Check Another Sam Turner and the Cactus Cats Tune

Houston’s Sam Turner and the Cactus Cats just dropped Wanna Be Your Man, and to guarantee it gets the much needed attention we wanted to point you towards one of my favorite tracks on the album, “Hold Me Love Me.” This track has that growling country vibe, filled to the brim with swagger and stomp. I love the crisp feel of the guitar in the front of the mix, not to mention the feeling that the band are having a huge amount of fun writing these songs (hear those howls). Still, it’s ultimately a love song, and be it indiepop or country-stomp, I’m a sucker. You can grab the album from Roofus and Friends or stream it on Spotify.

Did You Hear Yesterdays Frankie Rose Hit

We’ve long been fans of the various phases of Frankie Rose‘s career, and though we’re late to the game on this one, we can still appreciate great music when its out there. Fans will notice the sci-fi leanings of the video, which is said to be a huge influence on Rose’s new release, Cage Tropical. This song is pushing forward at all times, rhythmically seducing you while Frankie does her best to draw you in with a dreamy vocal smoke. You’ll find this is the perfect blend of pop music and creativity, guaranteeing that her new LP is destined for year end lists; look for the release on August 11 via Slumberland/Grey Market.

Power Pop from Wesley Fuller

Australian power-pop anyone? If you know me, you knew I’d jam this one with that tag-line alone. Luckily for Wesley Fuller he seems to have the chops to pull it off with his latest hit. This is what pop music has always sounded like; it’s filled with crisp guitar chords and banging drums built around the song’s hook. Fuller’s got a pretty pristine voice too, allowing him to cut through your ears with insatiable sugar; I mean that little keyboard solo and that semi-New Pornographers nod? Look for his debut album Inner City Dream to drop on September 22nd via 1965 Records.


Stream the Black Beach/Nice Guys Split 7″

It’s high time I get back on the rock n’ roll saddle, and what better way than to share this Split 7″ between Nice Guys and Black Beach. On the Nice Guys side of things, you have the band blasting out this frantic punk rock, akin to The Reatards; it’s so energetic you feel like the band’s always on the edge of losing themselves…in the best way possible. “Pissin Dirty” is my favorite of their four tracks. Flip it over and you’ve got Black Beach. They offer up slightly longer songs, with an unabashed sense of smashing through your speakers. That being said, they also have some delicate chords like those that appear in “Fever Dreamin,” going along nicely with the balance between abrasive howls. Burner Records will release the 7″ tomorrow…don’t be scared, rock n’ roll is good for ya.

New Sleeping Bag Jam

Ray and I are huge Sleeping Bag fans, so it’s always nice to see a band we’ve enjoyed for some time still going hard at it. They’ve just announce a new record, Wet, which will come out on August 11th. Guitar and vocals drive the song, with an extra riff echoing angularly in the far off distance. While I really like is that hook comes from the repeated “doin’ it alone” line during the chorus, rather than building up some sonic wall towards a climax; the band holds it steady throughout…so no cliche indie rocker here. Keep it up lads.

Playful Summer Pop from Crepes

Australia is home to the great bands, and added to the mix recently is the work of Crepes. They’ve been relatively quiet since 2015, but here they are bouncing their way with this playful sun pop that recalls the hook-laden singles of Woods; it’s nostalgic, yet rooted in the present with the various layers of tinkering synths and vocals. This is the best sort of pop in the summer time, both warm and groovy, which continues to build my expectations for the band…they promise to have a full length LP coming our way real real soon.

The Fresh & Onlys Return

It’s been quite some time since we’ve had an official release from The Fresh & Onlys, despite getting lots from Tim Cohen and Wymond on solo projects. In my mind, the band are moving further and further away from their psych sound, which isn’t all bad, if you’re asking. Sounds like the band have sort of a rolling rock thing going, kicking out energy, though not going to heavy on the riffs; imagine a softer side of Terry Malts and you’ll get what I’m hearing. Wolf Lie Down is the band’s new record, and it comes out on August 25th via Sinderlyn.

Go Listen to the Suss Cunts EP

Suss Cunts first caught my ear with their playful video for “Shit Friend” that ran a month or so ago. Now, you lucky friends in search of some bouncing rock n’ roll can go ahead and stream the band’s brand new EP. “Shit Friend” is definitely a stunning track, especially once the band locks into the groove, but I’m remaining partial to “Sweater Vest;” its got a slight jangle to it, but also this brattiness or fuckall attitude that really gets you…but dammit if the chorus hook of “Julianne” isn’t just as spot on! The EP is now available from Emotional Response.

Chelsea Wolfe Announces New Album

Those of you expecting Chelsea Wolfe to keep releasing the same old album are going to be in for a shock when you give this new single a listen. Musically, it still has that darkness…drawing connections to her past work, but the accompanying band brings in something different. Crashing cymbals, walls of distortion and heavy almost sounds like she’s channeling Deftness, but with her own haunting voice drifting through in a ghostly fashion. Her new album is titled Hiss Spun, and it’s always great to see her continue to push her music, so we accept nothing but further success. Sargent House will release the new album on September 22nd.

Pop Balladry from Suntrodden

I’m not afraid to cover more Suntrodden tunes, especially when he’s slightly toying with his sound, such as he does on this new ballad. While previous tracks have been filled with harmonies and careful guitar work, this song roams atop a sullen piano backbone. Then on the song’s latter half the guitar is slightly more pronounced, percussive elements are layered and then there’s the airy voice of Erik Stephansson winning in the end! Pretty sure III is going to be another release welcomed by my ears…look for it on June 30th.

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