New Video & Single From Snowmine

Upload_Snowmine_2012_03_16-14_21_33After hanging with the boys in Snowmine at ACL this weekend, the band alerted us to a new single and video they had just put out to grow some excitement for their current tour.  The song is called “Tidal Wave” and features something a little different from the group than what we’ve heard in the past.  Our atmospheric tones are still present, but the instrumentation has been scaled back quite a bit with a sound that feels almost more r&b than it does pop.  Give it whatever label you want, this track will appeal to just about anyone.  Check it out after the jump.

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Snowmine – Dialects

dialect_zps43d236b1Rating: ★★★★½

If you seriously don’t know who Snowmine is at this point, the time is now upon you to become close with this Brooklyn based outfit. In 2011 this band put out a killer debut album that had us salivating for more, and their own campaign for a self-produced and fan supported sophomore album has proved successful for the band. This time around the group definitely took risks, not only releasing it themselves, but also in streaming it for free a week before its release. These details aside, this band has sealed themselves into the indie pop world with Dialects.

“To Hold An Ocean,” sets the tone, first up on the album, with its serene and yet constantly moving sound. The vocals are soft and so are the music components—string work and bubbling synth, precisely akin to the kind of music you would expect to hear before a band takes the stage in a live setting and it gives that feeling of hype of the album. The band just jumps right into it with “Rome,” their textured indie pop music complete with vocals drenched in reverb and a beat that makes you want to dance around your bedroom. If you’re new to the band, this track should spark your attention immediately, as its elements in culmination offer a different take on indie-pop. Call it a combination of alternative soft rock with electro pop and classical elements mixed in, but whatever you call it, it’s hard to turn away.

Though Laminate Pet Animal was a lovely first album, this second effort shows grace and maturity from the group. The sound is cohesively smooth, while sharp enough to prick your attention and hold you there. Each song is a delight in itself, even up to the close of the album, you are excited to hear where the band is going next. Take rocker “Plans,” which is dominated by its heavy beats and bass lines and lightened with some synth riffs to push it into a dance friendly number, all while not losing sight on some detailed lyrics that their previous album was far from short of.  Or maybe “Silver Sieve,” with its crescendo-ing culminating finish, is more of your favorite number. It’s sharp and smooth, near and far away, and all you could want from a pop group: detail and effortlessness all in one neatly wrapped package. Or perhaps “Dollar Divided,“ the slow simmering finale is more of your speed—my point is this: it’s all there and it’s all good.

Call me impressed. Dialects is a firm statement for Snowmine: they are here and here to stay, perhaps even to burst onto the big stage. Don’t wait to hear them on the radio, if you still listen to that thing, but enjoy this delightful album now! Get in on this love affair we’ve been admittedly apart of for years.

New Track From Snowmine

Upload_Snowmine_2012_03_16 14_21_33Have you heard that we have a small love affair with Brooklyn band Snowmine?  Well if you didn’t know that, I guess you don’t read our work too often because we’ve been raving about these guys over the last few years.  This track “Columbus”, is yet another superb track from the band’s upcoming 2014 sophomore effort Dialects (out Feburary 4th).  I dig the orchestral sound here with the violins and “big” sound throughout the entire track.  Earl favorite for 2014.

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New Music from Snowmine

SnowmineFrom the very first time I heard Snowmine, I was in love; they’ve played our SXSW party and made several of our year end lists.  After dipping their toes in the waters of record labels, the band have decided to release their new effort, Dialects, on their own.  The first big single is definitely what I expected from the band, using these incredible instrumental accents to build a wall of pop extravagance. The vocals, as always, are delightful, reminding me of exactly why I fell so hard for the band in the first place.  I’m sure if you spend some time with this new single that you’ll feel exactly the same way we do.


Download: Snowmine – Rome [MP3]

New Music From Snowmine

We make no attempt to hide our love of Brooklyn band Snowmine and the sweet sounds they have  been creating in their very brief career as a band.  Hell, we gave them top billing on our year end songs list, and even became BFFs at this year’s SXSW.  All that aside, the guys just sent us this new tune “Saucer Eyes” and it causes us to ever grow our fandom of the group.  Word is not out just yet on when we can expect a new album of material from the Brooklyn quintet, but you know ATH will keep all you fine folks posted for the news.


Download: Snowmine – Saucer Eyes [MP3]

Snowmine – Laminate Pet Animal

Rating: ★★★½☆

If you haven’t heard of Snowmine, and odds are that you haven’t, sadly, then let’s just say that you’ll probably fall in love with listening to Laminate Pet Animal.  It’s got references to all sorts of sub-genres beneath the indie umbrella, with each demonstrating the unique craftsmanship of this Brooklyn group. This record has the band poised to start their introduction to the masses.

“Beast in Air, Beast in Water” has a really ornate approach, using a dark percussive skeleton to kick off the entire affair, met with ghostly group vocals.  As the vocals quicken, your anxiety is met with a sweeping harmony of a chorus, including a nice little symphonic arrangement to provide extra depth.  Seriously, just let this chorus warmly wash over you.  And if you thought the band would only stick to one direction, their intentions to mix things up are made with “Penny,” the second track on Laminate Pet Animal. There’s a bit more of a driving momentum to this number, though it has a similar, though more melodic, vocal approach.  Again, you’re greeted with a gorgeous rising pitch vocal in the chorus.  Songs like these are easily appreciated by all.

Perhaps one of the more gratifying things about Snowmine is their willingness to explore the outer spectrums of indie rock.  “Danger in the Snow” has sort of a tribal beat that runs through it, and the rest of the song feels as if you’re meeting the more spastic younger brother of Grizzly Bear.  Once again, arrangements of horns and what not strengthen the sound, providing a more distinct sound for the group, rather than allowing them to live as pure mimics. But all this barely holds up to what the rest of the collection has in store for you…just wait for more direct pop joy.

Perhaps too much of the first half of Laminate Pet Animal is dictated by experimentation and lush arrangements, for once “Let Me In” breaks in, there’s no turning back.  This is perhaps the best song on the record, and perhaps one of the best tracks of the year to date.  It’s such an unassuming track, mingling along with trickling guitar lines, rim shots on the drum, and a wondrous melody that captivates you time and time again. Similarly, “Hologram,” closes out this effort from Snowmine with a slow-paced, piano-backed ballad.  Emphasis here is definitely placed on the craft of each harmony, making sure it coincides with multiple vocals tracks and various entrances and exits of instruments.  More than “Let Me In,” it delves a bit further into the creative side, but near the four minute mark, the speed picks up, carrying the song to a triumphant close.

Listening to this record is something everyone should participate in this week.  The songwriting is magnificent, as well as the emphatic touches of careful accompaniment.  Putting it all together perfectly is the key that makes Laminate Pet Animal such a success, and you’ll walk away from the effort wishing you had more from Snowmine to take with you.


Download: Snowmine – Let Me In [MP3]

More New Music from Snowmine

A few weeks back I brought you a stunningly beautiful track from Snowmine, and as we draw closer to the release of their record, Laminate Pet Animal, on May 3rd, more tracks are slowly leaking out.  This newer track takes it’s time to build you up, as you anticipate some sort of soudn explosion.  While the band does give in, it’s not quite as strong as you would expect, showing great restraint to maintain the band’s song structure and sound, rather than indulge in the quiet/loud formula of modern lore.  It’s hard not to fall for this band at the moment, crafting gently moving melodic pieces of wonderment.


Download: Snowmine – Beast in Air, Beast in Water [MP3]

New Track from Snowmine

Damn you Brooklyn! Why must you have such stupendous bands?  Can’t the rest of us share a little bit of that love?  Well, actually we can because we get to hear the incredible meandering pop of Snowmine, who are set to release their debut LP, Laminate Pet Animal on May 3rd.  Listening to the first single, “Nervous” reminds me of what you would get if you crossbred Suckers with Grizzly Bear.  I don’t know, maybe that’s lazy, but those vibrant melodies mixed with that odd percussion and delivery definitely left me with that feeling. See what you think about this track; I mean I know it’s good, but is my comparison right on?


Download: Snowmine – Nervous [MP3]

Mellow Rock From Knight Night

11046915_825678424172816_1536771806089696562_oHere at the ATH office, we never really know what kind of emails we are going to get in our inbox, but sometimes you take that chance on a strange looking press release and come up rewarded. That’s what happened here today with the track I have from you from Knight Night. From the picture, I was expecting death metal, what I got instead was an elegantly crafted soft rock tune from this project ofSerafeim Giannakopoulos, which strikes the same sort of tone that we fell in love with from Snowmine.The vocals are sweet and gentle, carrying you through the easy jam. Simultaneously, the guitars meander through the track and the bubbling drums round the whole thing out. There’s even a bit of a build at the end of the delightful tune, one that will satisfy your rock and roll desires. The band’s debut album,God Is A Motherfucker, is out January 29th via Inner Ear Records.


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Show Review: Chad Valley @ Sidewinder (10/22)

The SidewinderChad Valley 18In my show preview, I noted that Chad Valley has become a must see for me. The last time through as a solo act, Hugo played Holy Mountain. Part of the sell of The Sidewinder was that it would be able to take Red7 bookings and have a space that was comparable to the dearly departed Holy Mountain. My back to back shows to start my time at The Sidewinder were outside and then inside so I have a decent feel for how the space works for both stages. Add to that a pleasant surprise in Stranger Cat and we have a great Thursday night show to kick off my F1 weekend.

Click through for a few more notes and plenty of pics.

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