9823_10151924493438869_364563501_nToronto based band INVASIONS is a group that I’ve posted about on multiple occasions here on this website.  Today I’m pleased to share with you news that the band have just recently released their new EP No Darkness on bandcamp.  You can get your hands on that for the low low price of only $3 or you can stream the whole thing below.  I think most will find that the psych themed pop music being created here is a real thing of beauty.  Each song can be dark at times, but then seem to transition seamlessly into some brighter, breezier moments that make this EP worthy of repeat listens.

Dark Pop From Invasions


Way back in October, I shared a new track with you guys by an up and coming Toronto based group Invasions.  Well today I’ve got a great new track that has been spinning in my iTunes all day called “No Darkness”.  I’m digging the surf rock vibe that mixes in well with this almost spaghetti western soundtrack of guitars and horns chiming in at times during the song.  All in all, a great track to brighten your week.

Pick up new EP, No Darkness, due out May 28th.

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Great Track From INVASIONS

1260890_10151618587618869_244397175_nReally digging this new tune called “Rosy” from up and coming band INVASIONS.  The band describe it as a song you’d find in a lost Quentin Tarantino movie, and I’d say that just about sums it up.  I’m feeling the reverb jamming throughout mixed in with a darker, sort of swirly country/swing vibe.  Check it out.

New album, Rosy, will be out on October 25th.

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