Mountain Movers Announce World What World

The first single from the new Mountain Movers drops in with these crunchy riffs, hinting on psychedelia, though tethered to folk roots. As it moves on, the song unfolds, offering a heavy pop sensibility, the sort we probably wished we heard from our modern folk brethren. For me, it totally reminds me of that moment in the bus in Almost Famous where everyone is singing “Tiny Dancer”; the riffs kind of ring out, allowing everyone to join in on their own time, settling into the chorus as one; it’s one of those moments that just makes everyone feel good to be together with this tune blasting really loud. Of course, here you get an incendiary little solo, cuz this ain’t no Elton John tune. World What World is the title of their new LP, and it drops on June 18th via Trouble in Mind Records.

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