Crunchy Rocker from Shy Mirrors

shymirrorsImagine yourself listening to Superchunk really loud. It’s so loud you’ve blown your speakers out, so the sound rattles, sounding a little grittier, a little dirtier than before. Well, that’s exactly what Shy Mirrors new single sounds like, at least to my ears. They just released this brand new little blaster, a tease for those excited about the band’s new work, which is slated for a release later on in 2016. It’s a track with power, yet one with just the slightest hint of catchy hooks, so clearly I can’t turn it off. Neither will you.

Psych Vibes from Ranch Ghost

ranchghostI like a little boogie, a little shake in my psychedelia. Lucky, for me, Ranch Ghost are bringing just that to the table with their latest single. Riding cymbals and that psychedelic sound pervade, but that boogie comes with the vocals, delivered almost spastically, almost as if they’re a bouncing hiccup. I like to tune in and tune out, but I love to get down and have a little fun too, so having a track like this one on a Friday seems perfect. It’ll appear on the group’s new LP, Lookin, which comes out on July 1st via Rough Beast Records.

Fresh Single from Quiet Hollers

quietLast year I was really excited by Quiet Hollers, sharing a couple of their tunes here on the site from their debut album. Well, a few months down the road, and here we are with a brand new track from the band. I love the classic feeling of indie rock that lurks in their songs, with hints of country and folk, though done so carefully that you might not even recognize it. I’m absolutely stuck on the opening moments of the vocal entry too; it’s breath-y, yet passionate. Look for the band on the road as they continue to promote their debut and write more kick ass tracks.

Fresh Dream Pop from Mumrunner

mumrunnerYou’ve got to root for a band like Mumrunner, breaking out of the incredible, yet small, Finnish scene with their last EP. They return today with a great new song, bringing their A game. Those of the dream pop world will surely recognize the way the guitar knifes and dances around the track, creating an atmospheric realm for the listener to sit inside. Personally, I love how the group has a lot of restraint in the traditional sense of verse/chorus, instead letting their musicianship be on display throughout the track. Soliti will release this track later in the year on a new EP from the band.

Bedroom Pop from Reptaliens

reptaliensWhile initially thought this track would have fit perfectly in a John Hughes film, it’s still perfectly aligned with where a lot of music is coming from these days. There’s a natural softness to this new song from Reptaliens, subtly touching the song up with light keyboard touches and saxophone washes. I love that it just sort of hangs out there in the world, floating carefully through my ears, leaving me enchanted. I definitely dig this sound, and look forward to the band’s new EP, which is slated for release later on in July.

Join Us Tomorrow Night @ Cheer Up Charlies

showposterWe’ve gotten the word out, but we want to cordially invite you, both in and out of Austin, to join us tomorrow night at Cheer Up Charlies. We’re hosting a show with our good friends over at GTZ Records, bringing you a pretty diverse line-up of great music. The line-up includes UVH (), Midriff, Gloves INTL, Charlie Bell, Stiletto Feels and Troller. I love that we managed to get bands that all tie into one another, musically, yet none of them sound quite like the other. OH! Perhaps the best part? You can attend for the cost of FREE! A free show on a Friday at our favorite place! Read more about set times HERE, and let us known you’re coming out. Stream some jams below to get you in the mood.

Dreamy Swing Pop from Divino Nino

divinoBy now, you should be paying attention to what Native Sound is doing. They’re a new-is label, but they’ve got a pretty solid roster, including Divino Nino. The band has this dreamy swing feel to it, though not with a dance hall attitude…more like that weird kid dancing in the club by him/herself. The group has some Hispanic influences, so you can hear a little bit of tropicalia leaking into their sound, though you’ll also be really into it if you imagine Little Joy getting into a fistfight with Mac Demarco. This track will appear on the band’s new album, The Shady Sexyfornia Tapes, which will be released on May 13th.


Low Key Pop from Few Bits

fewbitsMusically I’m all over the place today, but I think this Few Bits would fit in any day in my listening rotation. There’s a dreamy quality that I don’t ever deny myself, with a sultry vocal and that lightly sparkling guitar note. For me, I think the song really takes off during the chorus, as the vocal comes across at it’s strongest and most emphatic. I appreciate that there’s no pressure in this song, no huge wall of tension I’m waiting to hear crash, just consistently pleasant vibes that I can’t escape. This song appears on the group’s new album, Big Sparks.


A Little Reggae from Max Romeo

maxI’ve got a really soft spot for reggae, especially the classic sound. It’s one of the things I like to collect most, so I’m glad to see a new album from legendary Max Romeo; it doesn’t help that he grabbed some of the Upsetters crew to help record his new album, Horror Zone. From the sound of this single, it looks like Max is taking on the traditional sound, with a few of the modern recording techniques being thrown in to keep it absolutely relevant. My favorite thing about Max? He’s been making music on his own terms for 50 + years…and there few of those great artists left. Enjoy some good classic reggae.

Thursday Night is Crazy for Austin Shows

Austin, I love you.Usually I like to pick one or two shows for the night and give you a rec, but Thursday is absolutely crazy; I guess it’s Cinco de Mayo.

You want some country? Check out Jason Boland and Plantation at 3 Ten ACL. Or Sturgill Simpson.

Little Austin punk rock? Go for Ghetto Ghouls and Nameless Frames at Beerland.

An ATH approved show? How about Rose Selavy, Mean Jolene, and Shivery Shakes at Sahara Lounge.

And don’t forget the teen friendly, Stereogum approved 1975 show at Stubbs.

You could even double dip, hitting up Luna early, then catch one of these late shows.

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