Dreamy Glitch Rock From Cobey.

Cobey. is a project out of Chicago, who has been hiatus for four years. This track is his first foray back into the musical world post break, and it’s a rich number that will have you swooning.”California Dreams” is a nice blend of genres. Vocally you get a dream pop / lo-fi sound, but the percussion and synths scream glitch pop with their trippy beats, then you get a fuzzy squall of a distorted guitar and you’re reminded of more straightforward indie rock. Altogether, the track makes for a cohesive jam with many textures to embrace and enjoy. Take a listen below.

Skewed Folk From Field Guides

Field Guides are an outfit from Brooklyn that seem to have a rotating roster of players. Their music, as described by their Facebook page, is “feely,” and while I’m not too sure what that exactly means for in terms of the genre, I definitely understand what they mean upon first listen to “Lucky Star in The AM.” This skewed folk track oozes a feeling of wistfulness–the combo male/female vocals atop the glittering guitar parts and simmering percussion make for a swoon-worthy sound. I’m digging the many textures and layers of the track, and I’m excited for the band’s upcoming album, which will be out next Friday, September 27. Check out their other tunes and pre-order it here.

ACL 2019 Preview: Big and Small Bands To Watch

If you can believe it, (I can’t) we’re less than a month away from two weekends of crazy fun at Zilker Park once again. Whether you’re a veteran fester or new to Austin City Limits Music Festival, we’re here to try and help you navigate a few days in the still-too-hot-for-October-Texas Sun with a few hundred thousand of your closest friends. Click past the jump to check out five of my must see bands, both obvious choices and more under the radar acts. You can buy your tickets / passes here.

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Helenor Shares “Fall Off”

Helenor is the project of David DiAngelis, Boston based indie rocker, who is on his way to releasing his debut LP, something twice. He’s already dropped a slew of great tracks from that release, but today’s offering is “Fall Off,” which is a mellow and unassuming song that really opens up towards the end of the track. What starts out as a bit of a twee psych track jangles along, with DiAngelis’ meek vocals gracefully leading you. The guitars are sleek and refined, with twinkling synth elements and doo wop esque backing vocals joining the mix before a nice little instrumental break down at the end. Take a listen below and look out for more from Helenor soon.

Local Love: New Punk From Bauwaves

Bauwaves are a new band to our local scene, featuring ex-members of Wild America and The Fall. They’ve got their debut LP coming out this fall on Salinas Records, but for now we’ve got a little slice of their rambunctious punk energy in the form of “Just For Kicks.” The high energy of cymbal crashing percussion combined with the mega distorted guitar riffs and just slightly off-kilter vocals make for a riot of a track. Excited to see what comes next from this new project on the block–keep your eye out for Bauwaves around town.

Jangle Pop From Saeyers

Saeyers is the indie pop project of Marshall Lewis– a native of Bloomington, Indiana. His music is bedroom pop, fleshed out a bit beyond the barebones that sometimes accompany that genre. “Someday” is the fourth track he’s released from his self-titled debut EP, and it’s a lush number, with Lewis’ impossibly soft vocals at the front and center, followed closely by the dueling electric and acoustic guitar parts. It’s a bright and sunny track, and there are many layers to explore, so take a listen and fall for Saeyers.

Laid Back Rock From Tracy Bryant

Tracy Bryant is a singer/songwriter out of Los Angeles who has a new surf-rock inspired tune that hits a little bit more on the mellow side than your typical surf tune. “Bury Me” has the guitar riffs you’d expect from a jangly rock track, but they’re doled out in doses. The song starts with acoustic strumming, these gentle male/female Vaselines-esque dueling vocals, but kicks into gear with electric guitar during the chorus. I’m especially feeling this kind of garage-rock during these August dog days of summer. “Bury Me” feels right to put on while lounging in the shade perhaps with an icy beverage or two.

Hush will be out on 8/30 via First and Foremost Recordspre-order your copy here.

Swanky Number From Spritzer

We’ve been sharing tunes from Brooklyn’s Matt Meade, aka Spritzer, for a good while now, but Meade doesn’t show signs of stopping his production of killer indie rock tunes, so we’re gonna keep spreading the good news. The latest offering from Spritzer is “Get Me Out” which moves away from the high octane, tight knit riff-driven indie rock of his past and pushes into more of a chilled out space. This track slinks along with swagger; Meade’s whispery vocals a plea for escape amidst the mellow guitar grooves. Take a listen below and get ready for his upcoming album that will be out quite soon on 8/23.

Amy O Shares “Planet Blue”

Amy O, out of Bloomington, Indiana, is making the kind of pop tunes that brighten the day. Her honeyed vocals combined with some gritty guitars turn out to be the perfect juxtaposition for a bubbly pop gem. As Amy Oelsner explains, “Planet Blue” is “about recognizing and appreciating the luxury of having space to grieve and feel hard feelings…And how light, silly feelings can sometimes coexist with depression,” which I’ve found is mirrored in the sonic structure of this track. You get the dark and distorted guitars during the chorus and Amy’s light, whimsical vocals to balance it all out. This track is taken from Amy O’s upcoming LP, Shell, which will be out on October 25 via Winspearpreorder it here.

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