Obligatory Chris Cohen Post

Every time we get a new one from Chris Cohen, you know I have to share it! He’s well on his way to the release of his new album,Chris Cohen, which is his third record out on his own and is out this Friday 3/29. “No Time To Say Goodbye,” may be my favorite that has been released so far from the gentleman for this album.What I’m most impressed by with this song is how Chris Cohen tackles a classic pop song structure with choral hook in such a Cohen-fashion. The title of the track is sung as a ‘chorus,’ in perfect falsetto gets lodged into your head. Lucky for us in Austin, Cohen is stopping by the Mohawk to play a set next week! The show is Thursday, April 4 and tickets are hella cheap. Scoop yours so you get the chance to hear these gorgeous new tracks live.



Izzy Heltai Croons A Folk Beauty

Maybe I’ve been living in Texas too long, but I’ve developed a bit of a soft spot for folksy-americana tracks, and Izzy Heltai has hit the right blend on this simple ditty. Out of Northampton, MA, he has this elegant yet scraggly vocal range that reminds me a bit of Tallest Man on Earth with a slightly more refined element to it. I really enjoy how this song builds from just guitar and vocals to its soaring chorus. The light touches of tinkling piano and horns paint the tune into a melancholy march, as the name implies. Take a listen.




Papercuts Bless Us With More Tunes!

Last year, Papercuts put out an incredible record withParallel Universe Blues, and now they’ve got a few more new tunes to share with us. So, rejoice, fans of hazy, jangly, just beyond bedroom pop, as we’ve got two new tracks to enjoy. While this EP features album cut, “Kathleen Says,” it also has a Jackson C. Frank cover and another Papercuts original, “Comb In Your Hair,” which is delightfully morose, thanks to the familiar vocals of Jason Quever. It’s kind of a stripped down tune, with just Quever and his rich and full guitar. At this point, I’m of the opinion that any more music from Papercuts is good music. What do you think?

Paige Stark Has a Great Downer For You

Sometimes you need a little bit of a sadness in your listening queue, so to check that box for your Thursday, I give you “Depression Song” from Paige Stark. Stark is a songwriter out of Los Angeles, and this track just feels like it should be in the background of a montage where someone is having an almost comically bad day. At any rate, Stark’s smoky vocals are the key part of “Depression Song;” they swirl around in the instrumentals in the slow moving mix as though they just happen to grace the song with their presence. There’s a great synth break down towards the end of the number, when Stark’s vocals cut out and just let the song ride out. There’s a lot of great reasons to fall deep into this “Depression Song.”



Gothic Psych From The Well

Austin’s The Well have been at the game of 70s doom psych for a long time, but they’ve just dropped a new single, “Death and Consolation,” that shows a slight change direction for the trio. This new track is a trip into less of the jam band genre and more into the tighter knit gothic realm, a-la The Cure or Joy Division. While the song begins in the typical hazy-trance-like state, I’m most interested in the change up at the end of the track, at roughly the three minute mark, when you get an eerie, haunting build of vocals in the background while the guitar part is going wild. A lovely slice of gothic psych, “Death and Consolation” offers a taste of what’s to come on the band’s upcoming LP by the same title, which will be out April 26 via Riding Easy Records. Pre-order it here.


bdrmm Bring You Synthy Dream Pop

bdrmm are a shoe gaze group based out of Hull, making, well, bedroom pop tracks for your dreams. They’ve just put out a new single called “Heaven,” which is below for your listening pleasure. From the moment the twangy guitars enter your ears, you just know that something special is brewing. Then you get those twee synths that smother the whole song in a layer of light, new wave funk. The vocals are soft and warm, balancing out the twang of the instrumentals almost as much as the ever-humming bass line does. Take a listen below and fall in deep with bdrmm.



Bad Sports Share New Video, Playing Hotel Vegas on March 27

Bad Sports have dropped a new video for the track, “Don’t Deserve Love,” off their recent Dirtnap Records LP,Constant Stimuation.The video shows a drunken night for a sad bastard kind of character that aptly fits the title of the video and, naturally, the anthem of the song. It’s a punk ripper with a catchy chorus that you’ll be singing along to in no time. I will warn fellow Austinites– this video may feel all too familiar to you or remind you of someone you know or maybe last night out on 12th Street (hopefully not).

Bad Sports are kicking off a good sized US tour with a night at Hotel Vegas on March 27, you know, after that SXSW thing is done.


Most Likely New To You: Protomartyr Reissues Debut LP

Everyone’s favorite post punk doom-rock band, Protomartyr, just announced that they’ll be reissuing their debut LP,No Passion All Technique,which has long been out of print and not available on streaming services. Such an uncommon phenomenon will be erased for fans on May 3rd, when Domino reissues the album and the band releases an extended digital version. They’ve dropped single “Jumbo’s,” from that first release, with its official video, which gives you a bit of a slice of what it’s like to watch the band live. While “Jumbo’s” feels definitely less polished than any cut off ofRelatives in Descent, the band’s most recent full-length, but that’s the kind of demo-esque gold I imagine we’ll be getting with the rest of this reissue. Pre-order it here.


Delightful Soft Pop From Chris Cohen

We here at ATH are pretty big fans of Chris Cohen, so it’s safe to say we’re stoked for the upcoming release of another LP from him, which is coming out on 3/29. From that record, he’s shared another perfect soft pop track for us with “Sweet William,” which is accompanied by a silly and entertaining video. The song bounces along with a twee synth / distorted keyboard riff, killer bass line and barely-there percussion. Cohen’s mellow vocals come in like a wave of warm sunlight and the track pulses forward shifting at the two minute mark when the electric guitar rips through to a great solo. The video also escalates along with the music, as Cohen’s fever dream / sleepwalking / trip is pushed to its climax, with his spirit guide handing him a notebook with what appears to be lyrics to a song–perhaps this one. Take a peek below and then go pre-order his new self titled album, which will be out in about a month on Captured Tracks.


Marfa Myths Announces Lineup Additions, Shares Schedule

It’s getting to be spring festival season, and with warmer temperatures and longer days on the horizon, one of the leaders of the pack in terms of quirky, yet cool lineups is none other than Marfa Myths. This year’s fest will be taking place April 25-28, and while they’ve already shared a slew of great bands well worthy of the trip out to nowhere, Texas, they’ve given you yet another list of reasons to get the heck outta town for a weekend at the end of April. In addition to giants like Deerhunter, Khruangbin, Cass McCombs, Tim Hecker, Jess Williamson(amongst many more), they’ve also added Jerry Paper, Makaya McCraven,Josey Rebelle,Jess Sah Bi and Pete One to the bill. Head over to their website to scoop your tickets, plan your schedules and start making arrangements to get out to Marfa, Texas come end of April. It’s bound to be a culturally rich and weird festival that will make you hate going to other festivals…did we mention the art exhibitions that will also be there?


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