New Stuff from Emotional Response Records

One of our favorite DIY labels, Emotional Response, has some great stuff popping up tomorrow, so we wanted to point you in their direction before you headed off into the weekend on your own. The first of those releases is Mystic Hotline from San Francisco’s Latitude. I won’t lie to you; I can’t help but to think about the Go-Gos “Vacation” when I listen to this group, and mind you, I don’t see that as a bad thing at all. On the release page, they allude to a darker mood pervading the LP, which seems to align with the world right now. The other release from the label is a Best of Collection from the Bachelor Pad titled All Hash and Cock. If you give a listen to the available tracks, you’ll see the band straddling the lines of old school punk and the noisier side of underground pop…which comes as no surprise considering the label’s ties to Boyracer. So, at the very least, streams the LPs tomorrow, grab them HERE, and sample them below!

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