Show Pics: The Soft Moon @ The Parish (1/21)

The Soft MoonLast Friday, it was supposed to be some nostalgia with Killing Joke playing The Parish. However, they cancelled leaving plans in the lurch. The truly awesome news was that scheduled openers would still come to town and even better, they added Video in support. A last minute add of Autlier completely rounded out the night.

Click through – I have plenty of photos from the night and thoughts on The Parish’s recent upgrades.

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Show Pics: Free Week 2016 Pt. 2

The MohawkI decided for the next evening of Free Week silliness, I would start at The Mohawk and make my way to Sidewinder. Free Week venues where met with capacity attendance and lines waiting for one-in-one-out to give access.


Bands I caught this time around – A. Sinclair, Ben Ballinger, Sweet Spirit, Abram Shook, Stiletto Heels, Knifight, Orthy and Sounds Del Mar. Click through for shens.

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Show Pics: Free Week 2016 Pt. 1

Night DriveMy turn for giving Free Week a little love.

Night one with camera was a solid lineup at The Mohawk to celebrate our friend’s birthday. Pooneh is kind of a big deal in music photography and a damn nice person to boot. I was at the show and bought her a beer when she turned twenty-one five long years ago. Heh. But here we were with an excuse as good as any to have a solid lineup of bands with a huge amount of variation in genres. Featured and immortalized by the camera’s Shivery Shakes, Big Bill, Unknown Relatives, Milezo and Night Drive.

We persevered against the drizzly evening for a crisp night. Click through, please.

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David Bowie

Bowie LazarusWhen I saw that David Bowie had passed yesterday morning, I at first thought what I normally think when a celebrity passes unexpectedly – well, that is sad. And then during the drive into the office and listening to Bowie favorites and reading tributes and social media eulogies, I got sad. It takes time to wrap your head around the importance of David Bowie to music lovers. You think for a second that yeah, sure, he had a few hits. …and then you realize that those few hits are YOUR few hits, your microcosm of his career that spanned decades and genres. Bowie created genres.

I first learned of Bowie in an odd way. I saw, now this was a long time ago, on a Christmas special the Bing Crosby and David Bowie version of “Little Drummer Boy”/”Peace On Earth”. It was mesmerizing. Here was this guy with funky eyes adding something so different and loving to the traditional Christmas song with a fifties crooner. …and that is how I choose to remember Bowie.

He was the greatest collaborator ever. Let’s take a look at a short list I rattled off in the break room at work: Bing Crosby, Brian Eno, Freddie Mercury, John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Trent Reznor, Nile Rogers, Luther Vandross, Iggy Pop and so many more. Look at that list. Blues, glam, disco, electronica, post-punk – name an artist that has his name on records in more areas on the floor of Waterloo. I mean, I don’t know if anyone COULD love ALL of his catalog due to his unabashed recreations.

How was one person so giving, yet inspired? How can someone be at the same time a creator and contributor in so many genres with so many personalities? That should be his legacy, more than any one song or lyric. The people he worked with that he elevated and the people that he was elevated by, always a positive, always moving forward.

Now I have to go listen to the last album he gave us again and read into every lyric what none of us wanted to admit we heard at first listen; it was goodbye.

Show Pics: CHVRCHES @ Emo’s (12/17)

CHVRCHESThere have been several bands over the years that we have seen grow and graduate the indie blogoshpere. I have seen CHVRCHES many times, loved the band’s material, met the band while Lauren was still too shy to out from the backline between the giant synth stands. During their set at FFFX, we discovered that she has gotten past that stage fright and is now a performer beyond the skilled vocals.

Now, I have been on a bit of a photo burnout sabbatical. It is what happens after weeks of festivals back to back to back with shows scattered in between. I figured I’d break that shooting manual focus lenses, going B&W, by checking a local fave in Night Drive and seeing CHVRCHES on the smallest stage they’ll play stateside until the regrettable reunion tours in 2035. Heh.

Give to Habitat for Humanity. Click through for pics.

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Second Round of 2016 Artists at SxSW

sxsw-music-logoWe have another big batch of bands you will have to sort through in wristband lines and witness on day party stages.

Here are a few highlights in the initial scan. We have Dead Gaze, Diet Cig, Girls Names, Kuroma, Night Beats, Oberhofer, PWR BTTM, Royal Canoe, Spain, Sweet Spirit, Thee Oh Sees and Chad Valley. The full list announced today is copied and pasted after the break.


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FFFX In Pictures: Sunday Edition

FFFXSunday Funday.

The skies cleared and left behind a gorgeous day for festival goers. Someone defiled the FFF porta-potty photo booth. Hence, it became a feature of the skyline. The grounds recovered from the rain of the previous days; the landscaping tweaks certainly seemed to work and the layout changes prevented most potential destruction from stomping boots. I was pretty stoked for the weather change as Sunday was the most complete day of old and new, jams and oddities.

We have on tap photos from sets by Golden Dawn Arkestra, Title Fight, Alvvays, Growlers, Chromeo, Future Islands, Ms. Hill and more…

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FFFX In Pictures: Saturday Edition

FFFX Saturday 63 16Senores y Senoras, nosotros tenemos mas influencia sobre sus hijos que tienes, pero los queremos. Creado y regalo de Los Angeles, Juana’s Adiccion…

Park and Rec Strikes Back – The rains came down after the festing on Friday. There was a bit of standing water remaining and a few potential sinkholes that the city needed to be covered up by mulch before the doors could open. We were allowed in to take refuge from the gathering masses. 1:20pm, was the new start time. Early bands unfortunately did not get to perform, mainly for me I was disappointed to see A Giant Dog with the downtown backdrop. Oh well, I got to lurk during their KUTX recording session and we had quite a bit of jams to fill that void. Shots of Jane’s Addiction, Joanna Gruesome, Ride, Charlatans UK, Fuzz and more after the break…

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FFFX In Pictures: Friday Edition

CHVRCHESLet’s get the photo party started. You may have already read our thoughts on the fest along with our interviews (more still coming, allegedly).

Friday, we dodged a bullet. The weather held out for the most part and we were able to stay fashionable in the face of volatile moisture levels. We all were able to dance and mill about, an occasional sprinkle to chill us out. Click through to get shots of Viet Cong, Toro Y Moi, Peaches, Parquet Courts, Cheap Trick, CHVRCHES and more.

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FFFX: Team ATH Recap

FFFX BannerThere was a lot of talk this year comparing Fun Fun Fun Fest to ACL this. Perhaps it is the proximity with the second weekend, perhaps the tenth anniversary. FFFX returned to it’s original home with a few tweaks to the layout to accommodate demands by Parks and Recreation department. I understand the city wants to protect the competing interests investments, but without events like FFF, this land is kind of under-loved. Let’s get through to the thoughts from our team that had boots on the ground and away from the grounds, too.

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