The Orchids Share Didn’t We Love You

Now that we’re settled in with our playlist, let us focus on the great hits coming your way today, like this latest ditty from the Orchids. Honestly, this is pure old fashioned pop music of the non-commercial sort (sadly); it’s the sort you’d expect to hear from a classic indiepop act! Jangles are soft and sharp, with this bubbling bass line cruising underneath the softened vocal twists. It seems so simple, but there’s no way you can’t just bob your head and appreciate how classically good this is; it doesn’t need flare or drama, as it’s the purest of pop sounds…and I can’t get enough. Dreaming Kind will be out on September 2nd via Skep Wax.

Bryan Cooper Shares Beta Life

You better believe that when a songwriter name drops Suede, Stone Roses and Blur as influences, I’m going to spend sometime listening, which is how I fell in love with this new Bryan Cooper tune. The opening verse alone, pulling on those sort of classic riffs, gritty but dripping with melody makes it easy to be charmed on this one, particularly if you let Cooper’s sweet vocal notes push on through as well. But, just as you expect the quiet loud quiet chorus move, Bryan takes it into a different direction, stripping the pace back and allowing the song to unfold the way he sees fit. I love the way he really hits those high notes, letting his voice take you to bright new heights!

Last Week’s Jams Today (8.8 – 8.12)

We cover a lot of tunes here, but in looking back at last week’s jams, there were so many hits that popped up on our pages. You wanna dance a little? Try the new Cool Sounds or the Dare? Looking for a little wayward jangle? Try on Old Moon or the Slow Summits! Maybe you just want classic pop? Well, check out those Alvvays and Elizabeth tracks! Wait, you need a reissue? Well, there’s great stuff coming out from the Variable Stars and Self Improvement! Plus, we had mellow jams from Old Fire and Kramies, to hit all the right notes. Just hit play and enjoy yourself while I get ready for the first day of school!

Dandy Boy Records Drops Welcome to Oakland Comp

I’ll be honest…there’s not a spot in the country that’s dropping better tunes than the Oakland/San Francisco scene; we’ve covered tons of those projects here on our end of things, so you know we’re continuously enamored. But, let’s say you just stumbled upon our site for the first time…and you’re looking for something new? Well, Welcome to Oakland! This compilation was put together by Dandy Boy Records, highlighting the incredible underground scene going on in the Bay Area right now. You get hits from ATH mainstays like RE Seraphin or Blue Ocean, plus a delicious Yea Ming and the Rumours reminder, not to mention a hot James Wavey tune! Just click below and let it hit you, or bounce to the site and pick your favorite jam.

Human Barbie Release Wait

The first Human Barbie tune from the forthcoming EP was a real gem, and it looks like we’ve got another tune to devour today. On days like today, where it’s 7:30 and I’m already daydreaming, this tune is perfect, and it’s all down to the way Christopher Leopold is crafting his tracks. You can hear the elements of dream pop or shoegaze lurking in the shadows, but they end up coming across in a different manner, as Leopold is intent upon dragging out the tune a bit, filling it with patience that takes the song into more of a slowcore mantra. It’s got the bits and pieces you love, but you get to digest differently; Human Barbie will release a new EP on October 12th via Poor Man Records.

The Slow Summits Share Time’s On Your Side

Friday’s are perfect for Swedish pop songs, in my ears. You’re looking out the window, counting down the windows towards freedom, but as the Slow Summits detail in their latest single, “time’s on your side,” so be sure to take it all in. The song itself is a subtle jangling ditty, rolling and bouncing along the highway of life, all the while Anders drapes his velvety voice atop to layer more melody for your ears. For a band that claims that their “songs aren’t extraordinary,” they sure pack a charming punch that I can return to again and agin.

Split Cassette Coming from Mythical Motors and Antlered Auntlord

I love the concept of a split tape; it’s like a perfect sampler platter…little bit of this here, little bit of that there…and hopefully it’s all delicious. In the case of the Mythical Motors/Antlered Auntolord Split Tape, well, it’s all tasty to me. Mythical Motors is a relatively new band, to me, and they’re just ripping up these sunny pop tunes; this single below falls somewhere between the punch of GBV and the pop vibes of Superdrag (which is a compliment!). Antlered Auntlord, on the other hand, are always going to give you something that feels a touch more raucous and devil-may-care. Their tune below is a bit of noise, a sprinkle of driving punk, all built around a central melody that brings a smile to your face! If you dig, as you should, why not grab the tape from HHBTM today!

Old Moon Announce Under All Skies EP

In listening to the latest track from Old Moon, there’s this sense of pushing through it all, wether that’s just getting through the day or overcoming obstacles. This track, much like a jangling version of Bruce Sprinsteen has a sense of putting on your boots and getting on with life. It’s the perfect mixture between a classic pop rock sensibility and a more modern little indiepop twist, which is why I can’t stop tapping my toes and bobbing my heavy head today. You’ll be able to do the same by pressing play below, or simply jumping over to Relief Map Records and ordering the Under All Skies EP, out September 16th.

Self Improvement Reissue Visible Damage

Floating Mill Records has been releasing some great stuff over the last few years, though most of it came from defunct projects. But, the label just signed on to re-release the incredible Self Improvement debut LP, Visible Damage. Over the course of ten tracks, you find yourself on pins and needles, riddle with anxiety as the band frantically throw down jagged riffs with jittering art-rock grooves. Jett’s vocals give you a bit of that spoken-post-punk vibe, though there seems to be a sort of sinister vibe to it, matching with the musical vibe punching through. I mean, the album is worth it alone for the incredible cover of Prodigy‘s “Firestarter.” Just spend some time with the release, and if you dig, then grab that re-issue right away!

Kramies Share Owl and the Crow Video

If you’re looking for that emotionally transportive tune for your day, then might I suggest you invest a little bit of time in this new track from Kramies. Both the video and the song begin in sort of a dense fog, a sort of blur on the edges of an acoustic strum, setting you up for a track that will weave its way in and out of your speakers. An emphatic chorus gives off a heavenly little buzz, aided by an accompanying vocal accent; it allows for the song to push the limits of your expectations, feeling the tune swell through your speakers despite the intimate nature of the acoustic strum. There’s something haunting here too, particularly when listened with the accompanying film, as you never seem able to completely focus, like you’re just barely holding the song in your consciousness before it seeps into the inner-workings of your mind. If you dig, Kramies, the band’s new LP will be out on September 9th via VanGerrett Records.

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