Win Tickets to Okkervil River!!!

This Wednesday night, Okkervil River is returning to town to play songs from their newest album, Away (and I assume so old classics as well). They’ll be playing at the Parish with Landlady and Corvette Summer. You can go the old fashioned way and get a pair of tickets right HERE…or, you can play along and WIN A FREE PAIR OF TICKETS!

All you need to do is leave a comment with your favorite song. If your favorite song is my favorite song, you’ll win the pair of tickets! Contest ends at 10 AM day of the show!

ACL Festival Preview: Lucy Dacus

lucyACL Festival is this weekend, and while a great deal of the acts are well-known, the fest is still scoring some great acts on the undercard, like Lucy Dacus. She’s been writing some incredible songs that seem to have gone about rather quietly, which is unfortunate, for you. Matador Records released No Burden earlier this year, and it’s filled with these tracks that take personal recordings, and expand them into something wholly intoxicating. I mean, just listen to “I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore,” and tell me that you’re not rushing to find out more about her. I included the track below to do some of the work for you. And while you’re all about Radiohead this week, don’t forget you paid to see tons of tunes, so schedule yourself some time at 2:30 over on the BMI Stage on Saturday.

Here’s New Tunes from Temples

templesI’ll got out on a limb and say that I thought Temples were an excellent act; I even think I would choose them over Tame Impala (as both rose to fame at similar times). Now, the band is back with a new tune, though this seems to be in that world where their psych influences crash into the pop sensibility of Yoshimi-era Flaming Lips. That’s not entirely a bad thing, as I can get behind both bits, but there’s a bit of dialing it in. We’ll see how the entirety of their new forthcoming album shapes up, but for now, I’m straddling the fence on this new stuff.

Brand New Dark Blue

darkblueartSeems like just a bit ago that wewere introduced to Dark Blue, and they’re gearing up for the release of their new album, Start of the World. I’m rather impressed with this new single, as the guitar’s bring on a slightly heavy discord, chords screeching out every so often. The vocals, however, hold onto the group’s penchant for pop sensibility, offering up a deep croon discussing a lover’s lament. I like the fact that they’re not trying to fit into any modern mold, just offering up a tried and true formula of heavy guitar pop. Look for the new LP on November 4th from 12XU.

ATX Spotlight: New Music from RF Shannon

I’ve been a fan of RF Shannon since I caught wind of their work via Punctum Records, and now Shane Renfro ismoving forward with thebrand new Other Trails EP. Perhaps one of my favorite things about the project is that it consistently acknowledges the influence of Texas, be it in the sound, or the imagery, like in the video below. You get a bit of both here, which is just another reason to keep an eye on all the work that’s promised to be on its way; not to mention that there’s always this level of thoughtfulness streaming from RF Shannon releases. I don’t really need to say more than that you’ll enjoy this tune, and probably the EP when it’s released on October 21st via Keeled Scales.

New Track from Ari Roar

ariroarThis is probably not the way that Ari Roar wants his music described, but as I play his latest track, I can’t help but to imagine myself inserting it into the background of some glorious new Wes Anderson film. It’s not quite folk music, it’s not quite classic rock or even pop, yet all those places are touched carefully as this song progresses playfully. If there’s such a thing as a perfect bit of pop music, I’d reckon this tune is pretty damn well near that. It’ll appear on the new Patch Me Up EP being released via Golden Brown today!

Drifting Pop from Bartholin

ddOh Friday mornings. Somehow, we’re all looking towards the weekend, sometimes it’s all that consumes us. For me, this Bartholin has my mind wondering to what’s ahead, what hides beyond the horizon. It’s the new project of ATH fave Drew Danburry and Cat Leavy, building on a steady drip of pop. The opening moments are pleasant enough, as each breathy vocal turns, but I wasn’t sold completely until after the 2 minute mark where the vocals soar, met with backing accompaniment…and now, I just can’t wait to hear what else the two have in store. They’ll be releasing a self-titled EP next Friday, so keep your ears peeled.

Premiere: New Track from JoJo Worthington

jojo_wyebridgeIf you’re seeking out a bit of light pop music in your day, then perhaps you’ll want to sit down with this piece from JoJo Worthington. It’s built around her voice, or at least it seems as such during the opening moments; it erupts into this pounding drum roll with electronic stabs that build loudly in your speakers…eventually settling down to make way for Worthington’s dreamy voice. The tune ebbs and flows, rises and falls, swelling with pop in your eardrums. You’ll want to keep your ears out for more tunes from JoJo going forward, and grab her latest tape from Epoch Tapes.

More Short Pop from Tony Molina

tonymolina_promo-compressedIt’s great that so many people are taking notice of Tony Molina as he gears up for his latest release; it’s always good to see people who deserve it finally win some fans. That being said, his new work, continues to surprise me. It’s not the brevity, as that’s always been his staple, but rather the gentle quality of the tunes themselves. I almost envision them as perfectly crafted demos, written quietly over quick spurts of beautiful creativity. But, if it’s a good tune you’re after, then it’s a good tune you’ll get by pressing play. Look for the Confront the Truth EP on October 28th from those Slumberland cats.

Catching Up to Static Animal

Our friend from Sports Day Records passed this tune from Static Animal our way just the other day, and I was running behind in life, so there’s no excuse for running great tunes. It’s a relaxed vibe throughout, letting the mood and the trickling dance of the guitar carry you away to your happy place. I like the subtle little switches in lead guitar that add a vibrant layer to the track whilst the vocals carefully sit in the backseat. The label will be releasing a limited run of cassettes (as well as digital) of the new EP tomorrow, so hurry and grab it while you can.

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