New Hit from Pema

It’s Friday folks. It’s early and you needed to pick it up. Well, I figured you could listen to this new hit from our friend Alex, who currently is working under her Pema moniker (she’s also in Austin group Alex Napping). There’s this pulse that brings the song in, with extemporaneous beeps and bloops layered in to maximize the hook factor. I love the way Alex plays with the syllables in her vocal delivery in the song’s late middle, before putting in a final stomp to groove you to the end. Pema will release Bad Habits on May 4th via Topshelf Records.

Synth Pop from Coastal

For awhile now I’ve been on the heels of Discos de Kirlian, the Spanish label specializing in delighting fans with great indiepop. In fact, the label is responsible for Skittle Alley, which has graced these little web pages; that remains important because Fanou is the writer behind Coastal. There’s a debut in the works, and the understated beauty of this tune is perfect for indiepop and electronic fans alike; you can hear the textural work behind the song, made perfect by the softness in the presentation of the vocals. As of today, the whole Voyage Interieur album is available, so feel free to enjoy it over HERE!


Another Track from Wax Chattels

Up until now, I felt like I had New Zealand’s Wax Chattels pegged; the band offered a heavy hitting blend of noisy rock, sans guitars. Now, they’ve unleashed this dense new track from their forthcoming LP, and while it surely holds some of the noisier elements, the opening 2 minutes reveals a soft belly that I wasn’t expecting. Amanda Cheng haunts this tune, letting her voice drip all over, even when the band begin punishing your ears with electronic noise and pounding rhythm section. I like a band that can stretch their sound, and I’m always a sucker for a group on Flying Nun/Captured Tracks; their self-titled debut drops May 18th.

New Ty Richards Tune Drops

I’ve really been enjoying the work of Ty Richards on the cycle for his newest album, Welcome to Flat Earth. He employs these simple little hooks, but on this song, he seems to stretch it out just beyond reason, crafting a wonky vibe that’s both captivating and odd. For me, perhaps the greatest compliment I can pay his work is that he really seems to be having a blast on everything he’s touched…that’s infectious for folks like me who try to listen with close ears. That new album will drop on April 20th, with a local Austin release show at Mosaic Sound Collective.

Charming Pop from Cool Sounds

There’s a new EP from Cool Sounds floating around today with a few tracks they had laying around after finishing up their second LP. I’d listen to this EP on the strength of the opener alone; I love the harmonies in the vocals, and the sax fits right into the vibe. And while I enjoy these four tracks, I’m stuck on the feels with the final tune, “Grudge.” While the pop sensibility is prevalent, the track almost wobbles due to the production, muddying up the polish and churning out an intoxicating mood that will have you spinning the track over and over. If these are the songs leftover from the sessions on LP 2, then we’re in for something brilliant. For now, enjoy these tunes.

Wimps Return with Poppy Rocker

You imagine folks get bored playing the same old sound, which is great for Wimps, as the band continue to evolve sonically. They’ve just recently announced they’ll be releasing Garbage People via Kill Rock Stars this summer, and our first listen still has the band brandishing their same frantic rock sound…though they’ve turned up the infectiousness quite a bit. Rachel’s voice naturally grabs the listener on this track while the guitar work pushes the song forward emphatically…and in the end it almost feels like we’re spinning out of control, until they settle in to close the song out. The new record will be released on July 13th, so mark your calendar for something fun!

Nu.mber Back On My Radar

Nu.mberwere one of the group’s high on my list of anticipated acts this past SXSW, and I was able to catch them on several occasions. Those performances were solid, albeit a bit noisy, and in that, we turn to the recorded material where you can hear just a slight bit more of the band’s nuance. For instance, on this new single, you can hear little textured layering of keyboards working behind the drum, almost crafting an atmospheric wash while the song pushes forward. It’s a brooding bit, definitely giving care to the melodic structure, and the backing vocal is perfectly placed to enhance the listening. The band will drop Goodbye on May 25th via Felte.

Premiere: Thanks Light Ready Terrifire

In exactly one month, you’ll all be able to get your hands on the new LP from Austin’s Thanks Light, but before we get you there, we’re here to share one of the singles off the record. This number has this innate bounce to it, particularly during the verses as the guitars give off a bit of a shuffling chugga-chugga. Personally, I like some of the spaces between verses, where the guitars seem to crest and fall down as the cymbals crash in your speakers. Another Austin band with a knack for writing catch pop rock tunes; look for Terrifire on May 11th via Enjoy Ears Records.

Spend Five Minutes with Indridi

From time to time you get struck by something special, something that comes back for you time and time again, which is precisely the case with this brand new number from Indridi. He opens the space through the first minute with careful plucking over a distant ring, setting a mood for solitude. His vocals enter the picture, with varying emphasis on pronounced syllables; it almost comes across as broken, giving the impression of a fragile narrator. Seemingly, the tune builds and builds, but there’s a quiet restraint rather than a forced barrage of noise; it’s thoughtful in the best way, fading out of your mind ever so gently. Look for his new album, Ding Ding, via figureeight on May 18th.

Fresh Michael Rault Tune

I’m really digging Michael Rault‘s new work as of late, particularly this brand new single. In the past, I was most impressed by his songwriting and talent…in regards to guitar. This round, it’s all about the way he’s polished that voice to be as impactful in the songwriting as his guitar work. From start to finish this tune is like a soft lounge tune, relaxed in presentation and in the vibes it gives the listener. Just a stellar bit of pop songwriting that hopefully brings more fans his way; look for his new LP It’s a New Day Tonight via Wick Records on May 18th.

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