ATX Spotlight: The Bright Light Social Hour

Our Austin amigos in The Bright Light Social Hour have been around the ATX scene playing shows, festivals, and backyard bashes for many many years now. Over that long span of a career, the band has grown a solid and loyal fan base from years of working their asses off. With such a large catalogue of music, it may be bold to say this new track “Ouroboros ’20” is my favorite release from TBLSH, but hey I think it’s 100% true. The new song finds a group who have seemingly fully matured into a sound which can be dreamy and spacey, while also providing some lush, driving melodies. If you’re completely new to the band, this would be a great place to start.

TBLSH plan to release this song on a new album entitled Jude Vol. II on August 28th. Pre-orders are live now.


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