Secret Shame Share Pure

When we shared “Dissolve” a few weeks back, it definitely brought to mind New Order feels in the guitar work, but the B-Side for the new Secret Shame 7″ is a much more thought provoking piece. Drums beat heavily, washed by a glittering synth note; there’s all sorts of space awaiting the entrance of the vocals near the 1 minute mark. They notes feel thick, yet delicate, almost burdened in a sense; the surrounding arrangements craft this elegant dream pop vibe. As much as the song seems like its building towards this rewarding climactic moment, the band are smart enough to leave you wanting more, only encouraging you to listen time and time again. The Dissolve/Pure 7″ drops next Friday!

Constant Smiles Share You’re On Your Own

This new track from the forthcoming Constant Smiles LP seems like the best way to kind of wrap up my coverage today. There’s this natural haunting sensation that seems to emanate from my speakers when I press play; the band have crafted this ethereal song wavering between dream pop and folk tendencies, with Ben Jones voice drifting through the song like some familiar ghost from past. Short and sweet, the seductive nature of the tune beckons, begging you to immerse yourself in their musical world. You can do so if you grab a copy of Control when it drops on June 19th via Living Waters Records.

Tram Cops Share Hometown

When I imagine the sound of Melbourne, there is definitely an energy that comes to mind; I think that threw me for a loop when I first heard this brilliant new Tram Cops tune. In truth, it seems more fit to a back porch jam written here in our home of Austin, Texas. It’s this wispy little pop tune, bouncing along ever so carefully, drawing you in with little nuanced notes and sounds; see if you can hear the crickets. It’s just one of those unassuming tracks that gets stuck in your play rotation; it’s charming in its simplicity and rewarding listen after listen.

Protomartyr Share Michigan Hammers

Admittedly, I haven’t quite boarded the most recent Protomartyr train; I know it’ll grow on me, but this is the first single where I felt excited for the LP. Honestly, I’m absolutely in love with the guitar sound; I love the way they just ring out discordantly, like they’re just tearing the fabric on your high end speaker covers. Joe Casey’s indifferent delivery is the calm in the storm here, settling the track as best as he can; there’s a nice middling section to, giving listeners a little reprieve, a chance to contemplate and reflect on the track. Their new LP Ultimate Success Today will be out on July 10th via Domino.

Check This New Eades Tune

I’m so stuck on this brand new track from Leeds outfit Eades that I just had to share it with you all. Imagine falling in love with a band like Omni, then taking those angular little guitar notes and turning them into a softened smoother pop jam? Sounds pretty good, right? But, just because they’ve kind of polished the edges, doesn’t mean there’s still not a great urgency in the rhythm section to drive the bop feel home for listeners. I felt like the chorus also gave a nice little reflective pause that made the song supremely endearing. They’ll release Microcosmic Things on July 10th via Bam Bam Records.

Time Stalkers Share Plastic Flowers

How does one take a 9 piece ensemble and turn it into a rock band? Well, perhaps you should ask the members of Time Stalkers, as they seem to be doing a pretty good job as you can hear with their latest single. The song owns a distinctive place in my brain, like a cross between power-pop and Tilly & the Wall; they definitely are using everything at their disposal to craft their tunes; I can hear bells, strings, horns and multiple guitars. I think my favorite thing, however, is just how organic the whole tune feels due to the mixing; it just feels like the magic was all captured on tape just for us. The band’s self-titled album will be out on June 5th courtesy of Gentle Reminder Records.

That New Bright Eyes Song

I think every time I hear one of the new Bright Eyes song, I immediately try to rush through his catalogue in my brain to classify what era it seems to fit into best. This latest single seems like a clash between Digital Ash and Fever and Mirrors. It employs that sampled beat at the beginning, building in the nod to Digital Ash, but the vocal tones seem to have that fragility in its warble that made Conor’s voice so distinctive. Of course, the song is spun anew with excellent string arrangements, all for our benefit. I was on the fence, but the more I hear, the more I’m jumping back in that Bright Eyes pool. The new record will be out later this year via Dead Oceans.

Too Much Announce Club Emotion

In case you didn’t get hip to Too Much when they dropped their Patent Leather 7“, you’re going to be rewarded with an introduction to your new favorite dance duo! Consisting of Ian Svenonious and Rich Morel are brandishing an elevated style of club bangers. Morel crafts these pulsing beats that you’d likely hear at any number of dance clubs; the songs would be catchy and fun right there. But, not one to settle, Ian elevates the club sound with his spoken delivery; it kind of feels like Ian’s channeling a disco-ready Jarvis Cocker. The duo will release Club Emotion on Radical Elite on July 3rd.

Pop Filter Ready Debut Album

We heard news of Pop Filter on an all Aussie compilation from earlier this year, but we had no idea how quickly the band were ready to drop their debut LP. Those who recognize the familiar faces in the video probably won’t be shocked at how quickly (and amazingly) these songs seem to have come together. They’re all masters of casual pop stylings, allowing the chorus to include the whole band for this charming hook that you take with you when the song’s done playing through your speakers. Always endearing…their debut Banksia will be out on August 21st via Spunk/Bobo Integral/Osborne Again.

New Jangling Pop Tune from Royal Target

You don’t have do too much to get my ears to perk up, and this new single from Royal Target just jumped right in from the get go, tossing out that j-angular little guitar noodle before the song settled into its melody. Gentle little pop hooks dig into your ears and hold tight with the slightly affected vocal warmth; I think a real highlight comes in right near the 2 minute mark when you get the slightest little tonal shift. That helps switch the song’s mood more towards one of longing, kind of that wistful dream of what’s next…which I’m sure we can all relate to these days.

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