Missed This Tyvek EP

I mean, technically I didn’t miss it, as this new Tyvek EP isn’t being released until August 1st, but you can stream the whole damn thing below. You get two bopping ditties as well as two little instrumental jams with your purchase ofChanging Patterns of Protective Coating. “I’ve Not Thought Once” has this British pop rock feel, especially if you listen to the way those guitar chords line up to the likes of every band that played at Indietracks last week. “We’re Back,” the other tune with lyrics begins in much the same manner, though it ventures off into this skittering discord as the song draws out. Just a little something more of you should be listening to; it’s available this week via Doubles Tapes.

The Color Waves Share New Tunes

The Color Waves first came into my musical orbit when they had a release back in 2015 with Cloudberry Records. Until then, they’ve been relatively quiet, though that all changed last week with the release of a two-song single. For my two cents, the band continue to operate on the more elegant side of indiepop; they work with slower tempos and build the songs beneath their melody; you could probably also call it shoegaze sans distortion. I love the vocal performance on “The Bay,” especially the way the lyrics almost dangle in the air, almost lost to the world as soon as they’re uttered. “Paper Tiger” offers up some subtle jangling chords, with just the slightest uptick in pace present here. Hopefully these two tracks signal more to come soon.

Robert Sotelo Announces Infinite Sprawling

It’s always interesting to discover what musically captivates us, what draws us in. Sometimes, it’s a huge hook or some beat, or sometimes, its the absence of it all, as is the case in this new tune from Robert Sotelo. He crafts this sparse musical landscape, working with his guitar and voice to attract your ears…then he moves the song towards a touch more elegance, built by blossoming strings and aided by backing vocals. It feels so grand at times, and yet so simple…it’s hard for me to turn away from it. This track will appear on the new LP, Infinite Sprawling, out September 13th via Upset the Rhythm.

The Proctors Return

We’ve seen some tunes over the last year or so popping up from the Proctors, so I had the feeling something new was on the horizon…and apparently that was a new 7″ from the band. The first of the two tracks on the 7″ has this spritely quality, an innate bounce that works its way into your brain as the sharp churning guitars ring around your ears. This is offset by the softness of the vocals, giving the track over to a dreamier tone. The second tune jumps right into the dreamy side of things, stretching the pop appeal over 5 minutes; it’s a nice ballad with this swelling pop sensibility that erupts into joy around the 1.30 mark. These two tracks appear on the new 7″, available now from Shelflife.

Listen to Loving

I hope that no other great songs come across in email this morning, as I feel like this Loving tune might be the perfect way for our site to carry you off into the weekend. It’s a relaxed tune, though not in the casual pop sort of way, but in the sense that you’re sitting back in your recliner with your favorite beverage of choice, letting your mind drift to wherever it roams. The melody is so subtle that you hardly even notice it; you’ll only notice that for almost four minutes, you’ve completely let yourself go. Go ahead, go into the weekend.

Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes Return

After releasing a wonderful debut, Swedish outfit Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes are on the minds of tons who dabbled in dream pop/shoegaze. Well, it sounds like they might have an album right around the corner, as they’ve just dropped this new single on us out of nowhere. Siri Sjoberg seems to have the perfect voice for the band’s sound, able to rise above the noise and shatter it with her heavenly tones, while also careful to slink back behind the wall of atmospherics when necessary. For those of you who love pop music, but also want it to slightly shimmer in distortion will surely find you adore this band’s work.

Jettes Share Another Ditty

Having already introduced you to one of the catchy tracks from Jettes debut EP, it only seems fitting that I would back that up with another of the duo’s infectious tunes. This one has Melody Connor taking on the vocal duties while the pace is furious and fun; it’s in the vein of the garage lore we all know love. Laura Lee’s backing vocals jumping from time to time only solidify the band’s hook factor; this is especially true when they come in offering a more anthemic note to support Connor, likely the perfect moment in the live setting. There’s a lot of fun here, so go ahead and blast this one through your speakers!

Cool Sounds Have More to Enjoy

It hasn’t taken long for Cool Sounds to follow up their excellent Cactus Country with another new LP, More to Enjoy. Today, we’re super glad to share the title track from the new LP, offering up this textural blend between psychedelia and tropicalia; it’s an intoxicating mixture of pop sensation you won’t want to miss. The band almost opens up with this classic rock vibe, harkening back to a late 60s groove, but then begin to weird it up as they build in a nice rhythmic underbelly. You’ll find the vocals have this natural wistfulness, they’re bright and melodic, but also seem to be out there searching…though ultimately finding there’s “nowhere to go.” The new LP will be out this Fall via Osborne Again and Meritorio Records.

Palm Friends Announce Nice Weather EP

Minneapolis has a history of great bands, and while fairly new, I’m hoping that Palm Friends can fulfill the promise set out by their new single, and forthcoming Nice Weather EP. Guitars sort of ring lightly from the get-go, but you can feel tension as they turn over and over, building towards this huge drop…it comes at the 20 second mark. Once you’re there, you’re in love with the band and this song; it really only takes 20 seconds before you press play time and time again. I love how indifferent the vocals are, like they don’t care whether we’re listening, they’re going to do their thing while the rest of the band gets on with it. I don’t think you can play this song enough times today, but if you do, I promise you your jaw’s going to hurt from the ear-to-ear grin. Look for the EP via Forged Artifacts on August 16th. Go grab the Pre-Order.

Black Marble Signs with Sacred Bones

I’ve loved a lot of music, but one of the acts I always tried to turn folks onto was Black Marble; I’ve even used these here pages to support the project. It seems that promise is finally coming to the forefront, as today they announced their signing to Sacred Bones Records. Chris Stewart, the man behind the project, has altered his craft for this new LP; he’s admittedly pushed the vocals to the front and sort of stripped them of various effects that accompanied his earlier works. And, while this began to emerge on It’s Immaterial, the beats here are pretty sharp, yet also really sparse, letting you focus on their intent as the lyrics sink into your skin. The new LP is titled Bigger Than Life and it will be out on October 25th! There is also a scheduled tour date at Austin’s Levitation festival too!

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