Weirdo Lo-Fi Track From Pardoner

It’s getting hotter than the devil’s ass crack down here in the ATX, which means that my listening catalogue and preferences are out the window. This new song from San Francisco’s Pardoner is right there with me though, as it’s a lo-fi, post punk track with just enough of a strange twist on it to set it apart from the masses. “Blue Hell” will appeal to your grunge taste, but the vocals sound as though they’re coming from another room, which puts a whole different spin on the track. Check it out below and then get stoked for the band’s debut full length, Uncontrollable Salvation, which will be out September 8 via the always killer Father/Daughter records.



Bouncy Synthpop From Twinsmith

Are you ready to dance the day away? Well, then you’ve come to the right place, as Twinsmith are trying to their damndest to get you out of that chair and onto the dance floor with “You & I.” This song has all the trappings of a summer banger– infectious synth riffs that spiral through the whole tune, bombastic percussion which encourages head bobbing and tight knight guitar riffs. I personally like how the track’s instrumentation screams radio hit, but the vocals are pared down to that of a classic indie rock gem. Take a listen and get on board before Twinsmith blows up.


Their new album,Stay Cool, will be out July 14 viaSaddle Creek Records.


Quiet, Beautiful Cover From Mutual Benefit

If you weren’t already aware, Mutual Benefit will be releasing a full album covering Vashti Bunyan’sJust Another Diamond Day on June 23. To entice you to listen to that full album, Jordan Lee, the man behind the moniker, has released the title track of this cover album for your delight. It’s a simple and quiet tune, but it’s subtle beauty is somewhat overwhelming. Delicate guitar and banjo sounds fill your speakers while Lee’s vocals are soft and waiver smoothly with the low violin patterns. Take a listen below and become smitten with this flawless track.

Yesterday’s News: New Video From Together Pangea

Not sure if this video quite qualifies as ‘new’ considering it dropped last week, but I’m dumbfounded as to how I missed that Together Pangea have announced a new album and shared a video for the first single, “Better Find Out.” The track, while brief, is a racing lo-fi-punk jam, with gang vocals and killer guitar solos. It’s the kind of song you will listen to 15 times in a row just so you can get the chorus stuck in your head for the rest of the day only to revisit it later. The band’s new album,Bulls and Roosters,will be out August 25 via NETTWERK. Take a peek at the silly video for the rad track below– you can bet I won’t miss the next single from this group.


Can’t Not Share New POBPAH

We really love The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Like, our love knows no bounds. So when this track dropped yesterday from the Brooklyn group, I naturally knew I needed to spread the word– “When I Dance With You” is yet another bombastically perfect pop song from Kip Berman and company. The track builds on the fresh energy that their last release,Days of Abandon, packed. As always with this group, they give you tunes with catchy choruses, but also pack that punch of great lyrics to boot. Dare you to put this one on and not crack a smile through the bouncy synths and bright tone.

Take a listen and join our growing excitement forThe Echo of Pleasure, which will be out September 1.

Local Love: The Dan Ryan Announce New Album, Share Track

  1. The Dan Ryan, an Austin collective featuring members of RF Shannon, are back at it with the announcement of their sophomore LP,Guidance. With this news, they’ve shared the title track from this forthcoming record and it’s five minutes of psych tinged americana, a-la The Grateful Dead. Low vocals chanting welcomes you to the track, jazzy percussion sets the tone and guitars waiver hazily through the mix. You also get lead vocals that aren’t too distorted and resonate clearly atop the song. Heavily textured and ornate, “Guidance” is a trip into desert psych that you’ll want for those fast approaching oven-breeze days of summer in the ATX. Take a listen.

Guidancewill be out July 14th viaCosmic Dreamer. Pre-order the pretty vinyl here.


I Don’t Care I Love It: Dance Track From Punctual

This may not be anywhere near the kind of track you’d expect to find on ATH, but damn it, sometimes you’ve gotta spice things up a bit in your musical catalogue. Punctual are a two piece DJ/producer duo out of Bristol that have made the electronic track you didn’t know you needed for this weekend/summer. “What I Love” is all sorts of groovy, splicing together heavy synth sounds and soulful samples to make you shake it.Again, I didn’t think I’d find myself enjoying this track as much as I do, but try to press play and not bob your head or tap your toes. You’re gonna need something to put on those summer party playlists, right?


Psych Yourself Up For Friday With Triptides

Everyone’s Friday’s need a little bitofpsych to trip into the weekend and your daily dose today comes from this video from Triptides for the track “Invitation.” The song is pretty much straightforward psych bliss, with sweeping choruses of hazy vocals and jangly electric guitar riffs. The video completes this psych vibe with the LA quartet jamming in the woods cut with weird visuals that will have you wanting to don your best bell bottoms and slip on some rose colored glasses…I mean, what did you expect from a band called Triptides?

The band’s upcoming full-length,Afterglow, will be out June 23 via Requiem Por Un Twister Records.



Sleek Groove From Warhaus

Nathan and I were on the fence on this track from Warhaus, but the more that I listen, the more that I can’t get enough. Warhaus, if you weren’t already familiar, is the solo project ofMaarten Devoldere of Balthazarout of Brussels and if this track is any inclination of how great the rest of their tracks are, then you should probably explore their whole discography ASAP as I’m going to do. “Love’s A Stranger” is three and a half minutes of ultimate coolness. Devoldere’s vocals are confident and deep–you may imagine him donning a leather jacket and smoking as he delivers the lyrics to you. These deep set vocals are livened by some crisp female pipeswhile the instrumentation is a steady slow groove of guitar and jazzy percussion with synth motifs that will surely stay in your brain for days. Keep your ear to the ground for more from Warhaus.


More From Trevor Sensor

Today, Trevor Sensor has released the title track from his upcoming release, Andy Warhol’s Dream, and it is yet another solid track from the gentleman. While his earlier work reminded me a whole lot of The Tallest Man on Earth, it seems that Sensor has found his stride in expanding his sound towards an americana direction. You still get the ever haggard and rough vocals that you’ve come to love from this artist, but the piano really shines as a bright and clean counterpart to the grit of Sensor’s voice. Take a listen below and then go pre-order his new album here.

Andy Warhol’s Dream will be out June 16 via Jagjaguwar.

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