Have A Nice Weekend

The Album LeafWeekend plans? I know what you should be doing tomorrow night. #BackToSchool #TripleLindy

Tonight, though, dinner with the wife and little listening later, maybe. Big on my list is the new The Album Leaf record that showed up on streaming today named Between Waves. This song, “New Soul”, is on it, it has a video that has been up for a bit; it is behind the read more button. In fact, the record has been done for some time, waiting for who knows what to be released. Listening end to end finally, I can tell you that Jimmy LaValle has gone a little more digital this round and it is gorgeous. September 10th, pencil it in, I’ll see you at The Parish.

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Show Pics: The Fixx @ 3TEN (8/24)

The FixxSo, there are risks in going to shows of bands that you loved from twenty years ago, hell even ten years ago. The Fixx was booked at 3TEN, probably the ideal venue for shows like this. It is a band that will draw a crowd of nostalgia seekers and the younger audience that made the discovery. I mean, Reach the Beach was among the first CDs I bought after getting my first player. It was important to me and I will put that record up against any of the current crop of nostalgia-driven indie prominent right now. The rack of keyboards, the front man with a specifically strong vocal and the mix of guitar and synth to build the layers – it is all there for you to love and rediscover.

We had a little extra dose of semi-local nostalgia in Deep Blue Something. You know who they are…

Read on for thoughts and pics.

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Sharing New Pional

PionalWhen Love Hurts will be released September 30th on Counter Records. It is an EP by Pional. Hailing from Spain, Pional has history remixing, producing tracks, doing a little solo work and working people like with John Talabot and most recently Empress Of for a track on this new EP. This track called “Casualty” is a beauty, to good not to share.

If you want to take a listen to one of Miguel Barros’s previous works as Pional, I suggest checking out the song “In Another Room” from 2010. OK, bliss out…

New To Me Track From At/All

At-AllSometimes you get an email about a second single and accidentally listen to the first single that was released earlier in the month and you get mad at yourself. This track from At/All is that very scenario. While I liked “Frequency”, it was the track “Deeper” that got me fully dialed in. Take a listen.

At/All are Matthew Nicholson, Pascal Babare, and Lucy Roleff. They have a lovingly awesome electro-pop sound with flourishes and harmonies. Melbourne is home to the band and Aussie electro-pop dominates. The full-length LP, SUN DOG, is out 8/29.

Digitized Pop from Roosevelt

rooseveltDo you have the back to school, epic level, can;t even Mondays? Need some shimmy to counteract the the traffic from the newly unleashed soccer moms delivering kids to school?

Roosevelt put this one up late Friday, but it makes sense to have it as a little Monday dance party in the cube. Having recently switched to a standing desk at work, I have to the opportunity to increase my shimmy factor exponentially. Roosevelt is a project of German DJ and producer Marius Lauben. There has been a lack of dance pop summer jams for me and this kind falls into place as an end of summer send off that should have been much earlier in the season, but that is how the cookie crumbles.

The self-titled full length just landed on City Slang.

BTW: I’ve missed you all, life getting in the way of life. I’ll see you at a show soon and we’ll talk.

Show Pics: Nada Surf @ The Parish (5/27)

Nada Surf 17I was allowed to kick off my holiday weekend with some fun show bidness. After morning rain, a cold front blew through to give us a nice evening and I had spots to go take in Nada Surf at The Parish. When I have several separate circles of friends at the show, it warms your humidity-laden heart.

Click through. I have plenty of pics from the night and a few thoughts including some on the openers, The Misteries.

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Pecan Street Musings

Pecan Street 29The lineup for Pecan Street Festival was quite ATH friendly. Given that two of the wife’s favorite Austin acts, Night Drive and Knifight, were scheduled for set times that book-ended the dinner hour a couple blocks from Parkside, we figured we would take in all that Sixth could offer before it got dirteh.

Thoughts, pics, etc.

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Show Pics: Animal Collective @ Emo’s (4/30)

Animal Collective 16When ACL cancelled a day of the festival a few years back, we were flooded by a series of pop-up shows to keep visiting artists busy. When the press release landed cancelling the entire festival, I emailed Team ATH to keep an eye out and put an ear to the street. One of the first big acts to land a venue was Animal Collective. The show at Emo’s sold out in two minutes. In fact, most pop-up shows sold out in a ridiculously short time, but I think this one was the fastest by far.

If you were at Scoot Inn or Hotel Vegas, get ready for notes and pics from the big show that featured Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith as the open…

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Show Pics: Operators @ Sidewinder (4/13)

OperatorsDan Boeckner has been providing ATH with amazing songs for a long time. Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs, Divine Fits and, now, Operators. Teaming up with Sam from Divine Fits and a multi-instrumtalist in Devojka to create dance pop with an edge to it that allows for a broad audience share. Rager? Done. Dark wave? Done. RayRay and I were pretty jacked to see this project. Operators brought Bogan Via along with locals Boss Battle opening.

Click through for pics and notes…

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Sea Moya’s “Bangalore” Binds Spells

Sea MoyaFull disclosure, Heist or Hit Records is run by friends, but so is Austin Town Hall Records and they have great stuff, so come at me bro.

This song premiered over at The Music Ninja, but I had to share. It is an instrumental only track from Sea Moya called “Bangalore” and it is gorgeous. Organic and digital all at once, it has a texture to it that makes you zone out and lose track of time. It gets better on a second listen.

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