Stream The Very Most’s New LP, Needs Help

There’s a big bunch of indiepop fans that have been clamoring for the Very Most‘s new LP, and now that it has finally come to fruition, I’d like to highlight the occasion by streaming the album for you! Needs Help works on so many levels; you can relate it to the fact that Jeremy Jensen felt his songs need the help of other vocalists, or maybe you relate to the various reflections on the difficulties we all face when we try “to change our life for the better.” Musically, it hits a lot of the sweet pop notes I adore. “Her Three Year Old Laugh…” offers some great Belle and Sebastian nods, while “To Just Be Good” reminds me of The Popguns with dense arrangements and twinkling melodic vocals. Personally, the song I’ve listened to the most the last couple of days is “Mirasticles,” and I think that’s one of the great things about this LP as it seems to cover so many bases for huge pop nerds like myself. It’s available to you via Lost Sound Tapes!

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