Lachlan Denton & Studio Magic Share “The Time We Had”

Lachlan Denton is nearing the release of his upcoming LP, A Brother, which is a tribute to his lost brother, Zac, of The Ocean Party. From that record, he’s released the video for the track, “The Time We Had,” which is a beautiful and twinkling soft rock tune that looks back on lost time with fondness. It’s ultimately a track about holding a memory strongly in your heart and using that memory as fuel to press on in your day to day life. Denton sings “The time we had is worth more than anything / Far greater than its length / And for that it’s you I thank.” This track is a powerful one, layers of meandering guitars, delicate synth swells, soft percussion and poignant and wistful lyrics. Take a listen and then pre-order A Brother here before it’s out on July 2.


Show Preview: Julia Jacklin & Black Belt Eagle Scout @ Barracuda 6/4 (Tonight!!!)

Your Tuesday night is about to turn into the best night of the week and that’s due to Barracuda playing host to a lovely combo of two buzz worthy acts. Opening up the night is Black Belt Eagle Scout, who has her own unique brand of folk rock that you’ll want to show up early to catch. The headliner for your night at Barry’s tonight is none other than Julia Jacklin, who released the killer LP Crushing earlier this year which has been a staple in my listening rotation ever since. Vocally stunning and detailed indie rock / pop awaits you, and if you’re not careful, you may end up swept up in the beautiful tunes that Jacklin spins.

Now, this show is sold out, so get to stepping if you’re going to find a ticket from someone for resale; don’t sleep on this!


Surfy Tune From Plastic Cactus

Chances are it’s probably warming up in your neck of the woods as summer is near approaching. That means time spent outside, more than likely, near a body of water as everyone collectively chills out a little bit. For these hot days, I’m always drawn to the lightness of surf rock music to soundtrack my summer, and so I’m pleased to share with you a new single from Portland four piece, Plastic Cactus, called “Mystery Boy.” It’s a stunner of a surf tune, with unending waves of twangy electric guitar, shimmery percussion and hazy vocals. Just when you think you’ve caught hold of the mellow vibe, the group turns things up a notch for the last minute or so of the track, making it the perfect tune for your beach/waterfront kick back playlists. Take a listen.

New Track / Album Announce From Cross Record!

We’ve got a great scene here in Austin, that’s no secret, but it never fails to warm my heart when a local can kill it both in the local and national scene, which is precisely what Emily Cross has done not only with her act, Cross Record, but also with her work in Loma. I’m pleased to share a new track from Cross Record off her forthcoming LP. “PYSOL My Castle” does what every great song from Cross Record has done in the past, which is put the spotlight on Cross’ incredible vocals. What’s different on this track is the instrumentation seems more keen on electronic elements–you get layers of soft synths from the get-go, and the whole tune feels subtler than before. I’m excited to hear more from this upcoming record, which will be out on 8/2 via Ba Da Bing! Pre-order it here.

Weekend Show Picks: Sunflower Bean, Olden Yolk, RF Shannon, Harlem

This weekend is filled with a ridiculous amount of good shows to catch and seems to be slated to remind you why it is you choose to live in The Live Music Capitol of The World. With an extra day to your weekend, there’s really no excuse not to get out and see some quality local and touring acts. Here are my picks for the next three nights for a killer time out for the holiday weekend.

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Sorcha Richardson Doesn’t Want To Talk About It

Sometimes you just need a solid catchy pop track to jam to at your desk chair, in your car, or wherever. Sorcha Richardson, out of Dublin, is here to fill that need for you today with “Don’t Talk About It,” which is a tune about someone avoiding a feelings-heavy-chat and just rocking out. I’m drawn to the snappy chorus that features Richardson’s playful vocals and the line “Hey, okay, we don’t have to talk about it, it’s only love.” The rest of the tune has killer lines and swelling synths that float in the background. Look out for big things from Sorcha Richardson — her debut LP, First Prize Bravery, will be out this fall.

Oxen Share Jangly Rocker

Oxen, out of Sweden, is the name under which longtime pals Stefan and Erik are making jangly rock tunes that are perfect for fans of The Vaccines and Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. They just dropped a new track called “Matrix Moves,” which comes riding in hot on crisp jangly guitar riffs, while the vocals drip in swagger. The track is a killer tune for a Friday–it’s the perfect high energy, amp up song to get your toes tapping and your hips shaking.


Soft Streak Share Catchy Indie Pop Track/Video

Soft Streak are a duo out of LA making experimental indie pop, and we recently interviewed them before they swung through ATX for that SXSW thing. They’ve just dropped the video for their track, “Reasonable Lie,” which is about as catchy of an indie rock track as you’ll hear these days. I’m over the moon for the vocals of Tori Schachneon this number, as they strike that key balance between glossy pop on the choruses and a bit more gritty lo fi on the verses. Instrumentally, the song is bathed in waves of synths, snaps, and drum machine beats. As if the song wasn’t solid enough, the video is an artistic statement in its own right. Make sure you take a peek and add Soft Streak to your playlists and list of artists to spend more time with.

Grace Gillespie Shares Hazy Psych Rocker

You may know Grace Gillespie, currently based out of London, from her work with 4AD’s Pixx, but if not, get ready for the bluesy sounds of her newest single, “I’m Your Man.” This track unfolds slowly, which is perfect for sleepy starts to the week on this Monday. Gillespie’s vocals walk the line between falsetto and crooner, which compliments the doo-wop, vintage feel of the track. There’s a lovely balance between slow-burn in the verses and a bit of a bite in the choruses and it feels like Gillespie will soon be taking her spot amongst the ranks of her contemporaries and fellow psych pop crooners Molly Burch and Angel Olsen. Take a listen below and fall for Grace Gillespie.

Yum! Share Groovy New Wave / Synth Pop Bop

Yum! hail from Montreal, and the proclaim to be “making the kind of groovy jams that Lando Calrissian would get down to at his private island’s cabana bar.” After listening to “Haha I’ve Been Here Before,” I can second that sentiment, as it’s a delightfully light and airy new wave / synth bop that calls to mind a folksier, chilled out version of Dirty Projectors. Starting out with bubbling synths, we’re then eased into the track with slide guitar and a jazzy beat. The vocals hit this casual lukewarm stride, but you get the playfulness of group harmonies and backing vocals. It’s a lovely laid back tune with enough sonic energy to hold your attention. Take a listen and fall in love with Yum!

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