Kyle Forester Readies Solo Effort

kyleIt’s already been mentioned all over the Internet (yesterday) that Kyle Forester worked in Crystal Stilts, but I think that’s all you need to know, as nothing on his debut single sounds anything like that band, nor should it. He’s off on his own now, at least for this effort, and pop aficionados should take note. To my ears, this sounds like a stomping Nada Surf hit…Forester even takes on some of the same vocal notes as M. Caws. Still, it’s not power pop, it’s more of barn-storming, and I love it. He’ll be releasing his self-titled debut via Flying Moonlight Records on March 20th.

Agent Bla Hitting the Right Notes

agentThis track from Agent Bla hit the world yesterday with a lot of promise, claiming the band as purveyors of Swedish pop. I’m all in, but I find this song to even go a bit beyond the normal Swedish fare; it’s got that shimmering gleam to it, but there’s a bit more attitude in it than what I come to accustom with the genre. You’ll probably look at it as a youthful vibe, which is fair, considering these are some youngsters, but considering they’ve just signed with Luxury Records, good things should be coming our way soon.

More From Film School

filmschoolA few weeks ago we were given our first glimpse of new Film School, after a fairly long hiatus (in relative terms), and now, we have another brilliant song that makes me regret the fact that the band’s been quiet for so long…yet perhaps that’s why this is so good…it’s coming out naturally, rather than being forced out there. There’s this propulsive rhythm building within, similar to the grooves that Fujiya and Miyagi brought us a few years back, yet I also here this expansive bit of darkened pop building out of all that. They’ll be releasing their June EP this week, which means you need to pick it up.

My Evening with Low: A Show Review with Photos

LowI met up with Brian, our photographer just after 8 on Tuesday night, a little anxious and a little weary. Low, since the late 90s has been a consistent part of my listening experience, not to mention one that I’ve often had trouble explaining my fandom. But, if anything, I left the venue that night with an expression of gratitude, to the band and the many fans that filled the Parish; it was one of those musical encounters few will understand…but those that do will cherish.

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Too Good Not to Post: Attic Basement

atticSome songs spread like wildfire, going all over the Internet. I usually ignore those, as who needs another voice shouting into the void, but in the case of Attic Basement, I can’t hold back. This lead single from their forthcoming record sounds a bit like Pavement, but it’s filled with these little imperfections, such as the stretch of the vocal pitch at times. But, in that, it’s successful, reminding of us of purely passionate music being poured out on the stage. You can feel this song. That means the most. Their new LP Dream News will be out via Father Daughter on May 27th.

Pop Rock from Teleman

telemanOut of the ashes of the excellent Pete and the Pirates burst forth Teleman. They’ve been toiling about with a few releases, but I think their newest, Brilliant Sanity, is the one I’ll cling to as the one where they sound most complete. Just the way that the hooks are delivered on this track, taking aim at pop music, but still adding a little bit of artistry in the way of light vocal samples and building layers while the guitars seemingly go off the tracks. It’s energetic good times, of the best sort, so look for the album on April 8th via Moshi Moshi.

Another Adult Books Hit

adultsTime to put your shoes on and shuffle your feet. You won’t have much more fun than if you choose to jam to this track from Adult Books. Immediately the drums give you a bounce to your step, with the guitar chords taking on the darker tones of jangling pop music. Vocals echo in a cavernous way, filling out the band’s sound, bringing infectious joy straight to your ears. It’s the latest single from the band in preparation of their forthcoming album, Running From the Blows; it’ll be released on March 4th via Lolipop Records. You can also find them on a lengthy US tour, including SXSW Dates.

Enjoy This Eskimeaux Track

eskimoWhen I pressed play on the brand new Eskimeaux track, I thought it was offering more of the same, but just before the 30 second mark (just!) things take an up-turn. Harmonies are joined by a male counterpart, pace is picked up and then you’re just falling in love all overthis song. It’s been released as a teaser to the new mini-album, Year of the Rabbit (so 2001 or 2023), and things sound like they’re going to be pretty special. If you haven’t been convinced by the band’s work yet, this looks like the time to get on board.

Classic Indie Rock Vibes from Pleasant Grove

pleasantLast week, Austin’s Pleasant Grove released their new album, The Heart Contortionists, revealing a mature band with a well-seasoned sound. That’s the most sincere compliment I can offer, as these guys don’t sound like they’re rehashing anything at all…it even seems like they’ve improved upon things, bringing in light atmospheric touches to match the percussion and piano work that serves as a great backbone to the tune. Definitely feels like this is something that went drastically overlooked by us in the storm of a month that was January. Really enjoying this album, so give this tune a listen.

The Vryll Society Offers New Single

vryllThe arena of psychedelic rock has been changing since it’s rebirth into mainstream consciousness. Since then we’ve seen acts like Tame Impala and others putting a different, pop-centric spin on things; the Vryll Society doesn’t look to be too far off. However, they seem to employ a stronger simplicity, keeping the krautrock bass line in one place as the band works behind it, shooting off guitar chords here and there to add texture to the track. It’s a new single, officially being released on March 11th…we can only hope they’ve got more new work (and an album) on the way.

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