Mo Troper Continues His Run of Hits

Just a few months after his well-received Beloved was released, Mo Troper is already back, this time releasing a collection of songs he’d written over the last five or so years. The album takes on themes of spending time with a person that makes you better just by their mere presence. This single blasts forth with huge riffs, with the hook hiding deep in the song’s core. It’s similar to the current emo fare, though I tend to dig this due to its lack of polish. Look for Mo Troper Gold on February 10th via Good Cheer Records.

Enchanting Ballad from The Man From Managra

The Man from Managra is the project of Greek craftsman Coti K, specializing, at least on this single, in crafting texturized pop music. For a minute, I thought the guitars would lead me down a path similar to Pinback (they have that mathematic quality), but as they progress and continue in the same fashion, it’s clear this is just the landscape Coti is choosing for his craft. Slight vocal inflections reveal the deeper spirit of his voice, and of the personal quality of his music; it’s the best way to enjoy his songs. Look for Half a Century of Sun from Inner Ear Records on January 25th.

Go Listen to Goodman

I don’t know what it is about this particular track from Goodman, but I really encourage you to spend a little bit of time listening to the track. It opens with a seemingly folk leaning, guitars wrapping around one another while there’s a slight warble to the vocal delivery. I dug it, but it wasn’t until the joyous explosion around the 1.5 minute mark that the song really took its hold on me, which I have a feeling will come to you too, should you choose to venture that far. There’s something carefree in the way it all comes together at this moment, allowing you to let everything else around fall to the wayside. He’ll be releasing his latest effort, The Vicissitudes on February 3rd via Invertebrate.

Brand New Ty Segall

Ty Segall will be releasing his new record in just a few weeks, and now we’ve got another tune to offer up to listeners, “Break a Guitar.” While the actual guitar still has that powerful glam rock to it, I think Ty’s voice here is the first time I really see him going full Bolan. It’s a really nice touch, as I think with he’s bordered on repeating himself over the last few years. Don’t you worry though, there’s still a huge soloing moment in the middle of the tune, which could very well lead to Segall breaking his guitar in the live setting. Clearly he’s still going strong…look for his new self-titled effort via Drag City on January 27th.

Synth Pop from Femny

The opening moments of this synth pop gem from Femny seem rather sedate, stripped down to the bare minimum of synth, vocals and drums. It grabs your ear, but it’s not until the chorus that you fully find yourself immersed in the sensational song. Singer Isaac Soto croons in dark tones, fitting the mood of deep house music. The band releases their Instant Star EP on January 27th, bringing dense pop music that encourages you to dance with yourself, or perhaps a slow jam with a friend as the day fades to night.

Sorry I Missed This: Chastity Has a New 7″

The other day we got to hear this great new track from Chastity, and I totally forgot to write about that, so I’m sorry for that. I love the fragility in Brandon Williams presentation, particularly in the opening minute of the song…just before the guitars really kick in. At this point, a wash of distorted guitar smacks you in the face while Brandon’s voice soars in the far off distance. It briefly returns to the sedate tones before feedback reintroduces you to the emphatic stomp that closes the tune out. You can grab the new 7″ from Captured Tracks right now!

Perfect Dream Pop from Nearr

Rainy days and gloomy songs go hand in hand, so as I sit here in a mile downpour, I’m entranced by the new music coming from Ukraine’s Nearr. It’s the solo-project of Eduar Tokuyev, and the atmospheric wash atop the mix is enough for me, though the extra accents are perfectly fitting. There’s this dense warmth from the steady drum loops, with Eduard’s vocals carefully drifting through; you’ll also here a darkly tuned guitar carefully walking through it all, faintly. This song appears on his first proper LP, History Repeats Itself, which is being released by Jigsaw Records on Friday, January 20th.

Hear a New Track from Pet Milk

Well, it’s only a rough mix, says Pet Milk‘s bandcamp. But dammit if it isn’t a good one. I really love the guitar sound on this version, with the perfect bit of vocals seductively drawing you into the song’s pop realms. You’ll likely pick up on a slight bounce too, building into a slight jam, wrapped up tightly by a return to the pleasant verses the band offers. It’s interesting to hear a band in the early stages of songwriting, as I definitely hear some spots where I’d turn up the noise, but it’s equally as good to hear the bare bone version wondering where the band will go. Time will tell, or so the cliche goes.

ATX Spotlight: Another Adam Torres Gem

Adam Torres certainly is making a name for himself, and we couldn’t be happier for the work he’s bring us all. Last year he offered up Pearls to Swine to critical acclaim, introducing many to his angelic tones. He’s already back with the new I Came to Sing the Song EP, which, as I’m hoping this song illustrates, is here to let you all know the absolute power of voice. Sure, there’s light instrumentation around the strumming (is that a thump or his hand bouncing off the guitar?), though I just want Adam to sing us all to sleep. Your world is about to get a whole lot better…even more so on February 24th when his new EP hits via Fat Possum.

Relaxed Vibes from Mons Vi

This week Mons Vi gives us two new singles, one a redux edition of “Tangerine,” but I’m really stoked on the track “Away.” It’s got this really casual vibe, using a light, beach-leaning guitar chord that swirls about in your speakers. There’s a really nice touch about midway through, when another vocal balances out singer Matthew Hershoff’s voice, even countering it as the moment progresses. It’s playful, yet there’s a purpose to it that sounds confident in the song’s quality. Give a listen to the song, and check out the band for more joyous pop to wile away your day.

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