Did You Watch This New Alvvays Video?

This may be yesterday’s news, but when a band that delivers a debut album that’s full of pop hits and then follows up as triumphantly as Alvvays has, I feel like more people should take notice. We’ve already been graced with the audio of this song, but then the band doubled down and went the extra mile with this dreamy video for “In Undertow” that they shared yesterday. The cosmic video makes me think that they have taken their already soaring indie pop a step further into the stars on their upcoming sophomore release,Antisocialites,which will be out September 8 viaPolyvinyl.I’m stoked for that release–are you?


Haunted Summer Brings The Haze

I don’t know about you, but when I step outside to an oven breeze and an oppressive sun all I want to listen to is hazy rock and roll. Good thing Haunted Summer have a new track to help me, and hopefully you, out. “Every Step” is a fuzzy, high octane hit that transitions to a slow burner near its end. It’s got psych guitars, ghoulish vocals that breathe live into the song, and enough variation to hold your attention through the end.

It’s a great track, taken from the band’s upcoming full-length,Spirit Guides, which will be out September 29. Check it out below.


You Should Watch This New Video From Adult Books

Adult Books are back after last years stunning debut full length with a new, Twin Peaks inspired, video for the track “Firewalking.” The music video is a full on short film, which you need to check out below. As for the music, the song reminds me of what I think would happen if Wild Nothing and Beach Fossils procreated. Take a listen/watch and then go check out the band’s full-length debut, Running from the Blows,which came out last year over on their Bandcamp.


Fruit Juice Gives You Whimsical Psych Pop

The latest single from Fruit Juice out of Olympia, Washington is all sorts of fun and good. “Candies” is a bouncy little number with strung out vocals that soar over the twangy mix. I dig the way the track grooves along for its majority and then builds on the already-high-energy to its twee ending. Towards the finale of the song, the guitars gain strength in the mix and you get the Of Montreal blitz. It’s a weird track, but I can’t help but groove along to the psychedelic pop that Fruit Juice have done well.

The band’s debut full length, Eat You Up, will be out on July 28 via Swoon Records.


Bizarre Video From Midnight Sister

Absurdist pop group Midnight Sister should be at the top of your list when it comes to artists to watch, as they’re making major waves with only two singles released. The music is nostalgic, playing heavily on the 70s organ sound and the quirky vocals. While minimalist in nature, the music video makes up for the airy tune with its weirdo aesthetic that will have your eyes glued to the screen for its duration. “Blue Cigar” has a Nico vibe, but channels modern pop a little more towards its end. Take a peek below.


Grunge Alt Rock From Partner

Partner are a two piece who hail from New Brunswick and are making heavy cut alternative rock songs that will make you nod along and perhaps laugh a little. This new song, “Sex Object,” engages the all too common experience of snooping in your roommates room and finding something that wasn’t exactly made for your eyes. The track, while silly, rips pretty hard with its grungey guitars, but manages to stay light with the soft vocals. Take a listen below and get stoked for this duo’s debut album,In Search Of Lost Time, which will be out September 8th via You’ve Changed Records.

Irresistible Pop From Fever Kids

Fever Kids is the project ofΣtella and Alex Z, based out of Athens, Greece. The duo has been making music together since 2011 and they’re about to make your day with this killer track “Living In Fame.” Starting low with just some na-na-nas, the song builds upon itself with a groovy bass line, simmering percussion and sweet and lucid vocals ofΣtella leading the tune. It channels new-wave pop of yesteryear and chill-wave vibes of today, but also makes you want to head out on the town and dance away your troubles.This song is the perfect example of understated dance pop that will slowly creep its way into your daily listening cycles.

Take a listen below and then get ready for the release of this song as a 7″ single on July 3 via Inner Ear Records.


Weirdo Lo-Fi Track From Pardoner

It’s getting hotter than the devil’s ass crack down here in the ATX, which means that my listening catalogue and preferences are out the window. This new song from San Francisco’s Pardoner is right there with me though, as it’s a lo-fi, post punk track with just enough of a strange twist on it to set it apart from the masses. “Blue Hell” will appeal to your grunge taste, but the vocals sound as though they’re coming from another room, which puts a whole different spin on the track. Check it out below and then get stoked for the band’s debut full length, Uncontrollable Salvation, which will be out September 8 via the always killer Father/Daughter records.



Bouncy Synthpop From Twinsmith

Are you ready to dance the day away? Well, then you’ve come to the right place, as Twinsmith are trying to their damndest to get you out of that chair and onto the dance floor with “You & I.” This song has all the trappings of a summer banger– infectious synth riffs that spiral through the whole tune, bombastic percussion which encourages head bobbing and tight knight guitar riffs. I personally like how the track’s instrumentation screams radio hit, but the vocals are pared down to that of a classic indie rock gem. Take a listen and get on board before Twinsmith blows up.


Their new album,Stay Cool, will be out July 14 viaSaddle Creek Records.


Quiet, Beautiful Cover From Mutual Benefit

If you weren’t already aware, Mutual Benefit will be releasing a full album covering Vashti Bunyan’sJust Another Diamond Day on June 23. To entice you to listen to that full album, Jordan Lee, the man behind the moniker, has released the title track of this cover album for your delight. It’s a simple and quiet tune, but it’s subtle beauty is somewhat overwhelming. Delicate guitar and banjo sounds fill your speakers while Lee’s vocals are soft and waiver smoothly with the low violin patterns. Take a listen below and become smitten with this flawless track.

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