Have A Nice Weekend

I was randomly talking to a coworker about the history of electronic music, bringing my days of chasing drum and bass imports at Technophilia and later Waterloo and Alien Records. Since you are a music fan, you should watch this mini-documentary on the Amen Break, a sample pulled by many hip hop and rap artists, but also the source of the core building blocks of the entire D&B genre and subsequent subsets still used heavily for all things beat related. What to listen to after that? LTJ Bukem; find the Earth Vol. 1 compilation. One of my personal faves as single artist/album is Spring Heel Jack‘s 68 Million Shades.

Goldie always hit the periphery of my collection; I always favored his pure tracks, non-collab/no vocal. Just so happens, he released one such track today. This is current yet classic, simultaneously soothing and abrasive, aggressive and focused. Leave a comment.

Have A Nice Weekend

Sup nerds.

I have a Have A Nice Weekend track for today from a group called Stereo Off. They are a collective under the guidance of Sebastian Marciano doing dance pop electro stuff that I can get behind. This track is called “Venir” and is a single from their self-released upcoming EP III.

Have you gone to see Louis CK?

Have you seen bands during Free Week?

What’s up with this weather, right?

Turn that Stereo Off #seewhatidid and go see some music.

Have A Nice Weekend

dsc_0472I’ll have some pics up from a little night of shimmy soon, teaser posted. New Tres Oui tacks are so strong live.

ACL is nearly upon us. If you haven’t been reading your email, this year’s fest on the fifteenth Anniversary will bring some of the biggest changes in some time. There will no longer be a stage at the rock island. This will mean hte middle of hte park will be the traffic area and we won’t have the bottleneck on the north side getting from the Stratford side of the park to the biggest stage. No more porta-potties, flushable bliss. Kiddie Limits has an external entry now. Artist and media lounges are moved to where Kiddie area was. Check out all the 411 here, including the new map.

I am going to drop in a jam that had been exclusive elsewhere on the net. It is from Ishi, strong groove, new EP called Juno is available on the bandcamps.

Have A Nice Weekend

The Album LeafWeekend plans? I know what you should be doing tomorrow night. #BackToSchool #TripleLindy

Tonight, though, dinner with the wife and little listening later, maybe. Big on my list is the new The Album Leaf record that showed up on streaming today named Between Waves. This song, “New Soul”, is on it, it has a video that has been up for a bit; it is behind the read more button. In fact, the record has been done for some time, waiting for who knows what to be released. Listening end to end finally, I can tell you that Jimmy LaValle has gone a little more digital this round and it is gorgeous. September 10th, pencil it in, I’ll see you at The Parish.

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Have A Nice Weekend

11954700_925857714147486_5394631999859618569_nKraftwerk tonight (7pm show #earlybird). Dinner first at Blackbird and Henry. Gameday tomorrow. We tailgate with a random group of futbol and football fans at MLK and San Jac. I’ll be wearing a burnt orange shirt. Look for me.

PYAITK time. You ever hear a song and latch on to it, only to find out that it was by a band you would have NEVER thought would put this song out as a single? Here is one such song from a band I decided I wouldn’t pay attention to. You see, the sophomore slump is a real thing. Most bands have their whole lives writing the first album only to be out of experiences or worse, writing a hot mess on the road. After their intarwebs buzzband status from “Keep You” blowed them up, it would seem Wild Belle figured they would just go on attack with an in your face break up song as a lead single. “Giving Up On You” is raucous thing with a great bassline, ringing guitar chords, the horns echoed for a proper Ska solo. Color me surprised.

Have a Nice Weekend

CHPLNI think I know a way to guarantee that your weekend will be rad. You see, Nathan is a bit of a stubborn sort. He talked shit about hosting a fest for locals doing pop right. As a man of his word, with the help of some friends, ATX Popfest is going down Saturday night. Team ATH will be on hand to make your evening great because how can you not with this line up of great bands. I have a feeling, we’ll get one more reminder…

The track for this week’s edition of HANW is by CHPLN. It is a slightly brooding, head-nod-inducing synth pop hit. I love the people I know. There is a great break and whip to a snap with a new hook midstream. It is one of those songs that could twice as long and you’d be cool with it.

Have A Nice Weekend

Photo by Graham Burwell We have the start of College Football. The Horns are taking on the golden domers. Not sure I have high hopes, so many freshman starters and that isn’t good unless you are Kentucky’s basketball team. F1 returns to the kingdom of speed, Monza. The Tifosi will get worked over by Mercedes power. I’ll put the outside shot on Williams to podium. Lewis bleached his head. What? Premier League has the weekend off for international play so at least Nathan and I aren’t dropping any points. USMNT plays Peru tonight. Can Altidore just go away? Not a fan, cause he’s not a finisher. #controversialsportstalk

This week’s lead-in for the weekend is a lovely synth from a band called Satchmode. Two dudes, Gabe Donnay and Adam Boukis, based out of LA. I don’t remember how I came across this, maybe a related artist play from one of our posts? Probably. They just released an EP called Afterglow. This is a shimmy inducing piece of fun about a break up. Juxtaposition.

Have a Nice Weekend

Beat ConnectionWe have plenty to do this weekend. Hopefully, those of you in Austin got a little of the rain that fell the last couple days. I recently talked to a friend about the fires in Idaho as his family has a cabin in the woods they use for human sacrifice, erm, hunting and vacations. Scary stuff, entire towns are being burned to the ground and their property is surrounded by three fires. Thoughts with those affected by the wildfires out west, they need the rain way more than we do.

Sorry for the bummer, even though you prolly just hit play instead of reading these words. #finebethatway I’ll make up for it regardless with a PYAITK track from Beat Connection, their end of summer jam via a rather cool video. Add it to your Soundcloud playlist here or just listen to what I’ll listen to this weekend here, this song included. The next album from the band is called Product 3, due mid-October.

We don’t have a pool, but I bet this song would sound better poolside.

Have A Nice Weekend

Oslo ParksIt’s still hot. I am still pretty surprised by how big Blues on the Green has gotten. I guess it is one of those things the jaded indie music snobs are supposed to mock, but I won’t. We just need to find a way to parlay that into getting more people going to local shows. Local bands, maybe make sure it is cheap by involving a corporate sponsor. Oh wait, we are doing that! Put this on your calendars people: Sailor Jerry and Austin Town Hall Present – 3 x 3 – 3 Bands for 3 Bucks

I talked about summer jams in a post earlier this week. We have had a few selections earlier this week that could certainly fall into the category of a summer jam. While sampling tracks, I came across this new-to-me hit from Oslo Parks. I am quite jealous of you peeps in the UK as Oslo Parks is opening for ATH fave Chad Valley for November/December dates.

Summer is slipping away. Enjoy.

Have A Nice Weekend

synkro - photo by Jody HartleyIt is here. The Premier League kicks off tomorrow with Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur. Nathan is United, I am Spurs. ManU should make the top four, because ManU. Spurs are young, very young. They are a wild card, but have the best finisher in EPL in Harry Kane. #COYS

So, you ever hear a song that at once calms you down, but pumps you up? This song by Synkro (Joe McBride) is going to be his debut album Changes on Apollo Records on September 18 fits into that category. I can’t tell if I am relaxed or ready. I dig that.

You can preorder the record on Synro’s Bandcamp and get the first two singles released as mp3s now.

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