Generationals Share “Breaking Your Silence”

We’ve long been fans of Generationals here at ATH, so I’m excited to share that they’re back with a new single and a new album which will be released shortly. This new track, “Breaking Your Silence” dropped a few days back, but it’s a pleasant reminder of how well Generationals can craft an indie rock tune. The very beginning of the number reminds me a touch of Foals, but soon the band stews up a simmering blend of groovy bass, slightly fuzzy percussion and barely there synths. Lingering there for the first minute or so, we calmly groove with the band before the loud synth hook and vocals peak for the catchy chorus. Take a peek at the new video below.

Reader As Detective will be out on July 19, 2019. Pre-order it here.

Kelsey Wilson (Of Wild Child) Steps Out With New Project, Sir Woman

When you press play on this track from Sir Woman, fellow Austinites, or any fans of Wild Child, will immediately recognize the vocals of Kelsey Wilson. Instrumentally, there’s a bit of a different vibe than the quaint folk tunes of Wild Child–the mix is mad funky; bouncy piano, horns, groovy bass line, laid back percussion and, of course, Wilson’s ever-smooth vocals. The chorus is catchy and capitalizes on Wilson’s vocal range, serving as the icing on the cake, and making you excited to hear more for this new solo project. Check out “HIGHROAD” below.

Sanctuary Lakes Share “The Long Fade Away”

Sanctuary Lakes is the new project of Tim Hoey (Cut Copy) and Andrew Szekeres (Midnight Juggernauts). Their debut album under this name apparently came together internationally, as Hoey in Brooklyn sent some early sketches to Szekeres in Melbourne, and Sanctuary Lakes came together by working on the tracks back and forth. You can acquaint yourself with the result of this collaboration on “The Long Fade Away,” which is a quiet bedroom/ dream pop tune that’s mirrored by the desolation presented in the desert landscape of the video. The track is subtle but evocative–synth and vocals wash over you in gentle waves. Take a peek below and get stoked for the release of their self titled debut LP, which will be out on June 21 via Cutters Records.

ACL Fest Shares Day-By-Day Lineup — Single Day Tickets On Sale Now

Austin City Limits Music Festival 2019 will be going down on October 4-6 and 11-13, and though we got the initial lineup announcement, those of you looking to catch just a few acts can rejoice, as they’ve dropped the Day-By-Day Lineup and single day tickets are on sale now. By the looks of it, it may be a pretty split for those looking to catch similar acts. Friday of both weekends seems to be for the bros of rock and roll with Guns N’ Roses, The Raconteurs and Tame Impala. Saturday is for the feels with Childish Gambino, The Cure and Billie Eilish. Sunday looks to round it out with some dancing/general baddassery from Cardi B (Weekend 1), Robyn (Weekend 2) and Lizzo (Weekend 2). Are you going a full weekend or just picking a day? Whichever you pick, choose quickly and scoop those tickets before they sell out!

runnner Share Dreamy Indie Folk

Maybe it’s the impending oppressive summer heat that’s about to hit us this weekend here in Austin or my general mood, but this track is ticking all the right boxes today. runnner is an LA based outfit, led by front man Noah Weinman, who are making the kind of calming cerebral folk tunes perfect for quiet moments in the day. This song, “Sublet,” is a charming and brief tune about moving to a new place and all the emotions that come along with that. At first you think you’re listening to a simple tune, but around the minute mark the banjo and saxophones chime in and the track really soars. All the riffs combine with Weinman’s vocals to create an elegant slice of bedroom folk that begs repeated listening. This track is taken from the band’s EP, Fan On, which is out today. Go take a listen to the full thing here.

Lachlan Denton & Studio Magic Share “The Time We Had”

Lachlan Denton is nearing the release of his upcoming LP, A Brother, which is a tribute to his lost brother, Zac, of The Ocean Party. From that record, he’s released the video for the track, “The Time We Had,” which is a beautiful and twinkling soft rock tune that looks back on lost time with fondness. It’s ultimately a track about holding a memory strongly in your heart and using that memory as fuel to press on in your day to day life. Denton sings “The time we had is worth more than anything / Far greater than its length / And for that it’s you I thank.” This track is a powerful one, layers of meandering guitars, delicate synth swells, soft percussion and poignant and wistful lyrics. Take a listen and then pre-order A Brother here before it’s out on July 2.


Show Preview: Julia Jacklin & Black Belt Eagle Scout @ Barracuda 6/4 (Tonight!!!)

Your Tuesday night is about to turn into the best night of the week and that’s due to Barracuda playing host to a lovely combo of two buzz worthy acts. Opening up the night is Black Belt Eagle Scout, who has her own unique brand of folk rock that you’ll want to show up early to catch. The headliner for your night at Barry’s tonight is none other than Julia Jacklin, who released the killer LP Crushing earlier this year which has been a staple in my listening rotation ever since. Vocally stunning and detailed indie rock / pop awaits you, and if you’re not careful, you may end up swept up in the beautiful tunes that Jacklin spins.

Now, this show is sold out, so get to stepping if you’re going to find a ticket from someone for resale; don’t sleep on this!


Surfy Tune From Plastic Cactus

Chances are it’s probably warming up in your neck of the woods as summer is near approaching. That means time spent outside, more than likely, near a body of water as everyone collectively chills out a little bit. For these hot days, I’m always drawn to the lightness of surf rock music to soundtrack my summer, and so I’m pleased to share with you a new single from Portland four piece, Plastic Cactus, called “Mystery Boy.” It’s a stunner of a surf tune, with unending waves of twangy electric guitar, shimmery percussion and hazy vocals. Just when you think you’ve caught hold of the mellow vibe, the group turns things up a notch for the last minute or so of the track, making it the perfect tune for your beach/waterfront kick back playlists. Take a listen.

New Track / Album Announce From Cross Record!

We’ve got a great scene here in Austin, that’s no secret, but it never fails to warm my heart when a local can kill it both in the local and national scene, which is precisely what Emily Cross has done not only with her act, Cross Record, but also with her work in Loma. I’m pleased to share a new track from Cross Record off her forthcoming LP. “PYSOL My Castle” does what every great song from Cross Record has done in the past, which is put the spotlight on Cross’ incredible vocals. What’s different on this track is the instrumentation seems more keen on electronic elements–you get layers of soft synths from the get-go, and the whole tune feels subtler than before. I’m excited to hear more from this upcoming record, which will be out on 8/2 via Ba Da Bing! Pre-order it here.

Weekend Show Picks: Sunflower Bean, Olden Yolk, RF Shannon, Harlem

This weekend is filled with a ridiculous amount of good shows to catch and seems to be slated to remind you why it is you choose to live in The Live Music Capitol of The World. With an extra day to your weekend, there’s really no excuse not to get out and see some quality local and touring acts. Here are my picks for the next three nights for a killer time out for the holiday weekend.

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