Shame Return with Alphabet

The year 2020 has been nothing short of a shit show, but it’s about to get a little bit better for all of you out there; Shame have returned with a brand new single, a hint at the shape of things to come. Songs of Praise alerted us to the band’s brand of rock n’ roll, with their live sets only furthering the ferocity of their recorded work. Since then, there have been tons of imitators, but nothing comes close to pulling this off. A thundering groove is established by the rhythm section, with a twang of discordant guitar notes ringing out, slowly, then with more pace. Charlie Steen’s vocals are emphatic and pointed at first, eventually fading into this scrawling note across the track as it pushes forward at a frenetic pace. There’s a glimmer of hope out there folks. Just a glimmer.

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