Mastersystem Say Goodbye

Earlier in the year, we lost Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit. I had very fond memories of meeting him and the band. Unfortunately, several people I know in recent years have lost their battles with depression. It hurts.

mastersystem was a project that allowed members of Frightened Rabbit and Editors to create a heavier 90’s alt-rock sound than either band possessed. It was the last work and last tour for Scott and the band has used footage to put together a video to say goodbye, highlighting the bright spirit, not the dark loss. Proceeds from a limited run vinyl version of “Old Team” that all proceeds will benefit the Scott Hutchison foundation. Look for that November 30th.

New To Me: Public Memory

I make no mystery of my love for the synthy goodness, especially when it can carry a heavy tone. Public Memory is one such project led by Robert Toher.

Landing here on the pending release of the second LP, titled Demolition, the song embedded below is called “The Line”. Tension builds as the open of the track takes a stranglehold, running longer and longer, creating tension with the addition of a rising and falling sawtooth only to have haunting by high octave tones add to that stress. The release lands willfully under a flood of harmonies followed by the initial vocals only to quiet again to give lyrics space.

Demolition is due 11/9 on Felte.

Song Premiere: Western Youth


We’ve got a local-flavored premier here, the second single by Western Youth from their upcoming release. “The King Is Gone” kicks off with a big guitar making a big guitar noise and settles into a groove that wreaks of Austin. If you ever wonder how one started an evening downtown in the early 90’s, it often sounded like this. Flourishes of piano and organ interplay and harmonize with the guitar and vocals; it is a sound you can only have when you have enough people on stage, enough instruments, enough pedigree lending their voices as the song ebbs and wanes through choruses and solos.

You can preorder the album due September 21 by clicking here, or have a listen live and pick up the record at the release party at Spiderhouse. It reset my headspace and now I can get on with my Friday.

The Twilight Sad Announce New Album

…and have a new release to share, as well.

I am now officially on the hype train for this new record. The Twilight Sad have been a band that have always carried a weight around with them, but it seems they have found away to distribute that weight a bit in their recent track that had no tie in to an upcoming record. We learn that Andy and James, the driving force behind The Twilight Sad have, in fact shared the load a bit by adding the “touring” members of the band Brendan Smith and Johnny Docherty into the studio for production.

Today, we get another fantastic preview to the new record that instead of building, it smolders in a dark wave melody. The new record called IT WON/T BE LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME will be releases on Rock Action on January 18th, pre-order here.

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