Circling Back on Grand Veymont

Seems like Stereolab references are meant for any electronic based music with a female singing over it, so you may as well lump France’s Grand Veymont in the mix. But, for me, the driving similarity, and something they also share with fellow French act Air, is that the construction tends to build and overlap, eventually capturing you in this electronically-induced loop. Also, should be noted that their new latest album (it came out earlier this year) is filled with these little song pieces, 3 of which stretch beyond the 10 minute mark, and then there’s this delicious little gem to satiate you today. And then go grab Route du Vertige HERE.

Golden Dawn Arkestra Drop New Tune

For awhile now, Golden Dawn Arkestra has captivated Austin (and beyond) with their live performances. Their latest single from their forthcoming LP seems to capture that spirit in the video; they somehow manage to capture the bizarre in the most splendid fashion. Musically, this seems like the apex of their powers, bringing a sort of acid-infused psychedelia that rises and falls in all the right spaces. As the song fades away, the lyrics almost seem like an afterthought, with the slight occurrence of brooding pop lurking just beneath the song’s surface. The band will drop their latest Children of the Sun via Nine Mile on June 1st.

The Color Forty Nine Release Storyteller

The self-titled album from The Color Forty Nine is only 7 songs long, but there’s so much depth to the recording that one is apt to find the record stretching beyond expectations. Their latest single has singer Phil Beaumont stretching operatic tones over the musical craft of his support. The rest of the band, particularly the violin work creates this forlorn Western vibe; it’s a brand of Americana that largely goes overlooked…somewhere between troubadour and sea-shanty. They’ll be releasing the s/t record on June 15th via Darla.

Still Trying to Turn You Onto Henrik Appel

A few weeks ago I tried to get you into Henrik Appel, and it seems a few folks are catching onto the vibes, though not nearly as many as there should be. His music has this vibe akin to Morby or Sonny Smith, channeling a classic pop vibe, while not trying to do too much. Sometimes your bread-and-butter moves are all one needs to make a good song work, and Appel seems to have that knack worked out…he even throws in some discordant chords just to harken back to his days in the garage scene in Sweden. Burning Bodies will be out on June 29th via PNKSLM.

Guts Club Releases Another New Single

Guts Club has long been on my personal radar, and while we expect a slightly different outing with the new release, we’re still happy to find some sonic lineage. For starters, Trench Foot is said to be entirely electric, but its presentation in this tune seems to be right in the soulful wheelhouse of Lindsey Baker; her vocal performance alone would be something to hang one’s hat upon. I also like how she brings in a gang of friends/voices to close the song out in a sort of campfire spiritual manner. The new album will be out on July 6th, just in time for your own campfire singalong.

The Young Mothers Announce New LP

Every day I’m surrounded by 13 year olds claiming Post Malone as the best “rapper” around; I always throw some old school reference to my favorite lyricists from when I was a kid (Rakim, Jeru). But, when referencing modern hip-hop, aside from a few releases, I’ve been bored, but that doesn’t look to be the case with this new Young Mothers LP. It opens with this classic vibe, like layered samples, yet from the get-go, that distant xylophone shows something extra in the sound; the rhymes steps in, hitting quick and to the point. Honestly, I’d be keen on all that; it’s like a hyper-active old school vibe, but what really caught me was how they just turn around and blow it all out. Pulling in frantic jazz squawks and off-beat drumming, illustrating that even your hip-hop could use some spicing up. The new LP, titled Morose, will drop on June 22nd via Self Sabotage.

New 7″ from Soccer Cousins

Our friends at Gentle Reminder Records are working hard this year; they’ve got another release added to the calendar this weekend, from Soccer Cousins. It’s spirited pop rock, and in fact, it kind of reminds me of a more casual version of the Thermals. Hooks are abundant, and the voice is definitely distinct. I go back and forth between loving “Holy Smokes” and “Small,” so maybe you can help me out and pick your favorite of the two. This 7″ will pop up on Friday, May 25th, on some super fancy green vinyl; better hurry, as there’s a limited number out there.

Jamming Electropop from SAMT

There was a time when the electronica was meant to maximize beats per minute and push you out onto the dance floor. When I listen to this new track from SAMT, I definitely recall those hours dancing away to the likes of Bonde do Role, though this time we’re traversing the Germanic languages. The electronic pulses give off a kind of stuttering fuzz, while the drums employ this precision technique that gives the track body. All of it comes together to leave you with this little dance treat that’s going to blow the socks off all your friends at the next dance party. The group release their latest 7″ through one of my favorite labels, Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten.

New Music from Waves of Dread

Somewhere out in Newcastle, Waves of Dread is building these magnificent pieces of pop music that I’ve found quite inescapable…particularly this latest single. It’s structured like a classic piece of collage-pop, with the guitars seemingly building tension, then other guitars cascade into the distance while the faintly audible vocals nonchalantly enter the picture. That building sensation doesn’t fade, however, and actually seems to build ominously…though the group never completely give in to your need for an emotional release, instead ambling in a different direction as the song fades into the distance. Truly want some music discovery, then come this way.

Lie Ready Hounds

Feel like today had me going into a casual place of joy, so I had to make sure I introduced you to something slightly darker, like Vancouver’s Lie(note, there’s an accent over the e, wordpress sucks). The group just announced their newest album, Hounds, by offering up this smashing number. Guitars immediately push you in one direction, rushing you with their discordant chugs as the drums shatter through your speakers. Those cavernous folks help the song’s natural ambiance, darkening your soul while your body tries to catch up with the rhythm. Plus, the new effort is guaranteed good times, as it’s being released by Mint Recs in Canada and Monofonus Press in the US; it drops July 6th.

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