Stream Stand by Your Bill from Big Bill

We’re really happy for our friends in Big Bill who have released their debut LP Stand By Your Bill into the world today. Long favored by Austinites in search of something different in their punk rock, the band step up their game with their best collection of songs to date; I’d buy this LP for the opener alone. But, they’re not a one-trick pony, as songs like “Baby Go Wah” illustrate, offering up a slow burning homecoming dance number. If you’ve got a minute, give it a spin or two or three!

New Best Friend Music

Best Friend already has one EP under their belt for 2017, so why not bookend the year with another great collection of pop tunes? This is a short number, with quick percussive work pacing the track while careful little synth lines dance about. Vocals come in like puffs of smoke, just faintly floating in the distant mix. It’s an interesting take, a combination of dream pop and dancey club rhythms. Of course, if someone’s putting out great music, you’d expect Beko Disques to be involved; they’ll release ZZZZAP on November 28th.

Stream the Debut LP from Odd Hope

Ever since I first heard Odd Hope, I wanted to share it with people. But, until recently there have only been a handful of tunes floating about…until today…you can now string the debut LP in its entirety. While the more spirited numbers are always appealing, like “We Belong” or “Come On Down if You Want To,” there are still some more subdued tunes within that really emphasize the songwriting ability of Tim Tinderholt. If you like your pop music written for no one, then this is perfect for every one. The self-titled LP will be available from Fruits and Flowers on December 1st.

Upbeat Number from Fascinations Grand Chorus

Fascinations Grand Chorus have a full-length in the works, but in the meantime they wanted to drop a little EP for your pleasure. “When You’re Mine” looks back at classic pop music with Stephanie coming across like the best of the doc-wop era. That being said, the keyboard line that drives this song is catchy as all get out, and really sets the tone for the track. Sure, the song’s lighthearted, but the depth of the studio work illustrates that they’ll surely be more than a one-trick pony. Indulge your sweet tooth with this one; look for the Anglesea EP on December 8th via Silent Stereo.

Show Preview: Shana Falana @ Cheer Up Charlies – TONIGHT

In 2016 Shana Falana released the most excellent Here Comes the Wave, and still riding high on the release; the band heads into Austin this evening at Cheer Up Charlies. You’ll get a steady dose of female-fronted dream-pop, akin to Wax Idols or Frankie Rose. They’ll be joined by several Austin acts, with our own Blushing joining the ranks of Lake of Fire and Angry Beige to round out the bill put together by the Nothing Song. The tune below is still my favorite Shana Falana tune off the last record…such a gem. See ya’ll tonight!

Another Tune from Hovvdy

Austin’s kicking some ass this week…Marmalakes, Loma, Little Mazarn and now another track from Hovvdy. This one is another slow burner, akin to the early 00s post rock scene…think of a weird meld between American Football and Bedhead. It’s impressive how they take the most relaxed approach; this song burns like a smoldering fire, warm but always seemingly near its end. Each continued play only brings the song nearer to you, giving you a gift you’ll take with you for the foreseeable future. They’ll release Cranberry on February 9th via Double Double Whammy.

Delightful Pop from Tea Leigh and Luke Reed

It’s been a good amount of time since Tea Leigh and Luke Reed have worked together, but both have kept fairly busy on their own. That being said, their reunion leaves listeners salivating for more. Tea Leigh works her voice carefully into the picture, softly stepping her toes into the pop pool crafted by Reed. There’s this light guitar bit that prominently pokes its head out, before slinking back to let Leigh take her place at the front of the mix, keeping you drifting along. Perhaps the line “it’s never too late, you will return to me” leaves us with a hint that the two will continue their songwriting partnership…we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Stunning Number from Little Mazarn

Lindsey Verrill, aka Little Mazarn, has been an intricate part of the Austin music community for some time, and today she steps out into the big world with a remarkable number. It’s stark from the offset, the careful work of her banjo, and accompanying saw/strings, leaving space for her celestial vocal performance. Each pluck resonates in your stereo, an echo of beauty that leaves room for Verrill’s voice to do the same. Subtly charming, emotionally powerful, you won’t be able to pull yourself away from the depths of this fine tune. Look for her self-titled album on December 16th via Self Sabotage Records; she’ll have a release show at Central Presbyterian Church with Twain on 12/15!

Another Ditty from The Golden Boys

The Golden Boys will be releasing Better Than Good Times this Friday via 12XU, and just to be sure you’re tuned in, they’ve dropped one last single before the record hits the stores. Perhaps the best compliment you can pay the band on this run is that they don’t fit neatly into some niche genre. Instead, they employ solid rock n’ roll foundations, filling in the space with a rolling electronic organ and a traditional verse/chorus/jam/chorus structure; it’s the execution and the natural hook that brings your ear closer to the speakers as slight toe tapping occurs beneath your desk. The band will be hitting up End of an Ear Friday, with a larger release party the following night at Barracuda.

Indiepop from The Keep Left Signs

Out of nowhere comes the announcement of the debut LP from The Keep Left Signs, a band comprised of members of The Mare and The Electric Pop Group…both who’ve made it onto our pages previously. It’s a sign that, yet again, Shelflife has its finger on the pulse of great indiepop vibes; the sound crafted here is pretty much the staple of every great indiepop hit this year. It features lightly jangling guitars, steady percussive bounce and vocals that always seem to wear a touch of longing. It’s remarkable in that it’s not overly remarkable; it’s crafted with melodies that endure, and if you get your hands on this super-limited release, then I’m sure you’ll agree with that sentiment. It’s titled Tomorrow, and it sees a release on December 8th.

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