The Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness Announce New LP

What’s that? New music from the Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness? Yeah, I’m in. The group dropped a surprise single back in April, but I wasn’t ready for them to hit me with another single and another album, but I welcome it here! This song begins with a bit heavier guitar vibe than what they’ve brought out in early albums; it feels like a heavier brand of power-pop, ready for some anthemic stadium performances. But, as always, they turn the jangling guitars on, bridging the power pop into some super brilliant melodic chorus work, clearly knocking it out of the park with their charming songwriting. It’s like if Tom Petty was a really big indiepop nerd, and its wonderful. Their new record is titled The Third Wave Of…and its out in September via Bobo Integral.

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