Mint Field Share Aterrizar Single

The more I listen to the tracks on Sentimiento Mundial, the more I’m mesmerized by the world Mint Field are creating. My early perception of the band had them casting this shadowy psychedelia from Mexico, but with each new single from the new LP, they’re giving out little hints of this expansive sound, this tapestry of influences and visions. For instance, you’ll find yourself intoxicated with these heavenly vocals and carefully worked guitar lines; it feels like there’s movement, but its so light you can’t help but feel yourself floating away. The band, however, have a nice little trick in store for your ears, unleashing a wall of shattering noise just after the 2 minute mark. They haven’t strayed from their roots, they’ve just landed in a new sonic landscape of their own creation. The new LP drops on September 25th via Felte.

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