Swansea Sound Selling Their Soul on EBay!!!

They promised us they’d do it, so they up and wrote a song about selling their souls on EBay. Swansea Sound (members of Catenary Wires/Pooh Sticks) have recorded their smash hit single, putting their heart and soul into the recording (it was pressed into the vinyl!) and pressing to a super limited run of 5 7″ copies. Four go to members of the band, and the final one is currently being auctioned on EBay; you can bid HERE(it was 20 pounds when I posted this!). Plus, they made a fun teaser video, but be sure to stick through to the end, as the band make an emphatic appearance just as the song closes in bang-out fashion! If anything, stick around for the delectable pop treat at the 30 second mark!

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