New Silver Girl Return with Pale Statement Pieces

After their debut LP, Olli Happonen reconfigured the line-up for his group New Silver Girl; they’ve spent the last few years just learning to play together, jamming out and creating chemistry. Today, we get the band’s first recorded output, which shows the group returning to the top of their game. The rhythm of this song really sets it all up, using this pounding beat to allow Olli to craft these gentle vocal lines atop his careful strum. Still, the chorus has the whole band joining in, giving us this really steady musical climax that’s worth its weight in gold. Plus, the band are still into exploring the space in the song, as you can tell by the meandering solos in the song’s middle, leading to a soft moment that sets you up for another punch from the chorus! The song’s available everywhere via Soliti on Friday!

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