Stream The Rightovers Kruise Kontrol EP

The last time that I checked in with The Rightovers, they were crafting these jangling power-pop gems; the tunes were happy, shining with melodies and hooks. On their latest Kruise Kontrol EP, they’ve traded the jangles for a heavier feel, giving the band a heavier vibe, though one still wholly rooted to the vibes of pop rock. Some of the songs have these huge sonic walls, like the instrumental piece “Want You,” feeling like some leftover piece of Kevin Shields artistry. “Stereocrush” is probably one of my favorite tunes here, offering up this sort of 80s influenced bedroom pop vibe. And, maybe you just want good old fashioned pop rock n’ roll, so check out “Kruise Kontrol,” a tune that lets you know the band never left the hooks behind. Jigsaw Records just released the EP, so get to it!

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