Simmering Dark Pop From Wy

Wy are a Swedish duo who hail from the city of Malm, comprised of “longtime lovers,” Ebba and Michel, who are on their way to releasing a new album, Softie, on 4/30. From that album, I’m pleased to share the track / video for “Swedish Summer,” which is a jangly indie pop tune that centers around the epic and devastating vocals that Ebba brings to the mix. The guitars meander around each other with jangly riffs, while Ebba’s vocals wrap them in a layer of smoke that is reminiscent of the likes of Daughter, but on the choruses, you’re reminded of 80s power vocals. It’s a lovely track that will pull you in for sure. Make sure you’re keeping up with Wy and check outSoftiewhen it’s out on 4/30.

Ominous Rock From Blake Maloka

Bet you didn’t think you’d find some Ukranian based rock and roll on ATH today, but we like to keep you on your toes. Blake Maloka is actually a five piece from Kyiv who just dropped a new EP. The track, “Naked” below is a slow burner that gracefully blossoms into an epic rocker. I’m into the way the guitars build up like growing walls around you. It takes a little while, but by the minute and a half mark, you’re hit with full volume vocals and this impending-doom soundscape that quickly tips off the edge into full noisy potential, creating something that sounds like a combination of Radiohead and The Twilight Sad. Safe to say I’ll be taking a listen to the rest of the band’s Moi Et Mis Amis EP and keeping an ear out


Lovely Lo-Fi Pop From Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen is the brainchild of San Francisco’s Katie Iannitello, who makes hazy and hooky bedroom pop with a hint of chillwave. Her project, produced by Daywave’s Henry Nowhere, has a new EP out calledOut Of Touch, and it’s filled with the kind of grooves reminiscent of U.S. Girls crossed with the likes of Cuco. It’s all at once dreamy and gritty, which you’ll understand on the title track, “Out Of Touch,” where you’re greeted with twangy riffs and then Iannitello’s whispery vocals coat the whole track in a bit of hazy fog. Then you’re struck by the disco-esque chorus that is catchy enough to secure its place in your brain for the rest of the day at the very least. Head over to Beauty Queen’s SoundCloud to jam the rest of the EP.



Scott Yoder Shares Epic Track

Self proclaimed ‘glitter folk’ artist, Scott Yoder, has a new video out for the track, “How’s It Gonna End.” The Seattle artist is releasing a series of six singles, and this is the second to drop.Vocally, I’m reminded a bit of David Berman of the Silver Jews, and Yoder’s vocals control the track with their swagger. There’s a ton of great touches on this song as well, which you’ll pick up on repeated listens. Take for example, the horns that majestically follow you through the duration, or the organ sounds that come and go. It’s a different–almost nostalgic–sound, but one that has compelled me to come back again and again. Take a listen below.

New To You: Jangly Pop From Good Dog Nigel

This track may be a few months old, but it’s definitely still worth a few minutes of your day. Good Dog Nigel, or Parker Emeigh, is an indie rocker from Lynchburg, Virginia who recently released TheImplied SunriseEP back in January. From it, I’m pleased to share “I Can’t Be,” which is a bouncy number, fueled by guitars that alternate between jangly and fuzzy. What I’m so fond of about this number is that dichotomy between slacker pop and tight knit rock during the choruses. Check it out below and then head over to Good Dog Nigel’s Bandcamp for the rest of the EP.

Premiere: Bedroom-Beach Pop From Mr. Husband

Mr. Husband, out of Baltimore, is the project of Kenny Tompkins, who comes cut from the same cloth as other prolific pop weirdos such as Ariel Pink and R. Stevie Moore. Since his debut release Plaid on Plaid on Yellow K Records, back in 2016, he’s moved his way through various genres, but always centered around the intimacy of bedroom pop. This new track, “Friends,” which ATH is proud to premiere today, is no exception to the great songwriting of Mr. Husband. Springy guitar riffs jangle in the mix before Tompkins’ vocals join in, which are soon complimented by Beach Boys-esque “oohs” that finish off the blend of instrumentation in a golden light. Despite the sunny sound, as you’ll hear in the song, our narrator is coming to terms with cutting out an unwanted presence in their life, and talks about lending out a favorite record only to know he’ll never get it back. Regardless of the poor decisions of the song’s narrator, “Friends,” is a lo-fi pop gem with a catchy chorus and quaint elements that will delight any listener.

“Friends” is taken from Mr. Husband’s upcoming release, …& The Husky Section, which will be released on May 3rd via Yellow K Records and Good Soil Records, both digitally and as a limited run of cassettes. Preorder it here.


Show Review: Better Oblivion Community Center @ Stubb’s – 4/9

Tuesday night, the Better Oblivion Community Center graced us with their presence at Stubb’s, alongside the company of Lala Lala and Christian Lee Hutson for the first real Stubb’s Sweat of the season. One of the most buzzed about acts of 2019, BOCC is a cult of sadness, with its two founders, Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers at the helm of the vessel of sadness. What we got was a great night for fans of both artists individually as well as new fans of the project. Read past the jump to get my brief thoughts on the night.

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Show preview: Better Oblivion Community Center @ Stubb’s -4/9

This Tuesday night (4/9), we’ll be graced by the presence of Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst in the form of the Better Oblivion Community Center as they take the stage at Stubb’s. Previously slated for the Mohawk, overwhelming support for the early 2019 self-titled album caused a move to a bigger venue; the hype is real and with good reason. Not only are both artists incredible on their own and in their various projects over the years, this new joint album is quite phenomenal. Tickets are still available and are a pretty sweet deal for the amount of talent you’re getting for the price. Openers are Lala Lala, who put out a great album last year, as well as Christian Lee Hutson. Some of our favorite locals, Being Dead will take the inside stage at Stubb’s Jr post-BOCC. Check out “Dylan Thomas” from Bridgers and Oberst (if somehow you haven’t already) and go scoop some tickets before they’re gone–it’s a great option for an early week night treat.

Dark and Dreamy Synth Rocker From Favours

Favours are four piece synth rock outfit who hail from Toronto, who share the same sort of sonic aesthetic of the likes of The Vaccines with the darker element of Joy Division. Today, they’ve dropped a new track, “Afterwards,” which hits all the sweet spots. There’s layers of twee synth, the lead vocals have a bit of a Morrissey swagger to them, the cutting guitar riffs duel for your attention with the funky synth sounds and you even get some contrasting backup vocals to round everything out quite nicely. Take a listen below and fall in love.


A Little Bit of Lo-Fi Goodness From Dorvin Borman

LA based artist, Dorvin Borman makes dreamy lo-fi bedroom pop tracks that give you something to sing along to without falling into the same malaise of straightforward pop music. Perhaps it’s the slightly cynical lyrics or the crunchy percussion, but this track has won me into repeated listens. The guitars are impossibly twangy, meandering their way around the simple, yet steady percussion. Borman’s vocals are distorted to match the guitar parts, and you can relate to the striking chorus: “I punch the clock till the timing is right // but I’ll never learn how to smash this design.” It’s a great track, and I’ll be on the lookout for more from Dorvin Borman.


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