Supercrush Announce SODO Pop

Supercrush is a super group of sorts, crafted from folks who spent the majority of their time in metal/punk acts…but here they’re going pop! Honestly, while I know they’re looking to make SODO Pop this classic power-pop sound, and it is such, it also kind of reminds me of those grunge pop bands of the mid 90s like Ash or Superdrag. What you get on this vision is a little bit more guitar solo and a touch more brevity, trying to pack this huge punch in a succinct tune…and, of course, its fun! Don Giovanni will drop SODO Pop on October 9th.

Rock n’ Recipes: Rules


We’re nearly 3/4 of the way through what has been a crazy ride of a year, and for me, I’ve really delved into two things, cooking and music. Cooking for my family, just for joy and taking up time, and music for my solace. So, I thought why not combine the two with a new feature we could run…highlight some great music and some great food. We begin this journey by reaching out to Sarra Keppola of Rules; we talk about the band’s debut LP, literature and, of course, her recipe for Overnight Focaccia. They release their self-titled album this Friday via Soliti Music! Read more

Pop Filter Share Not Listening to the Same Thing

This Friday we’ll all be able to take on the joy of the debut LP from Pop Filter, but before we get there, the band dropped one more tune to tease the release. In my mind, this is exactly what I expected when I first heard about this band forming; a steadying blend of the best in casual pop listening. It’s charming in its unassuming nature, careful to never step too far into world, yet happily bubbling along with these delightful melodies. The group joining in unison just after the 2 minute mark is just one such treat…a little pop nugget you can put in your pocket on your way out the door. Banksia is out Friday!

Metayouth Drops Speech Balloon in June

Didn’t want the world to think I’d gone completely soft, so when I stumbled upon this little rocker from Metayouth, I was totally ready to just post it for you. The track’s just this heavy riff working on tearing through the fabric of your speakers. Put your ear close, that’s not the only thing tearing through, as you can hear singer Dakota tearing through the wall of noise to offer up just the faintest dose of pop sensibility. It kind of feels like the whole world is full of promise, like we’re just all here pushing forward to tomorrow. Feel free to leave the rest of this shitty year in the rearview and push ahead with this jammer!

Single Lash Drop New Single

Some bands just magically come across like they’re too big for the stage; they seem cinematic…and that’s the case with the work of Austin’s Single Lash. Sure, you could file them under shoegaze/dream pop, but there always seems like their sound is beyond mere classifications. Nicolas’ voice, for starters, has this sweeping dramatics, though the slight quivers also make him seem vulnerable; both gentle and brave. This tune also is filled with these ever so slight shifts, brimming on the verge of becoming a wall of noise, but with enough restraint to bring it back and focus on the work at hand. Just dropping this here because I love love love this band.

The Hannah Barberas Drop Fallow Days EP

Hasn’t been too long since the Hannah Barberas dropped Into the Wild, but they return with a brand new set of songs that I figured you indiepop fans are going to want on your radar. The four song Fallow Days EP was recorded during the lockdown, and the band are generously giving all proceeds to the Lewisham Foodbank. The lead single is appropriately jangling in all the right spots, with some great emphatic bounce from the keys, getting you to tap your toes as you try to sing along with Lucy’s melodic vocals. But, both hook-laden and timely, I suggest you also stop in with “W.Y.E.,” Which I’m sure we’ll all relate to almost immediately. One of the best indiepop acts of the moment, so get on it will ya?!

Later Nader Drops On My Way

Kind of got get out of the weekend headspace, and this track from Houston’s Later Nader definitely feels like you’re crawling out of your cave, still in a fog. It’s got that sort of bedroom production, which makes sense considering that’s where Nader Ibrahim is crafting his tunes. There’s this perfect escapism in his work, at least if you’re into this track. Still, he’s able to kind of lock you in with his vocals, kind of tethering the voice to your soul as the atmosphere circles up behind you. Get out of bed and into the music below…and if you dig, it’s NYP on Bandcamp!

Jupiter Sprites Announce Holographic LP

As I continue to stay mostly locked inside my house with my family, I’ve definitely adjusted, embracing musical pieces that encourage calm and wonderment. Such is the new pieces accompanying the announcement of Olympia’s Jupiter Sprites new LP, Holographic. In the presser for this one, the band share a story that forced them to go back and peel back layers of texture in the track in order to come to this final version. For me, it seems they hit the perfect note, as it’s got just enough elements blanketing the track to give it a hint of mystery, but never coating the song’s pop tendencies; it’s unassuming in nature, but not passive…more of a subtly captivating number that takes over your headspace as you gaze into your crystal ball of the world. Holographic drops October 16th.

Matthew Shaw Shares Lucky

I’m not going to lie, I’ve bee listening to a lot of the Postal Service of late; it just hits the right notes for my anxiety. But, as I listened to this new track Matthew Shaw, it kind of reminded me of a similar style. The beats aren’t too heavy-handed, so they don’t intrude too much on the natural vocal melody. Plus, as the track progresses, you get a little more layering, kind of like stacking electronic bricks until you’ve built this perfect little pop house for everyone to enjoy. Fun little way to kickstart your Friday, and pop you into the weekend!

Emma Kupa Shares Nawlins Video

If you’ve been following Emma Kupa since Standard Fare hung things up, then chances are you’ve likely heard live versions of “Nawlins.” But, with It Will Come Easier not too far away from the official release date, we finally get a lovely recorded version. I’ve listened to previews of this record quite a bit, and the strumming style and various accompaniment make this tune one of the immediate standouts, particularly when backed up against the stunning “No Easy Way Out.” That initial strum caught me instantly, filled with the accent of shakers and banjo; be weary of the chorus, as once those backing vocals get their hooks in you, you’re not getting away! Honestly, I think the soloing guitar is a nice touch; it kind of adds that light twist that shows a willingness to maybe throw something else in the genre’s mix. The LP drops September 18th via Fika Recordings/Palo Santo Records.

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