Evan Greer Shares the Tyranny of Either/Or Video

This great video from Evan Greer for “The Tyranny of Either/Or” dropped yesterday for Trans Visibility Day; I failed her, as I mostly work at night and didn’t see it until putting my kid down; I’m sorry. But, this song has so many levels to it that I can’t even really begin to explain. First, it’s great pop punk; it does what great pop does, putting an important lyrical message in a pop package for the masses. Second, the video is a history lesson, an important one on the continuing struggle for trans folk. Third, I teach kids, several of whom are celebrating their own trans lives, and it pains me to know how alone they are in virtual learning, so all I can do is encourage them to use their pronouns and refuse to deadname them if I need to talk to their parents; I’ve got to be on their side. So yeah. The song rips. It’s on the new LP, Spotify is Surveillance, out April 9th via Get Better Records and Don Giovanni.

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