almost hurriedly, accented by sharp guitar shuffling. There’s a little angelic tease too, hanging in around the 1 minute marl, luring you with pop sensibility. That furious guitar riffage around the 1:50 mark is what I live for, might even remind make a nostalgic nod, but you be the judge. The band will release Milk Fed via Zum Records on September 18th.

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