Love Tractor Set to Reissue Debut LP

Just yesterday we got news that legendary Athens outfit Pylon would be getting this glorious box set treatment; today we get wind of another Athens OG band getting some reissue treatment: Love Tractor. The band sort of made the Athens landscape their own, bouncing between post-punk and art pop, creating their own niche in the community. Below, you get an unreleased bonus track, which honestly doesn’t sound too far off from the musical climate of today. The reissue of their self-titled debut will be preceded by some “reimagined” versions of album tracks for Record Store Day, but Happy Happy Birthday to Me will be reissuing the LP on November 6th, with liner notes from Mike Mills (REM) and Kate Pierson (B52s).

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  • They are an excellent band, even had a chance to meet them and see them live when they played Ottawa and they were really nice and good to their fans.

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