Mega Bog Share New Weirdo Pop / Jazzy Single

Nathan’s been a fan of Seattle’s Mega Bog for a long long time, but with this new track/video for “For The Old World,” they’ve definitely earned a new fan over here. This video is medieval inspired, and the grainy, strange happenings that go on in the duration match the jazzy, eclectic pop of Mega Bog. The vocals are both breathy and soft and then soaring and full– I love the smoothness of the percussion that remains throughout the whole track, even when it’s coming to its epic climax towards the end. If you were somehow like me and slept on Mega Bog till now, remedy the error of your ways with this rad video below and get ready for the upcoming LP,Dolphine, which will be out on June 28 via Paradise of Bachelors.

Stream Mega Bog’s Happy Together

Having listened to Happy Together for the entirety of last night, I decided you’d be best served by spending some joyous time listening yourself. There’s so many musical touchstones that are pulled off brilliantly that you’ll be forming your new band with a different goal in mind. While it fits easily into the modern indie spectrum, you’ll also find touches of jazz and symphonic orchestration that elevate the album as a whole. For me, the best part of the musical journey is that it doesn’t sound strange or odd at all; it only makes me wonder why more people haven’t adopted such an eclectic touch. Mega Bog will release the record on this week via Nicey Music.

Jazzy Number from Mega Bog

The excitement is building for those of us in the know about Erin Birgy’s project, Mega Bog. In fact, there’s been a larger push on this second LP, with many sites taking note of her work. This new single has some real jazzy qualities to it, though the vocal delivery still has that poetic playfulness for balance (sort of reminds me of early Fiery Furnaces). It almost sounds like the most kick ass elevator music you ever heard…and I love the recording touch of a nice bit of laughter at the end, celebrating the fun of songwriting. I think Happy Together is going to come across as one of the most eccentric bits of pop infused music we’ll hear this year; it hits on February 3rd via Nicey Music.

Brand New Mega Bog Track

megabogGone Banana was this great little effort that introduced many of us to Mega Bog, the project of Erin Birgy, and now that she’s solidified herself as an incredible talent, her new single is winning rave reviews. It’s no surprise, as the songwriting has always been there, but she’s crafted this elegance with her voice, still touching up space with bits of carefully bent strings and studio production. You’ll find it hard to pull yourself away from this tune, much as a bog would hold you still in its deep muck…though here your ears will ring with joy. Happy Together, her new effort, will be released on February 3rd via Nicey Music.

ATX Weekend Show Preview

While most weekends/weeks offer you a plethora of local and non local shows to choose from here in the Live Music Capital of The World, this weekend in particular has got a high volume of great local shows to fill your nights for a few bucks. Looking to make things a bit less complicated for you, we’ve included our picks and highlights of the busy weekend ahead, but don’t forget to see all of your options over at the ever helpful Showlist Austin.

Friday February 5th (tonight)

The Zoltars, Faux Ferocious, Soda, Major Major Major – Hotel Vegas – 9pm

Julia Lucille, Megabog, AMA, Ponyboy & the Horsegirls –Cheer Up Charlie’s

Major Grizz, Yuma, Marcus Brown – Stubb’s (inside) – 9pm

Tele Novella, Lowin, Devin Jake – The ABGB – 6:30pm

Saturday February 6th

Rikroshi(album release), Zettajoule, Ellis Redon, Artificial Earth Machine – Cheer Up’s – 8pm

Cross Record (album release), Adam Torres, Nadia – The Mohawk(inside)- 9pm

P.T. Banks (album release), Tinnarose, Lomelda – Stubb’s(inside) – 9pm

The Sour Notes, Borrisokane – Indian Roller Boutique Roadhouse – 8pm


Another Tune from Mega Bog

megaJust a short bit ago I posted the early single from Mega Bog, enjoying the albums pop direction flooded by sporadic horn usage.  This latest single comes in much the same direction, althoughI feel as if it works differently.  Various parts follow great bits of musical space, though there’s a building tension sitting beneath it all.  I don’t know; I’m stuck on how much I’m really enjoying the horns here…not to mention the song’s ability of fade in and out of beautiful obscurity. You can grab this album, Gone Banana, on Spetember 23rd via Couple Skate.

New Music from Mega Bog

megaWhen I first played this new single from Mega Bog, I was taken aback momentarily.  It seemed like this casual piece of dreamy pop music with an 80s glint via the horns introduction.  But, a few spins later and I’m having trouble turning this song off.  There’s this hidden pace behind the ambling guitar and rolling drums, which balances out the softened delivery of the vocals from Erin Birgy.  It’s one of those songs I could listen to all day long, and I have a feeling you might feel the same.  The new record from the group, Gone Banana, will be released on September 23rd via Couple Skate.