Farewell Horizontal Share I’ll Miss This Headache

I’ve been jamming a lot of Farewell Horizontal as of late, and I feel like you should too. I don’t want to minimalize their talent, but I feel like the duo have a sound that seems fairly simple; there’s no frills or necessary ambiance to disguise missteps. Their songs are just pure, unfettered pop rock. They’ve got these huge riffs that have just the right amount of distortion to make you feel like you’ve got morning fuzz on your teeth, but not outlandish enough to lose sight of the song’s melodic inclinations. There’s this faint little shift in the intonation on Pat’s vocals in the opening lines that just gets me every time I press play. Don’t be afraid to indulge on the good old rock n’ roll. Be sure to give their new album You’re Not an Empath a solid listen or two!

Farewell Horizontal Share Doesn’t Matter No One Cares

In case you haven’t checked in on Farewell Horizontal, you ought to scurry on over and give a listen to their latest record, An Argument with an Idiot. Pat and Lauren just keep churning out these little treats of guitar pop that will likely spin on repeat for the entirety of your day. The tune below is the perfect example; bobbing with hints of churning guitars, pulled under by the melodic undertow of the warm vocal delivery. It’s like this clash of the perfect musical titans, power-pop from Europe battling with the classic Oceanic guitar sound. Trust me on this one, you’re better off just turning it up and sitting back.

Farewell Horizontal Share Where Did All the Fun Go to Die

Just when you think you have the Melbourne scene pigeonholed, another band like Farewell Horizontal pops its hard offering a slight glimpse at just how incredible the music is in that fair city. I love how this track sort of flirts between the casual pop sounds of the region and this sort of light indiepop. It’s the sort of track you never want to end; you just want the song to kind of hang around in the aura behind you, just lifting your spirits ever so carefully. Pat Walker’s slight little toy with the word “fu-un” really does it for me too…I’m such a nerd that I swoon over little moments like this. This track appears on the group’s new LP, Avoiding the Void, which you can grab for the NYOP right HERE.