Weekend Show Preview

We’re nigh approaching SXSW season, so naturally you should be taking advantage of the fact that your city has great music to see year round and head out to a show this weekend before it’s so crowded that you can’t stand it. Below are merely the highlights and my picks as to where you should post up Friday and Saturday nights. Wherever you go, you really can’t go wrong; the weather should be lovely, so go outside during the day and round out your night somewhere downtown…

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New To You: Surfy Pop From Lures

This track came out at the beginning of this month, but chances are it’s new to you, and trust me when I say you’re going to want to spend some time with it.Lures are apparently a Seattle band that isn’t making much new music these days, but Jigsaw Records found out that they had an album they were sitting on and were the indie rock heroes of the month and decided to put it out so that we could groove along to the surfy riffs. “I’m With You” is a meandering track, with killer riffs and a laid back groove to it, but there’s something about the intimacy of vocals and the delicate mixing that has me returning again and again. Take a listen, fall in love, and then go take a listen to/buy the whole album here. Perhaps There’s No Pressure isn’t the last we’ll hear from Lures.

Shy Nature Gives You Breezy Indie Rock

Shy Nature are a three piece out of London who have the trappings of being a real hit over here in the states with their wind-in-your hair, easy going indie rock sound. Sometimes you need a bit of a jam to get you through the day and while this track is pretty tame, there’s no shame in turning it up loud and singing along. “Ten Times Around The Sun,” shows off Shy Nature’s ensnaring quality; the guitars open the song with a bit of twang while the percussion is steady and snappy under the mix. Vocally, the style is a bit of a mellow yelp, with backing group vocals that chime in later. The band will be releasing their new LP on March 31st– go see what the fuss is about over here.

Show Preview: Two Nights With Angel Olsen @ The Mohawk (2/6 & 2/7)

Tonight and tomorrow you have the chance to catch one of the biggest names in the indie rock world at one of the best venues in town. Angel Olsen was originally slated to only play one night at The Mohawk, but due to overwhelming demand and a fast sell out, another night was added to soothe the desires of our town to catch this lady and her band touring in support of 2016’s boldMy Woman.Perhaps we’ll be treated to full evenings with some back catalogue hits from the spectacularBurn Your Fire For No Witness, or maybe even a few fromHalf Way Home. (I’ve got my fingers crossed that by some strange chance I’ll get to hear “Lonely Universe”). Regardless of potential setlists, you can bet that if you’re lucky enough to be at The Mohawk tonight or tomorrow night, you’ll be in for a songwriter in her prime– surely Olsen’s unmistakably powerful vocals will dominate the night, followed closely behind by the ferocious guitar that has accompanied her on her more recent albums. Tickets may be sold out, but there’s always craigslist, right? Word on the street is they may be going for a pretty penny– and you can see why by checking out the video for “Shut Up Kiss Me” below. Do you really want to miss out on this?

Oh, and Chris Cohen will be providing the opening act for both evenings, so that gives you another reason to show up and show up early after the 6:30 door times as to not miss out on his even-tempered indie rock. Check out “Torrey Pine” below as well.


Sucker For This Tim Kasher Tune

You’re probably familiar with Tim Kasher from his work as the frontman of emo-staple band, Cursive, but 2017 sees Kasher striking out on his own once again to bring you his third solo album. The track that he just put out from this new release is called “Break Me Open,” and it’s as emotionally vulnerable as the title suggests. Swelling violins open the tune, and Kasher’s raw vocals soon join the mellow mix. The whole track is centered around Kasher’s storytelling, and the result is a song that will have you stuck on line after line that Kasher doles out. Take a listen below, and then go pre-order (pretty colored vinyl) his latest solo effort, No Resolution, which is out March 3rd on Cursive-Run label, 15 Passenger.


Tara Jane O’Neil Will Make Your Day Better

If you know what’s good for you, you’ll be taking in every bit of beauty that comes your way and cherishing it for as long as you can. This track from Tara Jane O’Neil is three minutes of lush folk bliss that you shouldn’t pass up. “Sand” may be slow, but the moment you embark on listening to the song, you’ll be enraptured by the way the guitars gently flicker in and out, while some orchestral instruments swell on the bottom layer of the song. Tara Jane O’Neil’s voice is rich and sweet, but not overpoweringly sugary– rather ethereal and smooth. Take a listen below and look out for her self-titled album which is out April 21st via Gnomonsong Records.

Burst of Slacker Rock From Bleached

Yea, I know Bleached is a big deal, so you’ve probably been informed that they’ve released a new track. If you passed over that blip of news, perhaps you should use this as an excuse to sit down with “Can You Deal” and then prepare to stand right back up so that you can dance to your teenage hearts’ content. This track is a whirlwind of quick-lipped lyrics and ferocious guitars that is hard to get out of your head once you’ve let it in. I’m digging the catchy chorus, which has the right attitude to get you out of bed in the morning and face the day, guns’ blazing.

The EP that this track is taken from will be out March 3rd, alongside the “Can You Deal” Zine, which the band is releasing and contributing all profits to Planned Parenthood. Go buy one.


RF Shannon Sign To Cosmic Dreamers/Share New Single

Austin’s own RF Shannon have announced their debut full-length record at long last! The desert blues outfit have signed to Cosmic Dreamers and released a brand new single for your enjoyment. The single, which you should jam below, is called “Had a Revelation” and it’s every bit as mystical psych rock as you’d expect from the band. The whole thing sounds as though it’s coming to you through a layer of thick smoke; the guitars squall slowly and epically, while the vocals are drenched in reverb. It’s a solid track with a particularly gripping build that will pull you away from whatever other menial task you’re doing and make you focus on the song at hand.

Jaguar Palace will be out March 31st via Cosmic Dreamer. Get stoked!

Catch This New Moon Duo Video

Masters of fuzzy psych rock, Moon Duo, are going to be releasing a new album shortly, and to get you stoked for that new record, you ought to take a listen and watch the pretty stellar animated music video below. As per usual, Moon Duo strike the perfect balance of hazy-lost-in-a-dream psych and gritty alt rock. On “Cold Fear,” you get quite a bit of keyboard as well to guide you through the heavy distortion. The vocals are a gentle aspect amidst the instrumentation, hypnotizing you furtherinto the vortex of swirling guitars. Take a listen/watch below and then go preorderOccult Architecture Vol. 1 from Sacred Bones.


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