Meet Swansea Sound

Swansea Sound might never have happened if it weren’t for lockdown. It is our new band with Huw from the Pooh Sticks. Amelia used to sing with them, and they were one of Robs favourite bands. We had a feeling that Huw, like us, would be sitting around at home wondering what to do with himself. So we sent him some songs that we felt might suit his voice and suddenly we had a new band on our hands.

Huw recorded the vocals into a phone in a cupboard in his house in Wales, we did the guitars here, and Ian Button (of the Catenary Wires) developed an amazing way of playing drums using his fingers on his laptop at his home. It felt like pure indie we recorded it all ourselves, we didn’t use proper studios, we didn’t need anyone’s money and it was fun. Huws mate Ant runs a cassette label (Lavender Sweep, in Swansea) and agreed to put out the first single. It sold out in a few hours. It got on the radio. It was real! It felt like we were re-connecting with the spirit of punk and proper indie music: DIY and anti-corporate. We made a video too, using Robs phone as a camera and Amelia’s laptop for editing.

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