Show Pics: A Night On Red River

dsc_0521Every once in a while, I grab the camera knowing there are a few bands playing that will have some friends out and about, on stage or off. Last Friday night was one such night with Tres Oui and Lou Rebecca featured in a record release show for Fort Never at Cheer Up Charlie‘s and Night Drive closing out a night of electronic goodness at Swan Dive (a venue I don’t got to often enough given the lineups recently).

Join me after the break with plenty of pics and quick few thoughts on Tres Oui‘s new jams and revised lineup and my first set in front of Lou Rebecca.

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Have A Nice Weekend

dsc_0472I’ll have some pics up from a little night of shimmy soon, teaser posted. New Tres Oui tacks are so strong live.

ACL is nearly upon us. If you haven’t been reading your email, this year’s fest on the fifteenth Anniversary will bring some of the biggest changes in some time. There will no longer be a stage at the rock island. This will mean hte middle of hte park will be the traffic area and we won’t have the bottleneck on the north side getting from the Stratford side of the park to the biggest stage. No more porta-potties, flushable bliss. Kiddie Limits has an external entry now. Artist and media lounges are moved to where Kiddie area was. Check out all the 411 here, including the new map.

I am going to drop in a jam that had been exclusive elsewhere on the net. It is from Ishi, strong groove, new EP called Juno is available on the bandcamps.

Heathered Pearls Returns

Heathered PearlsJakub Alexander has his mitts in ISO50 (Tycho’s music and design site), co-founded the label Moodgadget and is picking artists for Ghostly International. His music project is called Heathered Pearls and I have featured a few tracks in the past, last year’s Body Complex is a favorite of 2015. There is a delicate balance required to pay homage while moving forward and few electronic artists are doign it as well. This latest single features the claps and backing tones of Detroit while pulling in an elegance and balance letting you zone out or get amped.

Heathered Pearls will be joining Tycho on the road. I expect more new stuff…

Mohawk’s 10th Birthday Photo Show


Those of you that know me probably know that The Mohawk is a near and dear environment for me. I love the place, the people and the shows. Too many great moments for me over the years to count, from seeing how shy and awkward Lauren from CHVRCHES was early on in their first tour to Iggy and The Stooges wanting to be my dog. I was spell bound by Phantogram, shimmied with Twin Shadow, thrown beer on by Hunx and met Thurston Moore. Now you can come and see photos of those moments and so many more as me and several other of the awesome Austin music scene’s best photographers put works up for auction to benefit Austin Music People, never too early to check off a few people from the Christmas list. Full list of Photographers: Brian Gray (that’s me), Chad Wadsworth, Cody Cowan, Daniel Cavazos, David Brendan Hall, Ismael Quintanilla, Jessica Alexander, Maggie Boyd, Mary Rehak, Randy Cremean, Pooneh Ghana, Rick Kern, Roger Ho.

Thursday night, starting 7pm, come hang with the photo nerds and buy stuff for charity. It is free to look, so spend some jack on a printed and framed shot of your favorite artist and show.

STRFKR Has A Lovely New Jam

ShensSTRFKR is the socially acceptable version of Starfucker. They are playing Sound on Sound Fest. I will watch their set with glee and shimmy. Given the level of shenanigans at previous shows that included astronauts, horse heads, Gumby, LED walls and more, they are high on my fest list.

They have a new record called Being No One, Going Nowhere on Polyvinyl that is due for release the weekend of the fest, so take you twenty and get some fest-flavored vinyl. From that, we have a lovely groove called “Tape Machine”.

Show Pics: ATH Goes Back To School

Summer SaltNathan summed it up in a book face post. He, with Mike’s help, runs a label that is proud of the content, proud of the people, happy to be helping bands in Austin have merch to sell and fund the next project. It is a ton of work; pursuing, promoting, logistics and coordination. I am happy to be associated with ATH records.

Hit the read more and view the greatness of Pollen Rx, Mean Jolene, Rose Selavy, Plantation Band, Young Girls, Basketball Shorts, Summer Salt and Shivery Shakes (in drag).

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Have A Nice Weekend

The Album LeafWeekend plans? I know what you should be doing tomorrow night. #BackToSchool #TripleLindy

Tonight, though, dinner with the wife and little listening later, maybe. Big on my list is the new The Album Leaf record that showed up on streaming today named Between Waves. This song, “New Soul”, is on it, it has a video that has been up for a bit; it is behind the read more button. In fact, the record has been done for some time, waiting for who knows what to be released. Listening end to end finally, I can tell you that Jimmy LaValle has gone a little more digital this round and it is gorgeous. September 10th, pencil it in, I’ll see you at The Parish.

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Show Pics: The Fixx @ 3TEN (8/24)

The FixxSo, there are risks in going to shows of bands that you loved from twenty years ago, hell even ten years ago. The Fixx was booked at 3TEN, probably the ideal venue for shows like this. It is a band that will draw a crowd of nostalgia seekers and the younger audience that made the discovery. I mean, Reach the Beach was among the first CDs I bought after getting my first player. It was important to me and I will put that record up against any of the current crop of nostalgia-driven indie prominent right now. The rack of keyboards, the front man with a specifically strong vocal and the mix of guitar and synth to build the layers – it is all there for you to love and rediscover.

We had a little extra dose of semi-local nostalgia in Deep Blue Something. You know who they are…

Read on for thoughts and pics.

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Sharing New Pional

PionalWhen Love Hurts will be released September 30th on Counter Records. It is an EP by Pional. Hailing from Spain, Pional has history remixing, producing tracks, doing a little solo work and working people like with John Talabot and most recently Empress Of for a track on this new EP. This track called “Casualty” is a beauty, to good not to share.

If you want to take a listen to one of Miguel Barros’s previous works as Pional, I suggest checking out the song “In Another Room” from 2010. OK, bliss out…

New To Me Track From At/All

At-AllSometimes you get an email about a second single and accidentally listen to the first single that was released earlier in the month and you get mad at yourself. This track from At/All is that very scenario. While I liked “Frequency”, it was the track “Deeper” that got me fully dialed in. Take a listen.

At/All are Matthew Nicholson, Pascal Babare, and Lucy Roleff. They have a lovingly awesome electro-pop sound with flourishes and harmonies. Melbourne is home to the band and Aussie electro-pop dominates. The full-length LP, SUN DOG, is out 8/29.

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