Mild Mild Country Announces Never Had a Touch to Lose

Over the years we’ve spent a lot of time getting to know the musical work of Jake Ward, 1/2 of ATH Faves Eureka California; today he’s operating solo under the name Mild Mild Country, and he’s about to release Never Had a Touch to Lose. Our first listen from the new album is “Snake War,” thus is should make sense that the song’s predominantly based on the snake-like weaving of dense synth landscapes crafted by Ward in his home studio. The natural serpentine movement almost feels like Jake’s exploring the world through synths, feeling things out with his forked tongue before switching directions and coming back for more; it’s 13 minutes of great synth pop finding its way into the world. Perhaps it will find its way into your lap on October 22nd when the album drops via HHBTM.

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