Stream Love Sport’s And Justice for All LP

Helsinki four-piece Love Sport are no stranger to these pages, particularly with their latest batch of rocking singles. But, today we’ve got more than singles, we’ve got the whole album for you to stream before it’s official release this Friday! While “The Biggest Liar in Town” introduces the record with the group’s own brand of alternative rock, they’re not here looking back to the good ol’ days, instead channeling a “vision of four friends playing music together.” My standout favorite was “Life’s a Joke” at the beginning; it kind of reminds me of the Men if they were to bring on more of a pop flavor. “Keying Cars” was a nice little twist too, tossing in this slow burning ballad that brims with pop sensibility. Walking away, “Giant Hoof” might also be my favorite jam…those guitars falling off the tracks, only to be reined in by the vocals! And Justice for All has a little something for everybody! Look for the record Friday via Soliti Music.

BILK Drop I Got Knocked Out the Same Night England Did

Been kind of treading water mentally as of late, so I kind of just wanted a carefree rocker that kicks in some energy, which is one of the reasons I’m jamming on this new track from BILK. First, I’ll be honest, I was drawn to the single because of its nod to one of my favorite soccer players ever, Sir Bobby Charlton. Second, the track’s just a fury of British affectation and gritty guitar; lyrically it also touches on fanaticism in football, as the narrator still aligns his own misfortune with that of the English team in the World Cup. Fun little jam, this.

Dialup Ghost Ready Empty Houses LP

I really enjoyed I’m Fine, I’m Fine, the debut LP from Tennessee’s Dialup Ghost, but they’ve been relatively quiet the last few years…until recently when they announced Empty Houses. When I listen to their stuff, I tend to think of bands like the Glands or maybe a touch of Elf Power; there’s hints of americana-tinged pop, though they’re kind of obscured by the distinctive approach to the vocals. In the first song below, you get this slow burning brood, almost like a steady stomp through college rock nostalgia. In the second, you get this sort of bedroom fuzz, akin to maybe Elvis Depressedly, only this one calls the “yups” (we can relate!). Their new LP is out on July 3rd.

Popular Music Share Holding Out for a Hero

Admittedly, I hadn’t thought about Parenthetical Girls for quite some time. That’s not to say that I wasn’t entirely obsessed around the release of Privilege, but its been a minute. Now it seems that Zac Pennington has formed a new project with Prudence Rees-Lee named Popular Music. The duo are reimagining hit songs from the 20th century, though they’re doing remix versions take on an entirely different feel than you’re likely to find in the originals. Here you get this dark wave version of the Footloose classic “Holding Out for a Hero;” I dug it so thought you should give it a listen. They’ll release their debut LP Popular Music Plays in Darkness at some point this year!

Dig Nitty Share Lomita

Brooklyn’s Dig Nitty have something really special going on here, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t give the band’s first single a little shout out. Musically, this song offers a sort of casual mesh of surf and garage rock; guitars just on the border of jangling, ringing out as the rhythm section gives the track a nice little bounce. Of course, you’ll also hear a dreamy wash coating the track, mostly due to the soothing voice of Erin McGrath; she initially formed the band with Reggie Bender after the two met working at Shea Stadium. This little ditty is worthy of the two minutes you’ll spend steaming below. Their debut LP Reverse of Mastery will be out via Exploding in Sound on July 24th.

Please to Meet You: The Electorate

Imagine finding a band that references Built to Spill and Fugazi, yet sounds like the Wedding Present fronting a pop band? That’s precisely what I got when I first pressed play on this single from the forthcoming LP from The Electorate. I immediately fell in love with the energy from the start; it’s propelling your forward, carefully nodding towards its own pop sensibility. The guitars are heavy and jangling, sounding like the strings are loose as the trio furiously push the track forward; its such a killer sound that I can’t get enough of at the moment. This song appears on the group’s brand new album You Don’t Have Time to Stay Lost, out soon via Templebear Records.

Slow Pop from Eccentric BlaBla

The great thing about falling in love with a label like Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten is that you generally know that even when they take a left turn, you’re going to find something new and rewarding. Enter Eccentric BlaBla, from Augsburg. They definitely have a pop lineage, which is more than clear when you listen to this tune, but I was most attracted to the jazzier underbelly of the track. I felt like I was in some lounge sipping a martini while two magnificent voices dueled with one another, and I didn’t mind…not one bit. No word on the exact sort of release, but I have a feeling something wickedly good this way comes.

BOAT Share Loneliness Kills Video

I’m not sure if you’ve been on the ball and grabbed the Tread Lightly album from BOAT as of yet, but in case, I feel like this song might push you over the edge. Like all things during this pandemic, the video represents the lives of the band members under isolation, which, oddly, ties into the thematic element of the track. But, if I had one track to offer you from this record, I think this would be the one you’d love the most! From the cruising guitars to the way the vocals rise and soar in the verses; this is what it would sound like if the Beach Boys were super into pushing out power-pop hits for the masses. If you dig, the album’s available from Magic Marker Records today!

Steven Adams and the French Drops Share New Video

There’s a brand of bouncing indie folk with a twist of pop that I’m quite partial too, and it seems like Fika Recordings always has their finger on the style, like Steven Adams and the French Drops. It’s the latest project for Adams, who led the Broken Family Band throughout the 00s, and man if this song’s not a charmer. I mean, you can’t ignore the natural energy swinging through, playing atop that bouncing piano and the joyous choruses involving Adams’ own children backing him up. The video features a bunch of great friends all filming themselves celebrating the nap during quarantine, with several other Fika labelmates like Darren Hayman. This song appears on Keep It Light, which will drop in August!

Winter Drop Here I Am Existing

It took me exactly 19 seconds to fall totally in love with this new track from Winter. The song started with just a slight atmosphere over a simple beat, but then it twisted in with these shiny guitars all angling and jangling in the wind. Samira wraps her vocals around the track, coating it in this dreaminess that takes you out of your body as you twirl and lose yourself in the song’s middling interlude. Things settle back into their groove as the track comes to its closing minute, shimmering in this sort of cacophony psychedelia. This song appears on her forthcoming LP titled Endless Space (Between You & I), which is out July 24th via Bar None Records.

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