The Catenary Wires Share Always On My Mind

In case you missed our announcement last week that we’ll be helping put out the Swansea Sound cassette, you now have another reason to celebrate the music of Rob Pursey and Amelia Fletcher, but this time with their other project, The Catenary Wires. They recently released Birling Gap, and this song is one the surefire hits, so they’ve given it the video treatment to coincide with some UK tour dates. Clearly, anyone that listens will swoon over the interplay between Rob and Amelia, particularly as you watch the joy Rob has in singing these tunes. But, lets take a moment to shout out the backing vocals from Fay, Ian and Andy; they kind of roll across this tune with a huge wall of sound, splashing the song with this heavy harmony that would make Brian Wilson jealous. Birling Gap is available now from Shelflife.

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