New Track from Creepers

While I can’t say there is too much info out there on the scene, it sure looks like Tampa is getting things going, in regards to rock n’ roll. Creepers is yet another band (I posted on Bear Mountain a bit ago) from the region offering up new tunes.  As of now, this looks like just a single you can grab for free, but keep your eyes and ears posted.  Personally, I really like the way the band builds up the track, using a pounding drum beat and warm guitar texturing before bounding off into the lyrical section of the track.  This is definitely a fun track, so give it a try.


Download: Creepers – Vicki [MP3]

New Music from Bloody Knives

It’s been a really miserable day, weather-wise, in Austin today, so it’s only fitting that I’m here to give a shout-out to one of Austin’s rising bands, Bloody Knives.  The group is a duo, and deal predominantly with sort of an electronic rock element, but not in a cheesy manner.  There is an underlying sense of urgency, accompanied by doom in the driving beats, yet the melodic vocals that pop in and out of the track below provide the perfect bit of balance for listeners.  You can, and should, get your hands on this track when you purchase the group’s split 7″ with Me You Us Them.  And, if you like what you hear, you can get a free album from the group on their SITE, though we encourage you to go with the pay option to help support the artists.


Download: Bloody Knives – I Was Talking to Your Ghost [MP3]

New Tunes from The Migrant

Okay, so this isn’t exactly the newest tune from the Danish group (predominantly a man and friends), The Migrant,  but in a busy years, I accidentally glanced over the late November release of Travels in Lowland.  But, it’s now becoming one of my favorite records, spinning a great deal around the house as the cold slowly creeps into my bedroom.  When you listen to the album’s opening track “The Organ Grinder” you’ll find that there’s gentle guitar strumming, strong wavering vocals, and a step-up in tempo mid-track.  All such things are indicative of great beauty and wonderful moments that fill the rest of the album.  Take one listen and I’m sure you’ll feel the same.


Download: The Migrant – The Organ Grinder [MP3]

New Music from Munch Munch

You haven’t heard of Munch Munch?  Yea, neither had I until a few days ago when I stumbled upon them by accident, searching the nets.  I come across this incredible sound; to me, it seemed to hint at a bunch of white Britons doing their best to emulate TV on the Radio.  It had that same similar shifting in time signatures, if only for brief moments, driving rhythms, and darkly operatic voices that just soar.  So I checked out their album, which may not be out in the States yet, and Double Visions really does deliver through and through.  It’s wonderful when you stumble upon something such as this, so I thought I’d return the favor to our good readers.


Download: Munch Munch – Wolfman’s Wife [MP3]

New Tunes from Gentleman Jesse and His Men

When I briefly spoke to Jesse of Gentleman Jesse at his show this year over at Beerland, he said he had a slew of 7″ coming our way.  The first came off Douchemaster, while the most recent, You’ve Got the Wrong Man, just came out on Hozac Records.  Of course, it’s all leading up to a new GJ&HM release that’s supposed to come out in 2011.  His tracks are always short and sweet, full of jangling guitars, rocking that simple power-pop straight at you in under 3 minutes.  It’s what made me love punk, and it’s what definitely gets me excited about everything Jesse, and his men, put together. Try out one of the new tracks, and then hit up Hozac so you can get your hands on it.


Download: Gentleman Jesse – You’ve Got The Wrong Man [MP3]

New Music from Pete and the Pirates

It’s been two years since Pete and the Pirates released Little Death, so personally, I’ve been waiting for them to hook us up with something new. As a Christmas special, the band have leaked a track from their forthcoming album, which is untitled, yet slated for a May 2011 release.  The rhythm in the single, “Winter 1,” definitely has a solid driving beat to it, giving the track a hell of a kick.  Vocals sound a touch like the Mystery Jets, which doesn’t bother me by any means.  It seems they’ve definitely been honing their chops in the absence, and I can’t wait to hear more of the soaring melodies from the group as we get closer to the release date.


Download: Pete and the Pirates – Winter 1 [MP3]

New Tunes from Warm Ghost

Warm Ghost is yet another Brooklyn band fusing pop hooks with industrial machines.  While that may not come as a surprise to people following the NY scene, this band seems to have a different approach.  Their vocals definitely don’t carry the typical pop fare, not to mention the coldness of the music itself.  Earlier this year the band released their Claws Overhead EP, but they’ll be re-releasing it in early 2011 with four additional songs while they prep their debut full-length.  Keep your eyes on the prize folks, as this definitely has some interesting potential.


Download: Warm Ghost- Open The Wormhole In Your Heart [MP3]

Free Xmas Album from Banjo or Freakout

It seems that as the holidays approach, everyone is getting in on the action.  Not to be outdone, Banjo or Freakout is offering up not just any Xmas track, but an entire album of Xmas songs.  Now, be forewarned, this doesn’t sound anything like traditional Christmas fair, which is precisely why you should check this out, not to mention the fact that its FREE. And, if you haven’t gotten to know Alessio and his band by now, do so, as the work he showcases in his Xmas album is indicative of the great stuff he’s already putting together.  Here’s a sample of what you will get if you just go HERE.


Download: Banjo or Freakout – Frosty the Snowman [MP3]

New Music from Goldenboy

California native Shon Sullivan definitely wears his influences on his sleeve, or should we just say wears his home state on his sleeve.  His band, which is mainly his work, Goldenboy are releasing their new record, Sleepwalker, on Eenie Meenie Records February 8th.  There’s a bit of a harboring spirit, but what follows through the entire album is sort of a ray of light, which is where once can tie in the mention of California, not to mention Shon’s adoration for the late (great) Elliott Smith. One listen to this single and perhaps you’ll fall head over heels for Goldenboy, leading you towards Sleepwalker early next year.


Download: Goldenboy – Holiday [MP3]

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