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There was big news recently about Spotify bringing their all-you-can-eat music service to America hammering the tech sites and delighting music fans.  Now, this concept is nothing new to me as a long time subscriber and advocate of Microsoft’s Zune Pass.  It has however been a chore to evangelize the merits of renting your music catalog.  Let’s face it, there is a warm fuzzy around “owning” your music, isn’t there.  But let’s go over the Top 5 reasons why you subscribe to a music service, especially as there are now several great multi-platform services to choose from.

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Show Pics: Moonface @ Emo’s

Spencer Krug brought his current project to town to play an inside show at Emo’s on a Tuesday night. Moonface can be familiar and foreign to Wolf parade fans. It borders on percussive Electronica at times, smooth keyboard driven poppiness at others. In all, a group of ardent Krugophiles enjoyed themselves. They were even treated to a Moonface’d version of a Swan Lake song to close things out.

Pics and a few more comments about Moonface and the openers, White Dress and Flow Child, after the break.

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New Music from Ume

Ume opened for Mission of Burma a few days ago, and no doubt, the crowd would have gotten a taste of their latest sounds. With the new track “Captive”, they show a bit of a more polished sound. Not a shock, this band is getting better at being a band. It is a cohesive, pretty and strong track, with addictive guitar hooks to keep you glued. With similar acts like Metric and Joy Formidable gaining momentum, let’s hope Ume can capitalize.

The new album Phantoms will land August 30 on Modern Outsider, a new Austin label started by husband and wife team Chip and Erin Adams (nice people). You can preorder it now.


Download: Ume – Captive [MP3]

Show Pics: The Rumble @ Beerland

The Rumble was back in town featuring three local acts. Hosted ever so graciously by Beerland, ATH joined a Wednesday night crowd for the mystery beer special and The Asteroid Shop, Bali Yaaah, and The Ghost Wolves.

The Ghost Wolves raised brows, putting on a great power duo performance, even covered a Mountain tune. A complete contrast, Bali Yaaah shared their blend of dance, worldbeat and psych. The Asteroid Shop brought big anthems of Indie-Alt.

Don’t be afraid. Pics from the show after the break…

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Show Review: Beirut @ ACL Live

Zach Condon brought Beirut to town after playing Free Press Fest in Houston on the way to Bonaroo. New material is starting to trickle out to the intarwebs, but the older songs show no age as they are timeless. The mix of a little new material with the best of the band’s catalog made for an amazing and sweeping playlist for an artist just twenty-five years of age. Twin Sister came along for this gig at the Moody Theater at ACL Live (what I now call the Bat Cave).

More about the show and plenty of pics after the jump…

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Show Review: The Twilight Singers @ The Parish

After the relatively low-fi, low-tech environs of Antone’s, a show at the Parish was in order. Since the remodel, the Parish has been a favorite for audiophiles that enjoy a light show beyond CFL’s with colored Saran Wrap over them to illuminate the performers. Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s open for Mr. Dullli in his current incarnation with The Twilight Singers. Many friends in tow, Afghan Whigs fans and loyalists to Margot filled the venue on a Tuesday. Continued…

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