Power Supply Announce Debut Album

If you’re up on your Aussie hit-making machines, you probably have heard of Ooga Boogas, and if not, you’ve probably heard other projects by the members (most notably Mikey Young). But, when the band broke up, Leon Stackpole went about writing his own tunes, then recruited a bunch of friends to play with him under the name Power Supply. We’ve got a new single with the announcement of their debut LP, In the Time of the Sabre-Toothed Tiger, and man, this just feels like exactly what I’ve been looking for these days. Throughout, the song sort of has this rolling gallop to it, with the lyrics sort of weaving in nonsensical elements to kind of craft its very own theme. For some reason, I keep thinking of this tune as a Joanthan Richman tracked channeled through a Robert Pollard drinking session. Try it on for yourself! The LP drops October 22nd via Goner Records.

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