New One From The War On Drugs

On the off chance you have been living under a rock and somehow missed that The War On Drugs have a new album coming up, I wanted to share with you another single fromA Deeper Understanding. “Pain,” is both classic War On Drugs and a glimpse at another side of the band that I expect we’ll see even more of on this new album. The track is highly emotive– the americana piano and strumming acoustic guitar gives this nostalgic, wistful sort of feeling of missing something. Of course, the band builds to their signature cathartic swell with buzzing guitars. It’s truly a treat.

A Deeper Understanding will be out quite soon on August 25 viaAtlantic Records.

Snappy Track From Deerhoof

Deerhoof will be releasing a new album on September 8 and today they’ve shared a new single featuring Stereolab’sLtitia Sadier. The song, “Come Down Here and Say That” has got a definite bite to its crunchy astro-pop, but just the right amount of punch to get your fist in the air while you jam. The song alternates between different sound spaces, moving abruptly and throwing a wrench in your classic song structure. It’s a great track, so take a listen below.

Mountain Moves will be out September 8 onJoyful Noise Recordings.


New Rocker From Dead Stars

Dead Stars have just released a new straightforward rock and roll tune for you to jam to on this Thursday. “Happy Or Sad” relies on the growling electric guitars to carry you through to the bombastic chorus. The lyrics may be telling you about melancholic feelings of apathy, but the song itself is anything but boring. Take a listen below and then go pre-order the band’s new album,Perfect Patterns,which will be out September 1.


Alex Cameron Shares New Duet With Angel Olsen

Sometimes when bands go on tour together, all that bonding and time together produces something magical. An example of such a magical thing is the video below for “Stranger’s Kiss” on which resident moody boy Alex Cameron and powerhouse Angel Olsen combine forces for the greater good. The video is star-studded as well and mocks Cameron’s personae of cool-guy a bit. As far as the song goes, I’m reminded of 80s rock with the arcing chorus and Cameron and Olsen’s voices meld together quite well. Check it out below.

Alex Cameron has a new album called Forced Witnesscoming out on September 8 via Secretly Canadian.


Graceful Track From Hand Habits

This new song from Hand Habits is a winner. It’s the kind of track that just feels right– the kind of song that plays in your mind when the pieces of life all seem to fall together in their proper places. “yr heart,” is melodic and warm, with unapologetically romantic lyrics like “you are heat/you are serenity” that go tandem with the gentle folksy instrumentals comprised of lush acoustic guitar and soft percussion. Take a listen and fall in love a little bit.

This song is being released as a part of Saddle Creek’s Document Series. Pick up your copy here.


Yumi Zouma Return!

Yumi Zouma have returned with a new groovy single that is so dreamy you’ll be dying to stay rooted in its bliss. “December” is the perfect pop tune with yes, even handclaps! The track has twangy guitar parts that buzz along underneath the bright piano riffs that bounce above it all. Not to mention there are the effortless and subtle vocals that soar during the chorus and hold you firmly attached throughout. This track has got me so excited for the band’s sophomore record,Willowbank, which will be out October 6th on Cascine. Keep a close eye on Yumi Zouma–I know I will be.


Easy Rock From Post-Lovers

Post-Lovers is the Athens, Greece based project of Eleni Karageorgou. She’s got a new track out called “Melbourne,” which is part of her debut 7″. The song exposes some of what Karageorgou has in store for you– intimate indie rock in a minimalist setting. There’s a lovely level of sincerity and ease with this track and its jangly guitars and warm vocals, but I’m also digging the moments when the song picks up a bit as well. Check it out below and then go pick it up from the “A Distant Victory Singles Club” that Inner Ear Records is doing.

ICYMI: New(ish) White Reaper Cover

I’m kind of a big fan of anything that White Reaper does, so I’m pretty sad I missed this cover when it dropped last week. Better late than never though, right? White Reaper have have seemingly doubled their already high octane energy on this Deep Purple cover of “Highway Star.” They’ve chosen a more straightforward cover approach, but they still add their own punk-flair to the rock-n-roll track. Take a listen below and hear for yourself.


The band’s sophomore effort, The World’s Best American Band, came out earlier this year. Have you given it a listen?

Dreamy New Hit From Alvvays

Alvvays have shared a new tune from their upcoming album and it’s dream-pop at its finest. “Dreams Tonite” is a soaring hit, with shimmering synths that pave the way and Molly Rankin’s impossibly clean vocals leading the charge. Not to mention there’s that choral hook that is sure to firmly lodge itself in your brain for days on end. I didn’t think I could be more excited for the release of their sophomore effort,Antisocialites, after they dropped the first single, “In Undertow,” but this has done the job. Take a listen below and then go pre-order their new album right here. It’s out September 8 via Polyvinyl.


New Video From No Win

We’ve been giving out some love to No Win this year, so why not stop now? The band’s got a new video for their track, “Crooked Heart,” which you can check out below. In store for you is a strange trip in a car, with the driver being someone donning the classic nun getup. I’m not really sure what’s going on here, but it seems like waking up from a bender sort of experience. Regardless, the track is a great alt-rock tune, with distorted guitars and soft vocals. Take a peek below.


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