Another Stunner from Big Thief

We’re no strangers to the incredible tunes that Big Thief have already blessed us with, so we’re very excited about their upcoming record that’s out this Friday on 4AD. Today, they’ve released a new track from U.F.O.F. called “Century,” which grooves along in this unassuming jazzy way that will have you at peace this Tuesday. As always, Lenker’s voice takes the spotlight; its immaculate restrained power loud in the mix. Not to be outdone by the ever-present shimmery acoustic guitar and the brief electric guitar solo that leads you out of the tune. I’m very much looking forward to hear the rest of the tracks on U.F.O.F. , which you can pre-order here.

New Wave Hit From Prudence

Prudence is the moniker for Tom Crandles of Au.Ra and it’s under this name that he’s making new wave bangers such as “Smile & Nod.” This track apparently began with an infectious bass line and flourished from there. You’ll immediately note said bass part upon first listen, as it provides the groovy undertone while the distorted, echoey vocals and jangly guitars play higher in the mix. Later on, you get some upbeat percussion and glittery synth sounds to round it all out into a tune for repeated listens. This track is taken from Prudence’s upcoming debut EP, Major Tom, which will be out on May 10 via Forged Artifacts.

A Bit Of Jangle-Pop From ViVii

Stockholm’s ViVii just dropped a new track today that is perfect for the sunny and hot day that we’re having today in Austin. “Fibromyalgia” is a ray of warm sunshine-y jangly pop that will have your toes tapping and your heart swooning. First you get the trade off of male / female vocals in the verses while those bright guitar riffs roll over each other over and over again. Then, during the chorus the two voices of Emil and Caroline Johnson come together in a dreamy, perfect pairing. It’s a lovely track, packed with energy delightful hooks. Check it out below and make sure you take a listen further to the band’s debut self-titled LP here.

Buoyant Rock From Moon Loves Honey

Moon Loves Honey is a band from Aarhus, Denmark and who have a new video out for their track, “Oceanbird,” as you’ll see below. The song centers around the wall-of-sound very full mix of hazy vocals, shimmery drums, bouncing bass, I’m particularly fond of the section of the song that begins around the two minute mark, where the track takes a bit of a turn towards the psychedelic–super distorted guitars wind their way through and everything hits you altogether in waves of start and stop goodness. Take a peek at the awesome animated video below and fall in love with Moon Loves Honey.

Gorgeous Post Rocker From Heron

It was supremely rainy yesterday here in Austin, but the storms cleared right before the sun went down, and we were treated to a bath of warm sunshine in the cool spring air post torrential downpour. That phenomenon–tumultuous storms followed by the climax of light is mirrored exactly in this instrumental post-rock track from Warren, Pennsylvania’s Heron. It’s a slow building track that will surely call to mind the genius of Explosions in the Sky, but what I like most about this track is that you don’t have to wait too long before it really soars. At four minutes, you feel as though you’ve taken an epic trek with a sweet reward. Take a listen below and get ready for the release of Sun Release, the band’s sophomore LP, which will be out on July 19.

Soaring Dream Pop From Oko Tygra

If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that we at ATH are suckers for some good dream pop. Lucky for us, the folks from Oko Tygra, a four piece out of Denver, have us covered with their new(ish) track, “Ghosts,” which is a slice of dreamy goodness. Instantly, you’re greeted with an infectious bass line, cascading acoustic guitar riffs, and perfectly toned vocals that simply shimmer in the mix. Round everything out with some “ooh-ahhs” during the chorus, and you have the fine tune that you should listen to below. “Ghosts” is taken from the band’s recently released Assistoma LP, which just came out a few weeks back on Grey Market Records. Go listen to the whole thing and pick up a copy of the vinyl on their BandCamp page. It’s clear pink!!!!

Fell Runner Share Funky Indie Rock Tune

Fell Runner are a four piece out of LA, who caught my attention with this new single from their upcoming LP,Talking, which is due out in June. The group has this jazzy indie rock aesthetic, with hints of the quirk of early Dirty Projectors. “Come Home,” rollicks around from the start, with its smart guitar riffs juxtaposed with the gentle lead vocals and warming “oohs” underneath. Ultimately, it’s an utterly wholesome track about missing someone that will warm your soul lyrically as well as sonically. Take a listen and have a little slice of something tender for your day from the gentlemen of Fell Runner. Talking will be out on YES PLZ this June.

Levitation Announces First Wave Of Lineup–Tickets On Sale Now

Levitation has made all of our days here in Austin with the announcement of the first wave of artists for the 2019 edition of the spectacular festival. We’re no strangers to the festival, as it’s become one of our favorite excuses to run around town seeing incredible bands, both local and national. Now a fall festival (Nov 7-10), we’ll be treated to the likes of Angel Olsen, Kurt Vile & the Violators, Holy Wave, Death Valley Girls, Allah Las, Chelsea Wolfe, Dinosaur Jr., Devendra Banhart, Black Moth Super Rainbow, and so many more. Tickets for individual shows and four day passes are on sale now. I suggest you go scoop some tickets now as this ‘first wave’ announcement is enough to warrant a four day already–get hyped for the fall with their official Spotify playlist below!

Simmering Dark Pop From Wy

Wy are a Swedish duo who hail from the city of Malm, comprised of “longtime lovers,” Ebba and Michel, who are on their way to releasing a new album, Softie, on 4/30. From that album, I’m pleased to share the track / video for “Swedish Summer,” which is a jangly indie pop tune that centers around the epic and devastating vocals that Ebba brings to the mix. The guitars meander around each other with jangly riffs, while Ebba’s vocals wrap them in a layer of smoke that is reminiscent of the likes of Daughter, but on the choruses, you’re reminded of 80s power vocals. It’s a lovely track that will pull you in for sure. Make sure you’re keeping up with Wy and check outSoftiewhen it’s out on 4/30.

Ominous Rock From Blake Maloka

Bet you didn’t think you’d find some Ukranian based rock and roll on ATH today, but we like to keep you on your toes. Blake Maloka is actually a five piece from Kyiv who just dropped a new EP. The track, “Naked” below is a slow burner that gracefully blossoms into an epic rocker. I’m into the way the guitars build up like growing walls around you. It takes a little while, but by the minute and a half mark, you’re hit with full volume vocals and this impending-doom soundscape that quickly tips off the edge into full noisy potential, creating something that sounds like a combination of Radiohead and The Twilight Sad. Safe to say I’ll be taking a listen to the rest of the band’s Moi Et Mis Amis EP and keeping an ear out


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