Another Revisit with Possible Humans

Everyone raved about Everybody Split when it came out, but it was a super limited release for Possible Humans, barely making its way overseas. Now, however, we’re all getting a chance to get our hands on that heralded LP, thanks of course to Trouble in Mind. Today they’ve shared a video for “Lung of the City,” which mostly features live footage lurking on the horizon why we’re shown footage of a graveyard; it matches the ominous tone of the song’s lyrics…while it’s okay to not be scared to die alone, it’s ultimately an inevitability. I love how this song just sits really open; there’s that vocal hook of the chorus, but most of the track’s about the band’s ability to flex their musical muscles. The reissue of the LP will be out on August 2nd.

New Ty Segall Tune

I feel like Ty Segall has earned the right to sort of carry his own torch, play by his own rules, so it seems like his new album First Tastes will have him taking some artistic liberties. For instance, this latest single is almost entirely just a vocal performance, but even in that, Segall still has the ability to captivate. According to Ty, this track was a fevered reflection on his childhood, which enabled him to work with his newest band member, Shannon Lay (a wonderful force in her own right). I appreciate Ty’s willingness to step into some new territory, so we’ll see how it all fits in with the new LP when it drops on August 2nd via Drag City.

Hear the Latest Single from Mary Bryce

Mary Bryce is one of the stellar voices in the Austin music scene, and recently she dropped this stunner. The first minute or so is mostly a vocal performance, with Bryce working over some carefully orchestrated string work; the song would be successful on this level alone, but it’s just the beginning. A nice percussive touch jumps in, elevating the track and forcing Mary to rise above it all to show her voice still owns the show. Another striking performance that just continues to grow the legend of Mary Bryce beyond the confines of our fair city.

Will Johnson Shares a Solitary Slip

RayRay and I are both huge Centromatic fans, and thus, we’ve closely followed the career of Will Johnson through his various twists and turns. Currently, he’s working under his own name, with a new LP scheduled to drop this fall on Keeled Scales. On this new track, there’s a lot of space in the track, allowing for the delicate flourishes Johnson has seen fill his various projects, be it the tinkering piano or distant-sounding strings. It’s perfect when considering Will’s smoky voice, making room for his vocals to softly churn and roll through the song as he sees fit; he also gets some nice vocal accompaniment at points to add depth to his work. Wire Mountain will drop on September 27th.

Deadbeat Beat Share The Box

When I pressed play on the latest single from Deadbeat Beat, I was digging on the indifferent vocal delivery; it reminded my of various acts I love like Dumb or the Zoltars. But, what sold me on the band’s sound was the very slightest touch, but opened up the song to the brand of pop sensibility I adore; you’re right, it is the “do do do” backing vocal. What can I say? You brandish a hook, and I’m a pretty eager fish to catch onto. Aside from the vocals there’s this scuzzy shuffling guitar line that occasionally rings out discordantly amidst some tight cymbal work. The group release How Far on August 2nd via Arrowhawk and Crystal Palace.

Casual Pop from Low Key Crush

You stumble across a casual pop song that bores into your consciousness and it’s likely the tune hails from Australia, or even more specific, Melbourne since we’re talking about Low Key Crush. It seems the band takes their name super-seriously, giving us this mellow burner build on this wondrous melody. There’s some understated swagger in the sounds of the guitar, but you’ll need a real close ear to get in there. I like the distant feel of the vocals, as if singer Tim Haines is resigned to just toss the words out on the line, hoping someone, somewhere, finds them. We found them Tim, and we’re so grateful we did!

New Tim Chaplin Tune

Tim Chaplin keeps throwing out the hits, and I keep writing them up, or at least that’s how I see it. On his latest tune, it has this solemn strut to it, with the rhythm section setting a soft march while the guitar does a gentle jangle for the listener. This round, the vocals have this sort of distorted coating, like Tim’s chatting to us through some barely audible radio wave. I appreciate the fact that he builds the tension, but never actually unleashes it on the listener…a little restraint goes a long way. This tune appears on Almost Made it Through the Rock n’ Roll Death Age, Chaplin’s newest LP.

The Red, Pinks and Purples Announce Album

Glenn Donaldson’s name should be familiar to folks at this point, but I’ll admit that I was completely unaware that the Reds, Pinks and Purples LP was on its way; I should have known due to all the demos and such up this year. Regardless, Anxiety Art is here, and we get to hear two of the tracks below. The first tune has this gentleness, this soft edge to the vocals that sits coolly betwixt the two guitar lines as the percussion gives just a hint of a bounce. In the latter tune, there’s this feeling of yearning for some reason; the style seems similar to the first, though just a few of the syllables seem to be out in the world searching for something. Just feel like these two songs along are a gift that will give back to me all weekend long; the full LP will be out soon via Pretty Olivia Records.

Charmed Pop from Ducks Unlimited

If I told you where Ducks Unlimited hailed from, you wouldn’t believe me, so I’ll leave you guessing. But, you’re going to immediately fall in love with this song, especially if you’re a fan of acts like the Go-Betweens or RBCF; they operate with that similar approach, melding hook-laden melodic guitars and these casually indifferent vocal lines. I loved the emphatic punch of the chorus, but I was pleasantly surprised when the string arrangement entered the picture right around the 2 minute mark, adding another textural moment, just upping those comparisons to the GBs. This track will appear on a brand new EP slated for a Fall release.

Electronic Indiepop from The Royal Landscaping Society

A few months ago we got a great new single from The Royal Landscaping Society; it was just two quick tunes, barely enough to satiate pop fans. But, and I’m only guessing here, the Spanish duo have popped out another forthcoming single, or maybe even an album…as there’s not much news from their label Matinee Recordings, other than, of course, uploading this track to the Internet. It’s got a nice electronic pulse beneath, offset by these lighter keyboard notes, building a dense cavern of catchy pop music from which the vocals emanate to wash over the listener. I’m on board with anything this bunch does, so I’ll keep you posted as I hear more about this release.

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