Party Pics: Council Meeting @ ND (2/3)

There was another Council Meeting at The North Door and it just so happened that friends of ATH, The Great Nostalgic and Tiger Waves, were playing through the curtains. What a lovely way to spend an evening; playing jams and shooting jams being jammed. Lots of jamming, in fact. Jam has become our favorite thing.

Tasty drinks, booty drops, plenty of extras joining in because of multiple birthdays. You may have missed it, but it was documented for posterity. Click through…

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The IT Department – v2.2

SxSW is getting closer and closer and this IT Dept. has very little to do with SxSW becasue it is still too far away for me to start getting hyped. O_o

Since we played catch-up in the previous IT post, here is a collection of new tunes for you to ponder. I am throwing out a favorite from Mint Julep, the latest from Bear In Heaven, smoothness with oOoOO, School of Seven Bells minus a twin and an atmospheric closer from Blondes.

Click past the break and you might get rewarded with cheese.

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Show Pics: A Lull @ The Mohawk (1/30)

Yeah, I went out in crap weather on a Monday night to see some bands. Fine, I feel you judging me.

It was an inside show at Mohawk that featured A Lull. They had Deleted Scenes and Tape Deck Mountain opening. It was fun to open up the big 50 and catch slices of the show.

The night had building complexity, building layers. The bands broadcast intelligent, well-crafted music. Click that read more link over there for some show notes and plenty of pics…
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Catching Up With The IT Dept. (v2.1)

It is a new year, the last year if you believe the Mayans or Mitch Daniels. This makes your choice of tunes all that much more important.

And so I begin the year with a smattering of songs I have been listening to in the very recent past that I want to share under the guise of new tunes from the IT Dept. I think I will hit Metronomy, Chad Valley, Elite Gymnastics, Craft Spells and Mansions on the Moon. Call this the electro-downtempo-chill-dance-jam session of the IT Dept. Whatever. Can’t fade me…

So on to the streaming goodness.
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Sweet New Track from Grand Duchy

While trolling the inbox and the internets for content to highlight in the first IT Dept. post of 2012, Nathan was kind enough to point me to this track. It gets its own post because it is awesome.

Grand Duchy is Frank Black and his wife Violet Clark pulling a Handsome Furs. This is the first I have heard off of Let the People Speak, the forthcoming follow-up to Petite Fours. Due April 10th, the new album, in their words, is “definitely more about slamming it in.”

Odd spoken bits, long lead in that makes you nervous but excited. This should give you a hint of what’s up in the Black/Clark household.


Download: Grand Duchy – Silver Boys [MP3]

Show Review: Starfucker @ The Mohawk (1/14)

I like outside shows when it is cold.

Starfucker headlined The Mohawk last Saturday. Alexico and Painted Palms opened the sold out show (honestly a bit surprised) that was made warm with merriment and spirits, or whatever else. Starfucker pulls a weird blend of show-goers including some old people (mainly me). It was a young crowd, it was a good crowd.

Head past the break for pics and show notes…

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Show Pics: Cass McCombs @ Stubb’s (1/14)

Cass McCombs came to town to play an intimate set at Stubb’s indoor stage. The crowd on hand was tightly packed into the cave beneath the restaurant, enthusiastic and respectful. The quiet moments were quiet allowing Cass and the band to fill the space.

Helping to create that atmosphere was the spellbinding opening set from Frank FairField.. Just a stool, guitar, violin or banjo, toe-taps to set the rhythm and single mic in front to pick it all up. Pin drop quiet allowing the traditional blues/folk sound to resonate. The crowd would burst with approval between songs.

Wish I could have spent more time, but split show duties did not allow. Head after the jump for pics…

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Show Preview: Starfucker @ The Mohawk (1/14)

Starfucker is playing The Mohawk. Since the show is sold out, this serves only as a reminder to those of you that purchased tix a few months ago. If you want to join the dance party, you could of course brave the online pitfalls of craigslist or talk to the “ticket agents” out front. I am dragging a whole group out, things may get messy. I just have to remember to run across the street to catch Cass McCombs for a few songs.

It is all about balance.

Painted Palms and Alexico open.


Download: Starfucker – Julius [MP3]

Show Pics: Free Week 1/7@ The Mohawk

Things are settling back in after the calm of the holidays. New releases are starting the trickle in and the show circuit is picking back up. Free Week kept many local music fans busy and there were many great lineups. One of our favorites was at The Mohawk last Saturday. Shivery Shakes, Ghost Knife, A Giant Dog, Grape Street and OBN IIIs played inside. I figured I should grab bigfiddyonefour and have fun.

So with pints of local beer, we listened to local music and I took local pictures. Head past the break, please.
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