Lens Mozer Makes Pop Music for All of Us

You ever turn on a song, and immediately you want to call up your pal and ask them to turn on the same track? I bet if you listen to this new Lens Mozer you’ll probably think the same thing; you better get your phone out to text them before you press play below. There’s just something about it, something that makes you feel like you’re cruising down some coastal highway with your hair flying behind you in the wind, no worries on your mind and a huge grin across your face. We’ve all been looking for that type of song forever, and now we’ve got it. You’ll find this tune on Don’t Stop, which drops in January via Plastic Jurassic.

Gorgeous Bully Drop New Single

Ryan and I have been fans of Gorgeous Bully for awhile now, and I know that we’ve both really been looking forward to hearing the entirety of Closure. While we’re still a few days away from its release, the band has shared this fuzzed out pop banger. The opening rift has this driving energy that sort of creates this casual head bob, matched by the pounding rhythm section. When the vocals come in, they craft this heavier dreamy vibe, washing over the entirety of the track to create more pop sensibility. Plus, you can’t ask for more from a band when they promise “I’ll be true/I’ll be kind.” Probably one of my favorite things coming out of the UK the last few years; grab your new LP HERE from Breakfast Records.

Moving Panoramas Share Texas Blues

With a new LP on the horizon, it would make sense that we’d be sharing one of those new tunes from Moving Panoramas. But, this world often makes little sense, so today you’re lucky to listen to “Texas Blues,” a brand new track the Austin outfit recorded for Walker Lukens Election Confessional and sponsored by Modern Outsider and the Texas Democratic Party; the project brings songwriters and politicians together, raising funds and awareness in the process; all tracks are being mixed by Jim Eno of Spoon. The group composed the song in a short hour after talking with Julie Nitsch (Board of Trustees Place 9) for an hour, then recording it all in an hour (3 hours tops!). Copies of the LP can be procured HERE, but let’s talk about the song. Of late, the band have filled the spaces with textured artistic flourishes, but on this number, the band allow for the track to mellow in its own vast expanse; it serves as a breeding ground for the vocal harmonies shared between Leslie Sisson and Cara Tillman. Lyrically, you get the sense that Leslie, and Julie, truly understand the plight of being a voter in Texas…apathy, anger and yet looking for that ray of hope on the distant horizon. Here’s to that, here’s to Tuesday and here’s to helping ‘us cure these Texas Blues.’

Give Unicorns at Heart a Listen

The end of the year is list time, so new tunes are pushed back, and I’m just out here creeping on the Internet trying to find some gems. That’s how I stumbled upon Unicorns at Heart…a bedroom pop outfit hailing from California. They just dropped a self-titled cassette via Hidden Bay last week, and I can’t stop playing “Stay.” It has this natural softness, almost like an Elliott Smith vibe, wrapped in a more modern guitar sound that fits the dreamier landscape. The whole collection is an intimate affair, allowing you to indulge your pop fancy as you see fit; it’s just you and your speakers and these Unicorns at Heart.

Boyracer Covers the Style Council to Encourage You to Vote

Tomorrow is the end of the midterm, and everyone is making the final push to get the vote out; Boyracer joined in on the fun by banging out a quick cover of The Style Council’s “Walls Come Tumbling Down.” They collected a bunch of their friends to hold up the lyrics, and you might just see a certain ATH member holding his baby up in the mix. Take a listen to the song, watch the video, get out and vote…if you haven’t already. Please.

All of this is courtesy of Emotional Response Records.

Indigo Bunting Drop Brand New Album

We were really happy that Indigo Bunting jumped on the Austin music scene, rising from the ashes of our faves Tiger Waves. Over the weekend, they quietly dropped their first L,P Clip Show, and boy are you in for a surprise. Opening track “Circus Circus” sounds just like the title, a collage of pop moments layered atop each other in an organized fashion. The whole album has the group at their most playful, and yet the most contemplative; take a listen to “Celia” for a perfect example on that note. You also won’t want to miss the standout tune, “Solitaire,” which might be one of my favorite tracks to come out of Austin this year! It sounds like Animal Collective just hung out with the Flaming Lips getting weird while listening to Coma Cinema…so you know I think it’s a win.

Rad Tune from Dehd

Chicago act Dehd have a pretty solid pedigree, but we needn’t focus on that when they’ve got this stunning new track to enjoy. The track really has this sound that seeps into your soul, and I get that that sounds strange, but those guitar chords seem to weave their way into your skin as the vocals take on a heavy solemnity. All the while you feel as if the track is rolling, churning you over and over like a wave crashing upon the shore. Man, this is a serious jam for serious people. Rock it out and have a happy Friday.

Ex-Pooches Members form U.S. Highballs

I was a huge fan of Scottish power-poppers The Pooches, and while the band is seemingly defunct, U.S. Highballs offer a little solace, albeit in a softer pop version. It’s a fairly simple number with roots in James’ first trip to Japan. The duo work over synthesized percussion, but it’s the feather guitar that I’m drawn to here; it works perfectly with the natural melody created in the vocals. If simple pop songs are your thing, then you’re going to really enjoy the duo’s new Think Again EP, which drops next Friday (11/9) via Lame-O Records.

Stream a Great Pop Album by The Last Detail

There’s always tons of album streams at the end of a week, so I’d like to point you in a direction that might take you off the beaten path…but only go this road if you’re a fan of soft pop rock. The Last Detail is comprised of Mehdi Zannad and Erin Moran (A Girl Called Eddy), and together they’ve decided to give you a collection of swooning pop songs. Several tracks offer that airy introspection, while others have this understated elegance, like “Lazy.” If you’re looking for a hit, give a listen to “Fun Fair,” though I’ll admit I’m partial to “Talk to Me.” If you dig it, the self-titled LP is available today from Elefant.

Delicate Pop Song from Soft People

Caleb Nichols claims that the latest single from Soft People came to him via an infectious melody on a long bike ride that he just couldn’t escape. I’d be weary of such a claim if it weren’t for the fact that this song’s melody is precisely what drew me into the band’s newest track. But, the more time I spend with this track, the more I tend to marvel at the fragility of the vocals just before the 1 minute mark, furthering my appreciation. It’s clear to me that the husband-husband duo have this beautiful balance writing together, and here’s to hoping we get more pop tracks like this from the duo; look for this track on a new cassette on their label Sandwich Kingdom.

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