Always You Announce Bloom Off The Rose

We couldn’t be more excited for the debut album from Always You, the new band featuring the Hochheim brothers (Ablebody, PoBPaH, etc). We’ve heard a few of the hits coming from the debut album, but today that all comes together with an official announcement and release date! I love the twinkling synths and guitar working over that bubbling rhythm section from the get-go; it sets up the mood to play just on the edge of dance-worthy. That pulse works great to set up the creative croon of the vocals, with added bonus points going to the light backing vocals that work their way into this tune during the chorus. Interestingly, the song, while maintaining this great feathery pop quality seems to hang out on the edge of the dance floor; it sort of toys with you, unsure if you’re tapping your toes or grabbing your bestie and flailing about. Bloom Off the Rose drops on July 16th via Shelflife and Discos de Kirlian.

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