New Music from The Authors

We’ve been hyping up Austin’s new IT band The Authors for some time now, and we’ve got great news for you all.  These rocking fellows now have a new single to toss your way from their upcoming full-length debut, Get Haunted, which is coming your way September 7th.  You’ll get exactly what you need with this track, offering up a little bit of their pounding guitar sound, fueled by hours of perfecting their danceable garage sound.  Come on folks, let’s help make this band huge. You can also preview another new track, “The Night,” by downloading our sweet Summer Mixtape.


Download: The Authors – Timebomb [MP3]

Kathryn Calder – Are You My Mother?

Rating: ★★★½☆

You all might know Kathryn Calder from her role in The Immaculate Machine.  You might have also seen her grace the stage as a member of The New Pornographers.  But, now she has stepped aside from it all to record an album of her own, influenced by time spent with her mother during a terminal illness.  Are You My Mother is just another step in her progression as one of the great female voices on the scene.

“Slip Away” begins with some small maracas draped over a tinkering piano progression. Once Calder steps into the fold, you can see precisely why she has the ability to go it alone, as her vocals have an innocent quality, but one that seems established and confident at the same time.  You’ll find the power behind the chorus enchanting, though it’s little more than “oohs.”

While she establishes strong vocals from the beginning, her range is shown on “Low,” which recalls early recordings from Rilo Kiley.  Here, the piano treads lightly, and in the same manner, Kathryn softly lets her voice float atop the musical accompaniment, not pushing too hard to make it all work cohesively.  This same approach to her songwriting is used a lot on Are You My Mother, but she has the capability to turn her vocal tool in different directions, such as she does during the chorus on “Arrow.”  Such warm vocals definitely encourage you to fall head over heals with every word, and every uttered sound.

One of the great things about the record is that despite the vocal similarities on many of the tracks, she seems to push herself into direction that you might not expect her, challenging you, the listener.  “Follow Me Into the Hills” has a folk quality to it that you can grasp from her other collaborations, but it’s successful here in that it takes you down a different path than the preceding songs.  “A Day Long Past its Prime” takes a driving momentum to push the song forward, and male vocal accompaniment gives the album a bit of a heavier tone, albeit for a brief moment.  It’s those little touches that demonstrate her willingness to build her own musical resume, differentiating herself as she goes along.

Closing out the album is a soft little touch titled “All It Is.” Her voice has a bit of a whisper to it, giving you the impression of listening to an intimate confession.  It ends things with a crashing chorus, a magnificent summation of the record and its emotive powers.  From the production of Are You My Mother to Kathryn Calder‘s incredibly delicate voice, you see the rise of a solitary musician.  Her hard work honing her craft definitely has paid off here, creating a gentle collection of pop songs capable of warming your heart and spirit.


Download: Kathryn Calder – Arrow [MP3]

Show Review: Ariel Pink @ the Mohawk (8/3)

For years people have been talking about Ariel Pink as if he was some sort of underground genius, waiting for his chance to break through to the masses, if only he had the chance.  After the release of the recent album, Before Today, it seems the chance is upon him.  We headed out to the Mohawk to see for ourselves, and to catch Puro Instinct and Magic Kids along the way.  Follow the jump for more.

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Ty Segall @ Emos (8/7)

Date Saturday, August 7th
Location Emos
Doors 900p
Tickets $8 from TicketWeb

This has already been one crazy week for shows, and we’ve got another excellent show lined up for you Saturday night, at least for those on the heavier side of things.  Ty Segall is coming to town in support of his new record , Melted, which came out awhile back.  It’s destined to be a glorious night of fast paced punk rock with a solid line-up backing up Ty while he’s in town.  Not only will you get to see Ty unleash some fury, but you’ll also get to see Royal Baths, The Hex Dispensers, Charlie and the Moonhearts, and A Giant Dog.  Looks like a great night to skip the heat and catch these great acts in the cool Emos indoor air.


Download: Ty Segall – Caesar [MP3]

New Music from Extra Lens

In my mind, there aren’t many better wordsmiths in the indie world than John Darnielle.  Now that he’s signed with Merge, it seems good things are in the future for us all.  His new album with Extra Lens will be out on October 19th, titled Undercard.  He’s also signed on to release the next Mountain Goats with the Carolina label, so we’ve got that to look forward to, right?  And speaking of those Mountain Goats, they’re coming to Austin soon right?  Try out the beautifully light “Only Existing Footage” from Undercard.


Download: The Extra Lens – Only Existing Footage [MP3]

New Music from Surf City

You know how much we love Surf City, so much so that we invited the guys to play our infamous SXSW party this past Spring.  During that show they talked to us about releasing their first full-length, and word has finally come out that the band will release said album this November.  The album is called Kudos, and the first single “Crazy Rulers of the World” hints at good things to come in the future.  Give the new track a try, today!


Download: Surf City – Crazy Rulers of the World [MP3]

New Music from TV Torso

Everyone in Austin knows the name TV Torso by now, right? Well, it’s made up of some of the kids from Sound Team, and a few new friends, namely James Rhea. The guys have been working really hard, and we’re happy to announce that they’ll be releasing their Status Quo Vadis EP on August 31st, followed by a nice jaunt across the states.  You can pre-order the entire EP, as well as stream it in it’s entirety over at the group’s BANDCAMP page.  You’ll also get to hang with the guys in person when they rock the stage at Emos on August 18th. Get on board folks, this is going to be one hell of a ride.


Download: TV Torso – Slanderers’ Stew [MP3]

Wavves – King of the Beach

Rating: ★★★½☆

Remember when Wavves frontman Nathan Williams broke down in Spain?  We all expected the worst from that point on, but sometimes good things will rise out of the pit of despair.  This is precisely the case with King of the Beach, the newest album from the group, which now includes members of Jay Reatard.  It’s a much more confident Williams, and in that state of mind, his songs benefit greatly.

As soon as “King of the Beach” kicks in with it’s clattering drums and Williams vocals, you can see this band is on an entirely new path.  Production value has actually been placed into the recording, giving the vocals room to actually be successful.  There’s a summery bounce to the track, and the best part is, it sort of erases the feeling of lo-fi.  Who really wants to be pigeon-holed anyways?  Certainly not this Nathan Williams.

Sonic surprises abound in this record, though that might not necessarily apply to the drum section, which does show a bit of redundancy.  But, take “Linus Spacehead,” which features a bit of “oohs” throughout, in a nice little warm pitch to boot.  Throw that in the bag with “When Will You Come” and you have a couple of tracks that show Wavves are more than just that one trick pony.  The latter track is so gentle, and something about the vocals in the pseudo-chorus is really effective.  You shouldn’t be scared of this, however, if you were a long time fan of the group, as King of the Beach still has similar stylings to offer you, just with a different twist.

“Take on the World” has that traditional jangle pop, though the calmness in the song, rather than the spastic energy is what makes this far more successful than many of the tracks on Wavvves.  You’ll also find a little bit of the lo-fi tendency in “Mickey Mouse,” which probably isn’t the strongest song on the collection, but it does show that Williams isn’t likely to stray too far off from his roots altogether.  Tie it all together with a nice bow of “Post Acid,” the quick paced lightning bolt of jangling rhythm and pounding drums, and you have a more powerful version of the band formerly known as Wavves.

It’s great to see a lot of the progression from the band, indicating that in the future, we might expect even more powerful tracks, with cleverer hooks.  “Baby Say Goodbye” is probably as close to a pop track as you’d expect to associate with Williams and his entourage, but including it shows that the whole group is pushing their boundaries.  In the future, you never know what you’ll get with this bunch of rabble-rousers, but one thing you get from King of the Beach is that Wavves is actually maturing, growing their sound right before our eyes.  If they can toss in tracks like “Green Eyes,” a personal favorite of mine, then there is no saying how far this group will go from here on out.


Download: Wavves – Green Eyes [MP3]

New Music from Frederik Teige

Frederik Teige spends the majority of his days backing up Efterklang in the live setting. But, he’s just released a new single of his own, which shows a lot of incredible promise.  The tracks is called “What is New,” and it might surprise people who follow his main gig, mostly because it’s so straight ahead in its approach to pop goodness.  Somehow I keep thinking of David Bazan when listening. Give it a test, and tell us if you dig it.


Download: Frederik Teige-What Is New [MP3]

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