Don’t Overlook Rose Mercie

There’s a million songs a day coming to most of us, so you’ve got to dig a little deep to find some real gems. That’s how I stumbled upon French outfit Rose Mercie, who are preparing for the release of their self-title debut. Some outlets have thrown in comparisons to the Raincoats or The Shangri-Las, and all are fair, but there’s definitely a more modern twist around here. Just listen to the guitar on the track below; its angular and spirited, but presented in a casual fashion…akin to a dozen modern acts over here in the States. If you’re hoping to find some pop music on the unique side of things, then this is where you should go. Their debut is being released by SDZ Recordsand Monofonus Press on March 2nd.

SXSW Interview: Say Sue Me

In just over a month, people from all over the world will be traveling into Austin to grab some tacos and share their music. I’m really excited to see Say Sue Me, as you never know how many chances you’ll get to see your favorite Korean pop group. For many of us, if not most of us, this will be our first chance to hear the tracks off their forthcoming album, Where We Were Together (4/13). If I had to curate a Top Ten for the festival, this group would be pretty high on my list, like a number 2 spot. We tossed them our little interview questions and they shot back with the answers below. You can hear their latest single, and see their dates down there too! Read more

Brand New Dark Blue Tune

It’s been a few years since Dark Blue dropped their last album Start of the World, and today they’re back with a brand new 7″ for 12XU Records. For nearly six minutes, the band sweep in with this huge wall of guitars crashing upon your ears, providing just a brief moment of respite near the 4.5 minute mark. It’s hard to classify the band, and while you could lump it into any number of post-whatever categories, there’s something freeing about their sound; they manage to sound huge while still seemingly playing from the back of your favorite club. The new 7″ will be released on February 23rd.

Another Delight from Olden Yolk

Olden Yolk is a name you should be familiar with already, but if you’re just catching on, be warned that this is a record that seems destined to be in a lot of conversations for the remainder of 2018. I love how we get to glimpse the band finding their sound on this album, with Shane Butler taking over vocal duties on this latest ditty…though Caity Shaffer offers some solid vocal support. I love how intricate the guitar sounds, though I’m sure that’s just my lack of musical inclination…just has something spiritual about it. Be sure to keep your eye out for the band’s self-titled debut on February 23rd via Trouble In Mind.

New Amen Dunes Tune

Amen Dunes is sinking deep into the territory of entrancing psychedelia; the latest single from the group is nothing short of an intoxicating journey deep into the caverns of your own mind. The central groove that operates behind this song seems to have roots in pop music of long ago, almost tribal in nature. Layer after layer of atmospherics and electronic pulses are laid atop that tribal mix, awaiting the slight warble of the vocals. It’s like this beautiful landscape where half the people on the lawn are listening to Spiritualized while others groove to the remnants of acid house. The band’s new album Freedom will be released on March 30th via Sacred Bones Records.

Wax Chattels Sign with Capture Tracks and Flying Nun

What more do you need to know than that simple post title? You’ve got two great labels in Captured Tracks and Flying Nun, but are Wax Chattels any good? My answer? Absolutely. For starters, there’s a frantic force pushing through your speakers, all accomplished sans guitars; the trio is nothing more than 2 piece drum kit, bass and synths. In a way, its reminiscent of early Death From Above, though this feels way more like its willing to take that sound to the limits. Energetic and noisy, yet wholly consumable by the masses. Look for the New Zealand act to be high on everyone’s list of favorites from here on out.

Premiere: Family Video Drops New Tune

You might remember a few weeks back that we dropped news that Family Video would be releasing a new album on Lost Sound Tapes; Long Time Listener, First Time Caller will be released on March 16th. The video below is for one of the standout tracks from the LP, offering listeners a glimpse of the quiet bedroom pop being crafted by J. King. The song sounds fragile, like it could break in your hands, yet the emotional appeal washes over you; it seems so personal that you almost feel like you shouldn’t be listening. I love the way the guitars pick up just before the 1:30 mark, giving an ever so slight touch of energy. Pre-Orders for the new cassette can be found HERE.


Get On This New Peach Kelli Pop

It’s time for this dreary Winter to fade away, and what better way to jump towards Spring than with a great jam. This new single from Peach Kelli Pop seems pretty fitting; it’s brief and energetic, although the lyrical content seems to have a more dire vibe. But, lets hope that the song serves as a perfect catharsis, as no one brings in the sunny pop like this group. They’ve just signed with Mint Records for the delightful new Which Witch EP…hitting stores on RSD everywhere.

A New Eleanor Friedberger Track

I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of hearing new songs penned by Eleanor Friedberger. She’s just announced a new record titled Rebound, and she’s taken a different approach to the songwriting this round. Instead of working with her band, she’s crafted all the music herself, using samples and programmed drums to flesh out the sounds. I feel like she’s always pushing her songwriting in different directions, so it’ll be interesting to see how the entirety of the new LP shapes out…this is a pretty good first entry if you ask me. Look for the new record to drop on May 4th via Frenchkiss Records.

Jonathan Bree Gets You Ready for Valentine

Not in the mood for Valentine’s Day? Fair enough, and artist Jonathan Bree seems to be in the same boat with his new video for “Valentine.” The lyrics favor getting to know someone over trite things associated with valentines candy hearts. Seems an important message, but more to the point, I continue to marvel at Bree’s musical accomplishments. The production on this track is pretty minimal, with simple percussion, and short little guitar to fill in the space behind Bree’s voice. Of course, there’s a nice chorale group backing him up as well, which provides a nice juxtaposition to Jonathan’s natural bass vocal tones. Lyrically, musically and visually, Jonathan Bree is ever-charming; his new album Sleepwalking will be out on May 4th via Lil Chief Records.

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