Dig Nitty Share Small Curd Single

I’ve been all on board with the latest tunes from Dig Nitty off their forthcoming Reverse of Mastery. You’ll surely find a natural joy in the way the song’s constructed up front; Erin and Reggie trade vocal lines with one another, almost in a child-like manner; Erin even claims it kind of “came out like a nursery rhyme.” But, as with all things from the group, you get to find these little breadcrumbs of joy. For instance, here you get a little bit of fuzz underneath as the two trade lyrics, eventually sort of erupting into this cacophonous wall of noise, leaving the childlike wonderment behind, thought not out of your memory. Lucky for you, Reverse of Mastery is only a few weeks away, dropping September 18th via Exploding in Sound.

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