End Today with This Florist Tune

Been sort of a slow day around these parts, but wanted to wrap it up with this great new Florist tune. The band won me over with last year’s The Birds Outside Sang, and it didn’t take long to pen another lovely track (or album). I love the calming nature of this tune; it’s a subtle charmer, mostly working around the vocals and a light strum. There are some extra bits adding texture to the track from the distance, elevating the song’s quality. They’ll release If Blue Could Be Happiness on September 29th via Double Double Whammy, with a lengthy tour through September/October.

Luna Cover Mink Deville

I’m an avid Luna fan, and while its not fresh music, I’m excited to hear what one of my favorites will do with an album full of covers. Here we have the band covering Mink Deville‘s “Let Me Dream If I Want To,” an obscure tune from the classic CBGB era. While modern production might be obvious, the vibe of that era seems to be flowing through Luna; I mean, did we doubt that Dean and Co. couldn’t pull it off? Look for their collection of covers on A Sentimental Education, out September 22; there’s also a brand new EP of instrumental tunes titled A Place of Greater Safety (all recorded by Jason Quever).

New Whispertown Album Is On Its Way

In case you haven’t heard of Morgan Nagler, rest assured that many of your idols like Jenny Lewis, Conor Oberst and Gillian Welch have. Her project Whispertown just announced a new album, I’m a Man, which will come out on the first day of September via Graveface Records. I really like the slight tonal adjustments she makes mid-syllable, and while her voice attracted me from the start…it was the care to the details that really drove the message home. Strummed guitar is aided by strings, accompanying vocals and a maneuvering guitar that’s surely going to charm even the most casual listener. This one’s a winner.

Classic Guitar Pop from The Lovebirds

We’ve already raved about the previous singles from the Lovebirds, and we’re not going to back down with this new hit. They seem to have this knack for making casual guitar pop akin to the softer side of the Replacements…allowing them to sound gritty whilst still bringing in a hook or two. It feels, just listening, like they’ve got swagger too, and the fact that you can hear that through their recordings should be exciting. The band will be releasing their Filled With Hate EP on Empty Cellar Records on August 11th.

Brand New Dead Stars Track

Long have I adored Dead Stars, and I’ll continue to do so as long as they continue to push out great rockers like this new tune. They seem like they’re channeling the furious rock stylings of acts like Marked Men, though there’s a little bit more fuzz on their guitar licks. Don’t fret, as they still bring in some melodies in the chorus, teasing you with just enough of a hook to keep you listening, while walking that line of guitar rock. Good to hear these guys still at it; look for their new LP, Perfect Patterns, on September 1st.

Honeyrude Drop New Single

For all the great music in Austin, our shoegaze game has been hit or miss. I mean, we have the ridiculously solid Grivo, but now we’ve also got Honeyrude. The band dropped another new single from their forthcoming The Color Blue LP, and it’s shimmering guitar tsunami to open up the song is perfect for shoegaze and dream pop fans alike. Jess Ledbetter’s voice brings about a softness that allows for a calming beauty. Be sure to stick around for the song’s latter half, filled with guitar excursions and fading vocals. Look for the new LP via Shifting Sounds on August 18th.

You’re Going to Love Joy Cleaner

As always, Jigsaw Records quietly releases another gem into the world: Joy Cleaner‘s Total Hell. This brand new album is filled with fuzzy guitar riffs a la Teenage Fanclub or GVB, but there’s an innate playfulness that gives a lifting spirit to listeners. When you boil it down, it’s really just a great collection of guitar pop songs that slip into your subconscious as you attempt to sing along hours later. My favorite track at the moment is “Disposable Outcome,” but I haven’t skipped a single track, so that’s saying something! You’re free to grab the new album over at Jigsaw.

Bedroom Pop from Wilt

  1. Some tunes you just want to listen to in solitude, keeping them to yourself. It sounds to me like this Wilt track falls into that vein, particularly with the way the vocals are recorded…almost whispered through your speakers. There’s an accumulation of atmospherics that swirl above the guitar line in the middle, blissfully drawing you deep within the song. I kind of picture Wilt opening up for Pinback…same vibe, only softer and more introspective. Look for the debut LP Hand Mirror via Good Cheer Records on August 4th.

Check the New Small World Experience Video

  1. Just recently we were alerted to the first Small World Experience LP in a really really long time! Today we’ve got a great video from one of the album’s standout tunes, “Daily Grind.” The song itself recalls those days of no bullshit guitar pop, the sort where folks turned the mundane into the endearing (TV Personalities come to mind for some reason). That fits the video’s image too, offering a casual day in the life of our protagonist-songwriter. Soft Knocks has been released unto the world via Tenth Court/The Business, begging for you to discover its secret joys.

Sound on Sound Fest Announces Daily Lineups

They’ve given us a solid lineup. They’ve promised improved parking and lighting. They’re bringing in more transportation. And now, Sound on Sound has revealed their daily lineup schedule, in case you’re only able to have the time of your life for one day! Personally, I’d advise going early on Sunday so you can catch Growl, but hey, that’s just me. I think the headliners each night alone are worthy of your attendance. We enjoyed ourselves immensely last year, and we’re hoping we’ll run into you this year!

Grab single day tickets HERE.

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