Show Review: Friendly Fires @ La Zona Rosa

Rocktober continues!

La Zona Rosa Rosa plays host to a two night stand for ATH with Friendly Fires and The Rapture. Friendly Fires is up first bringing along Theophilus London as the opener. Having seen a condensed SxSW set of Friendly Fires and the early ACL set from Theophilus London, I had some expectations as to what we would get. So click through to see how things measured up and for a ton of pics.

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Show Pics: Milagres/Peter Wolf Crier @ Lambert’s

It was an admittedly small show with a fairly unknown line up. But both bands have been featured here at Austin Town Hall, so we figured it was worth taking a look. Milagres and Peter Wolf Crier were in town and played Lambert’s. I figured a good Guinness pour and a barstool would do nicely the night before the TX/OU game. I met some people, heard some stories and listened to some music. Perfect.

Pics and a couple more notes from the show after the jump…

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Show Pics: Dan Mangan and Blind Pilot @ The Parish

Dan Mangan opened for Blind Pilot. This is a great pairing which caused a packed-house sell-out. There were a few sing-alongs to go along with all of the great music. I was on hand to get some photos of the show and because both bands are full of musicians that take their performance seriously, I left a fan of both bands. It doesn’t hurt that the show was perfectly paired with its venue, The Parish.

So more on the show and plenty of images after the break…

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Show Pics: Cymbals Eat Guitars @ Emo’s

Plenty of shows getting thrown about these days, this was the end of a three night run. Cymbals Eat Guitars headlined with Milk Thistle and Hooray for Earth.

The nostalgic feelings grow with each show at Emo’s. I found myself taking more pics of the place for the archive. There was ice in the urinal. No pics of that. Milk Thistle shared crafted Indie-Pop, Hooray for Earth battled technical difficulties and Cymbals Eat Guitars played a perfect set.

A few more thoughts and plenty of pics after the break…

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Show Pics: Colourmusic, Colour Revolt @ Emo’s

We caught up with our good friends Colourmusic, who opened for Colour Revolt. Texans Dignan kicked off the night, Colourmusic brought the noise, and Colour Revolt left everyone happy.

And when we say Colourmusic brought the noise, we mean it. Colourmusic was about as loud as we can remember anyone ever being at Emo’s, and that is saying a lot. Earplugs were complaining to the management. It was awesome.

Click the link for pictures.

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Show Pics: Junior Boys @ The Mohawk

You could tell who was from Austin at ACL by their reaction to the rain. While I loved seeing the bits of green, yellow and red on the radar Wednesday night, we had an outside show at the Mohawk to hit. Junior Boys were in town and I will freely admit that since I first heard “In the Morning”, I have been a big fan.

The rain fortunately parted sending water from the skies to areas just North and South, leaving a wall of clouds filled with lightning as a backdrop for those on the upstairs patio. And while you could sense the weather kept the crowd down a bit, I think it only kept the lesser fans away as everyone at the Mohawk was way into it.

Egyptrixx opened, more on the show and a few pics after the break…

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Show Pics: Erasure @ ACL Live

So this is a little off-topic for us, consider it a retro IT Department post. Erasure tickets were a final birthday present to the wife and I was given the opportunity to take photos of the show. This may surprise people, but it was one of the best shows this year. The sold out crowd was ready to have a great time, so many overheard conversations about the last time seeing them live. The venue was ideal. Andy Bell let it loose and left most of the crowd in awe that he still has it vocally.

There are a few more comments and plenty of glorious Bell/Clarke goodness after the break.

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Show Pics: The Horrors @ The Parish

The Parish hosted the Horrors last Wednesday night. It was a lovely way to break the ACL hangover. It takes a few days to get over the festival mentality. You have a craving for tall, expensive cans of beer. You constantly check a schedule. You complain about cell service.

What better way to break the cycle than go see a band in a dark, smallish club atmosphere with expensive bottles of beer? Here are pics and few impressions from The Horrors set at The Parish, The Stepkids opened.

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ATH @ ACL 2011 – Sunday

The news of the Longhorns’ victory lifted spirits, Cut Copy killed it – Saturday was a good day. I was tired, yet nervous and excited. The rain, though nearby and luckliy watering our lawns, never really pounded the grounds. Sunday was a day with a few bands I knew I wouldn’t see otherwise.

Head on past the break for the final batch of images from Sunday.

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ATH @ ACL 2011 – Saturday

Friday night’s headliners meant leaving the park early and challenging my liver at a friend’s house upstairs from Zilker. That first hill is brutal. We snacked, reminisced, planned and then went our separate ways to get some sleep for Saturday. Would we get the big rain?

Head on past the break for some images from Saturday.

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