New Video from Cowtown

I’m a big fan of frivolous rock n’ roll…the let your hair down, turn the volume up and let yourself go. Seems like HHBTM Records is the same, which is why they’re putting out the upcoming Cowtown album, Paranormal Romance. I mean, the promo work asks you to imagine Deerhoof covering Devo in the vein of the Minutemen, so it’s gotta be something…artistic, spastic and high energy. The records is scheduled for a release on August 19th, and the video below should entice you, especially as the guitar squall closes the tune out!

Stream Ciggie Witch’s Classic Connection

classicconnectionIn the midst of gearing up for another Ocean Party album, a few members had time to sit down with other friends (somemembers of Totally Mild) and record the latest album from Ciggie Witch.Classic Connection is their first new work since 2014, and it’s pretty much an all encompassing of the guitar sounds of Melbourne; it’s casual and catchy, filled with pop sensibility that’s ultimately undeniable for any listener. Lost and Lonesome is handling the release, and I hope a few copies make it to my side of the pond. Enjoy your morning.

Basketball Shorts Album Release @ Cheer Up Charlies (Tomorrow)

basketballTomorrow night, I ask that our friends in Austin please do what you can to leave everything behind and just let yourself free by joining us at Cheer Up Charlies for the release of the new Basketball Shorts record, Hot and Ready. Some albums are perfect in what they bring to the table…excitement, memories, exhilaration…all present on this new release. Plus, the line-up for the show is stacked with local Austin talent: Popper Burns, Foreign Mothers and Flesh Lights. For those of you not in Austin, but looking for your favorite new album, it’s available HERE…and shipping out already!

Ezra Furman is Back with New EP

ezraIt took catching a live set from Ezra Furman for me to entirely buy into the hype surrounding his music…but now that he’s announced a new EP I’m salivating at the thought of new tunes. It’s got six new songs, one which is streaming below. I love the production work on this number, with his voice really taking control of the listener from the get-go. There’s some range from Furman, but when the accompaniment takes off, including a saxophone, the song really excels, leaving with you this infectious piece of pop music that you’re unlikely to ignore. Look for the new Big Fugitive Life EP coming in August from Bella Union.

Pleased to Meet You: The Lymbs Ready EP

lymbsSo many tracks come across my track on a daily basis, and while I claim to fawn over so many, I’ll admit that the favorite I’ve found this week is this brand new song from The Lymbs (now based in Oakland). It has this crunchy style of rock to it, stuttering at moments, before lurching forward into a full-fledged rocker. Since relocating from New Mexico, the band have been hard at work trying to get things up and running, so expect a full EP or album to come from the band in just a short span of time!


Track Premiere: Picnic Lightning Prep Debut

picnicNeed some rock n’ roll in your life? Seems like you should get involved with Texas’ act, Picnic Lightning today, just to hedge your bets. It’s interesting in listening to their first single from their debut album; you can hear traces of influences such as Thermals or Segall, but hinting at pop sensibility like Nada Surf or Death Cab. None of those things are bad, and in fact, if you can pull it off, there’s likely some success in finding the perfect intersection where those sounds are bound together, which I think is why I’ve enjoyed jamming to this song so much today. Their self-titled album will be released on September 2nd via Dreamy Life Records, so for now, just let your ears buzz with joy.

Listen to New Sat Duets Tune

satnightBetter start off today right, and seems like that’s probably best done if you get into this new track from Sat. Night Duets. Seems part casualindie rock, in the vein of Silver Jews, but part classic country-infused rock seeping through the pores. There’s just something in the vocal tones that grabs me; it’s a pretty deep tone, but sung with such calm that I find myself enchanted. The Milwaukee group are set to release their brand new record, Air Guitar, on September 16th via Father Daughter Records.

Love This New June Gloom Tune

junegloomNot sure I can stop playing this new track from June Gloom today. Those who grew up in the late 90s/early 00s will surely find some nostalgic feeling in his songwriting…pulling on touches of acts like Pinback or Built to Spill, though things are spun in a magical way that makes the tune ever present in today’s landscape. There’s something overwhelmingly warming about the track, so I hope you play it as much as I have this morning. Look for his debut, Fake Problems, which comes out via Funeral Sound Records on July 15th.

Brand New Tunes from The Crystal Furs

crystalfursNot too long ago we were introduced to the indiepoppers, The Crystal Furs, hailing from a few miles North of us in Ft. Worth. Well, they just upped two brand new tracks that I think you’re going to love…at least I do. I love “Miss Hughes” in particular, blending aspects of Camera Obscura whilst putting on a janglier touch with the guitars. It’s a wonderful way for you to start off you Monday morning. Can’t wait to see these guys finally come to Austin. Happy Monday folks.

Another Hit from The Hairs

thehairsEverything I’ve heard from The Hairs up to this point as been refreshing. His songs are filled with bits of indiepop, lo-fi bedroom and hints of power-pop, which definitely always makes me giddy. Still, like the single below, the vocals have a clarity and the song’s themselves are so catchy that it’s hard not to find the lyrics getting stuck inside your head. It’s just another great reason while you’ll find yourself singing the songs within While I Hated Life, Barbarian…it comes out today via Old Flame Records.

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