Bouncy Americana Tune/Video From Trevor Sensor

We’ve been telling y’all about Trevor Sensor for sometime now, so when are you going to finally going to take a listen already? Sensor’s latest effort, “The Money Gets Bigger,” expands Sensor’s singer/songwriter sound tot brand new heights with some production help from Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado. Sensor has amplified his sound with a backing band and the result is a bit of a toe tapper– there’s a great bounce to the tune in the piano and beats that puts a thread of americana to the music. Take a listen and watch the video below.



New To You: Groovy Indie Pop From Melby

This track may be a week old, but that doesn’t mean it’s getting any less fresh. Melby are a Stockholm psych pop group that should be on your radar– this new single, “Cross” that they just put out proves that. The group will be releasing their debut EP on Rama Lama Records soon and if it’s anything like the song below, it will be filled with psych-twingedguitar riffs, gorgeously smooth vocals, and bouncy percussion to make you shake it. Vocally, I’m reminded a bit of Wye Oak‘s Jenn Wasner, but the guitar has a bit of a bite to it that makes me think about the work of St. Vincent. The song finishes nicely with a touch of synthesizer which adds some psych flair to to the tune. Take a listen below and keep an ear to the ground for more from the group.


Let Jaye Bartell Sweep You Away With This Video

So I shared this track a few weeks back when it was released as a b-side to a single that Jaye Bartell did with Angel Olsen. However, the video for this track is just as nearly as beautiful as the track itself, so I feel compelled to bring it to your attention once more. Bartell’s deep yet clear vocals and slow ballad, set to the gorgeous black and white video begs for your attention. He sings about losing time day after day, and the video provides the perfect visual companion to this perfect folk track. Take a peek below.

Spoon – Hot Thoughts

Rating: ★★★★½

Everyone knows it–Spoon are a force to be reckoned with. Twenty plus years of crafting relevant and consistent rock music and 9 full length LPs under their belts hasn’t slowed them down in the slightest. Sure, the band has had ups and downs over the years, but their lows aren’t so much missteps as sidesteps. Hot Thoughtsis by no means a sidestep, but rather a confident stride in a marathon of a career.

It’s so much so a given that any record that Britt Daniel touches will be worth your listening ear that I debated whether or not to review this record for a while. With the release of the lead singles, “Hot Thoughts” and “Can I Sit Next To You,” the band hinted that the album would be jam packed full of disco-studded indie rock jams and they weren’t bluffing. The aforementioned singles are but the icing on the cake that you’ll find yourself gorging on time and time again. That being said, the singles make for some damn good icing. “Hot Thoughts” is a radio ready hit that plays with what you’ve come to expect from the band in that simmers to a raging boil, the instruments packing the bite and snarl before Daniel’s vocals do. Tinkering xylophone sounds make Eno’s always steady percussion a little spicy, while the guitars are tight knit and signature. “Can I Sit Next To You” is sneaky, sliding to your side with its handclap beat and snuggles into your arm with its waves of smoky synths.

There are no dull moments on Hot Thoughts. But the songs aren’t just catchy– they’re also musically quite interesting and push into realms that Spoon haven’t stretched into before. The band tries their hand at disco with “First Caress,” which features vocals from Sharon Van Etten and is a full on dance tune. We get a softer track(for Spoon) on “Pink Up,” whose musical motif carries over into the ending track. Shimmering percussion lies at the heart of this song while Daniel whispers lyrics like “Everything you think we are, we are” into your ear, as if he knows he has you under his thumb and knows you like it. But then “I Ain’t The One,” cuts this ‘cool-guy’ persona back down to raw sincerity and emotion that Spoon still embed into their work.

Personally, the song that has pulled me back the most is “Whisper I’ll listen to hear it,” which has landed itself high on this album as well as Spoon’s entire discography. It’s here that the band really shows their finesse and sleekness; the song is effortlessly cool while being musically interesting and involved, a far stretch from formulaic or dialed in. Pulsating synths make their entrance first, setting a foreboding tone before Daniel and some cutty electric guitar join in, letting you know that this is only the beginning. Just when you’re settling into this pace, hanging on every lyric, the rest of the band joins in and the band steps on the gas pedal, launching into a fast paced, white hot hit, complete with a non-cheesy and perfectly placed guitar solo. Daniel’s vocal delivery peaks on this song. As the tune progresses and evolves,growing quicker in pace, his vocals grow more intense, mirroring the musical build with their own growl.

The only faux-complaint I have at the end of Hot Thoughts is that the album seems short. This is purely selfish and not a real complaint– the album is actually a little over forty minutes, but these minutes fly by with this band at the helm and before you know it, you’re starting over, the familiar, quick lipped Daniel to guide you along. Spoon have done the impossible, somehow managing to please fans old and new, while remaining relevant and sharp, which is a feat you can only say about a few modern rock bands. Well done and press on, Spoon.

Dreamy Rock From Thunder Dreamer

When you’re scanning through all the songs you’re exposed to on the internet, it’s kind of hard for a band to stand out from the masses and really grab your attention from the opening moments of the song. However, this song, “Capture,” from Indiana’s Thunder Dreamer manages to do the near impossible. Soft piano, delicate guitar, and a waltz-esque beat pulls you in for the beginning portion of the song and then the band really jumps in. Those guitars launch back in, now with a bite and a snarl, and the piano drives at a bounce. The vocals are reminiscent of James Mercer and add the perfect sheen to the number. Take a listen below and make sure you get behind Thunder Dreamer before their albumCapturecomes out May 26th via 6131 Records. I’ll have my ear to the ground for future tunes from the band.


Beautiful New Beach Fossils Tune

While I’ve been a long time fan of Beach Fossils, I can say that this new track pleasantly surprised me– it’s a winner from start to finish. I know this song will be all over the internet, but it’s so important that you take a listen that it warranted a post. When you click on “This Year,” below, you’ll be greeted with tightly woven guitar riffs and those infamous barely-there vocals. Then you get about a minute in and you get these string sounds that provide a goosebumps inducing reprieve from those jangly guitars. The lyrics on this tune are also exceptionally moving and apt as New Year’s resolutions have probably faded now that we are in March; “This year I told myself it’d be a better one/try not to fall back onto the knife.” It’s not only a great indie rock gem, but it’s got an emotive side you shouldn’t skip out on. The band’s new album, Somersault, will be out June 2nd via Bayonet Records.

The Districts Share New Rock Track

The Districts, out of Philadelphia, are back with a brand new track that will get you ready to face pretty much anything. Starting slow with some falsetto vocals, the song hits you hard thirty seconds in when the guitars kick through. From here, the track transforms into a grunge/emo rock number, but you still get the gentle motif from the beginning a little later on. I’m taken by the way the band alternates between these two tones with ease and still manages to create a rock jam that you want to scream along with. Take a listen to “Ordinary Day” below.


Nost-Rock From White Reaper

Sometimes you forget how much you love a band and then said band releases a new track or two and you’re instantly reminded of that affection. This was the story for this new track from White Reaper— it’s got this nostalgic rock sound mixed with the same fresh energy that this band always seem to bring to the scene. So perhaps you’ve already seen this track floating about in the internet world but didn’t have the time to take a listen. Well, now is the moment to change that. Stream the track below, put on your leather jacket and shades and get ready forThe World’s Best American Band, which is out April 7th via Polyvinyl Records.


More Psych Bliss From RF Shannon

Oh man, I am getting too excited for the upcoming full length album from Austin’s RF Shannon. They shared the title track from their upcoming release yesterday, and it beautiful, other-worldly trip into sun bleached psychedelia that the band does so well. It opens slowly with flute sounds and tinkering piano sounds, like a sleepy day begins, but then suddenly it picks up as the sun always seem to arrive and turn the sky rose before you realize it. Hazy vocals and steady percussion move the song along, accompanied by twangy guitars.Just when you think the song can’t get any more devastatingly beautiful, some female vocals join Shane Renfro, and you’re simply smitten in the psych-desert-blues glory of the song. Take a listen below.

Have you preordered Jaguar Palace yet? It’s out March 31st. Get on it.

Groovy Electronic Tune From Joakim

If you’re looking for an electro pop tune that will allow you to jam out as well as appreciate the different layers of percussion that are going on, then look no further, as Joakim has got the perfect match for you with “Samurai.” Joakim is a french electronic producer who spent some time bouncing around New York, Paris and Tokyo. This track is the title number from Joakim’s upcoming record, which was directly influenced by his time spent in all three of those landmark cities. It’s a cool and sleek electronic track, but there’s a whole lot of interesting and unique sounds going on throughout its duration. I bet the full album will expand upon this sound style and I’m looking forward to its release on March 17th via Tigersushi/Because.

You can preorder Samurai here.


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